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Hey January due date mamas:


I'm planning to have Christmas at my house (for the first time) since it will be shortly before my due date (jan 5th) and I want to be close to my birthcenter if I have baby early.  Then I realized that I will be technically full term on December 14th (ish).   Though first babies are usually late rather than early it's still possible I'll have a baby for christmas.  So I'm wondering has anyone had any thoughts about christmas (or hanukkah, yule, kwanzaa) and how you will deal with it?


I'm thinking I'll want to have gifts finished by mid December just in case.  Maybe come up with a plan of who to assign things to if I do end up with baby early?  I guess that would mean that I would need to have baby stuff finished in November so that I'm not running around with Christmas prep as well as baby prep!



I know my family would be flexible if I had baby early but Christmas is a big deal in my family and I'm a planner and like to know my options (quite obviously since I'm thinking about Christmas in August) :) anyone else a neurotic planner like me?  What are you all planning for the holidays?

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I'm a big planner, like you.  I HAVE to have things planned, if I'm hosting a get-together.  This year, I'm not doing anything.  We had Christmas at our house last year and it was stressful enough, without being pregnant.  I'm planning on taking it as easy as I can and just go with the flow.  We're not going out of town and I'm not arranging anything.  It will be won-der-ful!!!


ETA:  And it's not because I'm thinking I'll go early.  I just remember how miserable that last month is and I'm fairly sure all I'll want to do is sit on a couch with my feet elevated.

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I have it a bit easier. I am due Jan 21 and am planning on going to 41 or 42 weeks based on my last pregnancy (oh, please, universe, don't let me go to 43 again), so I am going to go about the holidays in a completely normal fashion. While I guess my baby *could* come at Christmas, I think it would be highly unlikely.

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I'm actually not due until the beginning of Feb, but expect an end of Jan baby based on my other 4.

My plans for the holidays are just go about everything as normal.


But.....I have been in your shoes. I have one child who was born right before Christmas and one right after. With them I had all gifts bought by the end of November and just tried to keep myself busy with baking and activities to keep from going crazy thinking about the when that last month.

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This is my second kid due mid/late January and I'm just happy to have gifts done by Christmas day...

That being said, I've already started my holiday crafting/buying.

I think every woman is different...I've found that I'm not uncomfortable until I'm post dates. So I wouldn't sweat having Christmas at my house a couple weeks out.

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This'll be my first year being at home (vs at my in-laws, who live 12 hours away!) for Christmas in 8 or 9 years.  I'm not due til mid January and my first son wasn't born until 41+ weeks, so I'm not super concerned about having the baby by/on Christmas but am remembering it's an outside chance.  Since my in-laws don't do things like a tree (they lightly decorate their houseplants instead, which is cool, but not the same for me) or stockings, etc, my impulse is to go big for what might be my only Christmas at home for the next 8 or 9 years.  :)


Having a list of things you want/need to get done is a great idea-- then as the date gets closer, you can figure out which ones you can do, which ones you can drop, which ones you can delegate.  Once you have that sorted you can assign people to tasks that you think are crucial for your family's celebration and see which ones you're just going to have to power through.


And of course, it would be great if you could arrange a backup organizer... another family member or someone... who can takeover entirely and do the last couple of things if you SHOULD happen to go into labor right at Christmas.

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My Dr. said based on my past medical history as soon as I hit Dec. 10  I could go at any time and they are thinking it will be C- section but we wont know until the very end. So luckily my husband has the holidays off and family is close by. I am not planning on having anything at my house and the farthest we have to go is 10 m inutes in the car. I am planning on having all of DD's gifts bought and done by December 1st. Evreyone else will understand if things come up and we don't get to shopping but DD is only 5. I did prewarn DH that come Dec 26th he will promptly take down all decorations and get my house back in order!

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We're having our first Christmas at home... ever! In the eight years DH and I have been together we've always gone to visit family out of town... We are actually looking forward to a quiet Christmas. We have no family in town here so may possibly do something with friends, but honestly I just want to snuggle inside :) He's a great cook so will probably look after dinner too!

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We will definitely be staying here for Christmas this year - DS was born 3 1/2 weeks early, and if this baby is born on the same day of this pregnancy, that would be Dec 21. I have no idea if that will happen, of course, but I don't want to be more than about 1/2 hour from home after mid-December. PLUS, my labor with him was only 7 hours, so who knows how fast it will go this time - !


My parents and sister live nearby, so that shouldn't be a problem for us - DHs parents can come visit and if we have baby already, maybe they will stay with my parents.

