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January 2012 > Anyone else expecting an overdue baby?
ziursrm's Avatar ziursrm 04:47 PM 01-13-2012


Originally Posted by montessorimama1 View Post

If I go by ovulation I'm due today (by LMP I'm due this Saturday), so yes I'm expecting an overdue baby because not much is going on (except for the regular shoves and wiggles of a HUGE baby in my HUGE belly).  I really really wish people weren't obsessing about my pregnancy... It's like when your boyfriend hasn't proposed and people keep asking: "Has he proposed yet?"  Ummm, no, but thanks for reminding me.  Grrrr...


This is exactly how I feel. I always want to say something like "yes I'm very aware that I'm due/overdue but thanks for reminding me"

lactatinggirl's Avatar lactatinggirl 08:36 AM 01-14-2012

Today is officially my due date. I was 40w3d with DD when I went into labor (40w5d when she was actually born), so I've expected all along to not go early. Didn't help me that the midwife said a few weeks back "I don't expect you to get to your due date" so I feel kind of sad that I actually made it here. Really though, I'm good. I don't expect to go a whole lot further (really, can't go that much further in general because at 42 weeks I think the midwife will start actively trying to get the baby out with herbs and what not, I just have to keep reminding myself that two weeks really isn't that long) because the baby is really low and I've been waking up in the middle of the night every night with contractions. I wish that I could just check some meter and see if it's really labor every time I start contracting though. It's annoying just laying there trying to sleep and not knowing!

Kaitlyn811's Avatar Kaitlyn811 09:08 AM 01-14-2012

*sigh* I'm officially 41 weeks today going by lmp..however I think I'm a few days behind that date. I'm getting so anxious/nervous.

lisamarie1081's Avatar lisamarie1081 02:36 PM 01-15-2012

I am 41+1 today, by the earliest EDD they gave me. By the two days I had sex in April (when I started getting serious about getting pregnant) and could've possibly gotten pregnant, the dates would have been either 1/8 or 1/11.  Either way -- still late as of today.  :/


The doctor already wanted me to do the prostaglandin gel on Friday based on the fact that my fluid check was "borderline".  Baby's doing wonderfully, but only a bit of cervical effacement .... no sign of anything else.  I've since learned that "borderline" fluid can be adjusted by drinking more water and that borderline AFI is not a good reason to be induced.  I WANT NO PART OF ANY TYPE OF INDUCTION, but the docs are really good at scaring my husband which leaves me feeling bad.  The doc backed off when I asked what my Bishop's Score was and he just replied with "terrible".  It was as if he realized I knew something about the necessity and/or effectiveness of induction -- so he didn't push it at all ... that day.


This is our first baby and I've been preparing for labor with hypnobirthing -- practicing since July!  I am really excited to experience birth, but deathly afraid of what the docs will guilt my husband into ... and what I may be "forced" to resort to.  I haven't felt any Braxton Hicks so far ... or contractions.  I don't know what to expect and I've trained my brain to feel them less than most, so I feel totally lost!


Our next appt is Tuesday at 9am.  I REALLY want to avoid a fight at the doctor's office and/or my husband's disappointment or confusion that we should be doing something about this rather than just waiting for mother nature.  I've been doing acupressure for the last 2 days....some more sharp, sporadic pains throughout my back and belly all day but nothing that sticks around or comes back with regularity. 

Devaskyla's Avatar Devaskyla 02:47 PM 01-15-2012

I'm glad you knew enough to avoid an unnecessary induction lisamarie! That's awesome you asked about your Bishop's scrore.


As for your dh, can you have a talk with him and tell him his job is to protect you from the med pros? He sounds like he's ripe for manipulation from them and being turned against you if they decide they need extra ammunition against you.