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I am quite the planner, I already have my Christmas gift lists done and have been canning goodies for gift baskets all summer LOL.  I will be doing things as I always do by having all Christmas gifts bought or made (except baked goods and ornaments) by Thanksgiving.  I just really like to enjoy the whole holiday season without having to think of going to the store.  We will have Christmas eve at my moms house and then I will throw a Christmas morning Brunch for 20 people (which is just my mom, brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews).  I just don't expect to go into labor before Christmas and honestly if I do I will just cancel, stay at home and eat Christmas goodies winky.gif

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Thank goodness I don't have to do Christmas for DH and my families! Regardless, I am also a heavy planner. My suggestion would be to make lots and lots of lists (maybe make different themed lists like food, gifts, decorations, etc.). Then if the baby comes sooner, you can refer people to the lists for things they need to do. Mostly though, I'd just try to get things done sooner rather than later. Also make it clear you'd like people to stick around and help clean-up because newborn or not you won't want to deal with all that mess!

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I've already asked my midwife about the holidays.  Our family is about 3 hours away by car, and she says, technically it should be okay.  I'm due Jan 9.  She made a good point though, that traveling that late in pregnancy will be really uncomfortable.  Thus far, our plans are to go visit family earliy, do the whole Christmas thing, and then come home on the 26th or 27th.  Our first daughter was 14 days past due, so, I think my chances of going into labor 2 weeks early are pretty slim, given my current healthy normal condition.  We'll see...Also, we'll save about a thousand bucks on medical costs if we have the baby this year because of insurance deductibles.

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Personally, I will be staying at home because you never know how early the baby will come and how long it will take. But experience has made me cautious. My son (who was my first) was 2 weeks early, and the labor was just over 2 hours total from first contraction. If the same happens this time (or even earlier/faster bigeyes.gif), the baby could be born really close to xmas (the 25th is 37 weeks exactly) and maybe we won't even make it to the hospital. Actually, I'm hoping for a New Year's Eve baby, which would be ~38 weeks.


I'm not sure what we'll do with presents, as we're not so big into that. Our son will get something, of course, but I'm not sure he'll notice whether it's on xmas or not. He's just 2. But the tree I want to get up early (first advent, I guess), so we can enjoy it for a long time. smile.gif

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this doesn't have so much to do with my holiday plans, but it's cute so I thought I would share. My husband and I have a really good friend named Vince who is the youngest of 9 kids. His birthday is also Christmas. We decided that if we have a boy and if he is born on Christmas day his middle name will be Vince. :)


I'm due the beginning of Jan. and my first one was born at 39 weeks so I feel like I have a good chance of having a Dec. baby instead of Jan. (trying not to get my hopes up too much though!) We will not be going out of town. We have lots of relatives around though so I will probably just sign up to bring drinks or something easy like that for our big meal together.

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I am due 1/2, so we're planning to be prepared by the beginning of December.


I prefer a low-key Christmas in general.  This year, we're not planning to go anywhere and we're not planning to have anyone here either.  We start decorating right after Halloween (I worked in retail for too long, and I LOVE the holidays, so I like to have everything up before Thanksgiving.)  We do three gifts each for the kids (plus stockings and homemade PJ pants.)  Each of the kids is getting a knitted hat, my DD is getting a knitted scarf, and my MIL is getting a knitted...something...but knitting and sewing are things I can do sitting on my butt gestating.  ;)  My dad gets a gift card, and that satisfies all of our gift giving.


I am planning to cook for us, but I may decide that I'd rather not, and we're all okay with just going out for Chinese or to Waffle House or something.  We like going out to look at Christmas lights, so since we'll already be out... ;)  I'm probably going to freeze some cookie dough sometime in October/November, and/or we'll bake brownies or something for dessert.  (DH isn't much of a baker, but he can handle slice-and-bake cookies or just-add-oil-water-and-an-egg brownie mix if I'm not in the mood to do anything.) 

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I'm due Jan 11. In our house, we already celebrate three birthdays and our anniversary all within a week of Christmas :) We usually throw a big party or go on a ski trip. I usually start the panic/planning once Halloween hits. This year I think we'll either plan on visiting family for Thanksgiving or have them come in December to celebrate, but let them do all the work. Then my mom will stay with us a few days when the baby is born. Everyone knows we'll be busy so they aren't expecting much in the gift department. I'll probably do a Happy New Years card instead of a Christmas card... I'll get it ready ahead of time and then send them out once we have a photo of the new baby.


I really loved having December's such a cheery, special time already.. a great air to bring a baby into. Just keep it simple.

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