Hopefully I'm wrong or you actually have decent care providers who don't pull that kind of thing.

demoonunit's Avatar demoonunit 02:55 PM 01-15-2012

Today is my due date (according to when we conceived). I only started feeling menstrual-like cramps yesterday and they've been going on and off since. They're not bad, but they're definitely becoming more...noticeable and consistent. This is the first sign of any discomfort I've had in this pregnancy (aside from morning sickness in the beginning), so I'm thinking it could still be a while yet, but I'm not sure. Is this early labor? How long will this go on for? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Devaskyla's Avatar Devaskyla 03:13 PM 01-15-2012

It really varies so much. It could be prodromal or it could be early labour. Getting stronger & more consistent is a good sign. If it's early labour, it will probably be at least several hours until it turns into anything more. Probably, since this is your first, but it could be more, it could be less. Just rest as much as you can, keep up with eating, if you feel like it, and definitely keep hydrated.



demoonunit's Avatar demoonunit 04:32 PM 01-15-2012

Thanks for the input, Devaskyla. I decided to time the cramps and they're very far apart and not getting closer together, (first time was 20 minutes, next time was 25 minutes) so I think I have some time before labor actually begins. However, the cramps are getting more intense when they do happen, so who knows. Also, lots of pelvic pressure happening as I'm cramping. Stuff is definitely getting in motion, but I just hate the fact that it could be prodromal and last for weeks!

lisamarie1081's Avatar lisamarie1081 10:00 AM 01-16-2012

Originally Posted by Devaskyla View Post

I'm glad you knew enough to avoid an unnecessary induction lisamarie! That's awesome you asked about your Bishop's scrore.


As for your dh, can you have a talk with him and tell him his job is to protect you from the med pros? He sounds like he's ripe for manipulation from them and being turned against you if they decide they need extra ammunition against you.


Hopefully I'm wrong or you actually have decent care providers who don't pull that kind of thing.

He IS ripe for manipulation, but yet claims to be supportive.  To his credit, he hasn't challenged too many of my decisions and he considers himself to be "supportive" in that regard.  I don't.  :)  When the doctor told us that the aminiotic fluid is borderline (but never told us the value because I never asked), dh specifically asked to hear more about the risks of NOT inducing that day.  I'm the one who had to ask about the risks of induction with a low Bishop's Score.  Of course, he told us it could fail and result in c-section.  I think that these procedures have just become soooooooooo common, that dh doesn't see that as such a big "risk" even though, at best, it is major surgery for me.   His apparant lack of concern for my well-being (or at least my hormones' interpretation to that effect) really burned me up that day.


Since then, I've been hoping and praying we'd go into labor before tomorrow at 9am!  lol.  Our next appt.  I don't like the confrontation with the docs and they aren't tooooo bad, but they still see things differently, so it feels like a fight and I know dh is concerned (though he realizes that the edd is exactly that, "estimated").  Anyway, I spent most of Friday and Saturday obsessing over getting myself into labor by tomorrow morning .... and yesterday that feeling just sort of fell away from me!  :)  I'm feeling more confident in what I know to be true -- that the baby is fine and our pregnancy is the lowest risk known to man.  ;)  I'm going to that appt tomorrow assuming that baby is safer where he/she is now until he/she is ready ... no matter what anyone else says.  :)


THanks for replying, Devaskyla!  I'm sure I will have many more complaints about my dh and doctors as we approach more controversial decisions like vaccines, etc.  I'd love to have you to vent to and help keep me grounded!


BTW -- can you or someone give me a rundown on what all the abbreviations in these  threads mean?  dh, dd, ds, etc???  I never really knew -- sometimes I can put them into context, but mostly I don't know what's what.  :)


Devaskyla's Avatar Devaskyla 05:56 PM 01-16-2012

I think a lot of it is men seemed to be more socialized to see "authorities" as more likely to be right, especially when combined with the still far too prevalent belief that women make decisions based on emotions instead of facts. It can be really frustrating. Hopefully he'll be strong for you if you need him to be. Sad as it is to say, at least you have some advance notice that you may have to stand up to him.


I'm glad you're feeling more at peace with things. Not sure if you saw my post in the other thread that if left alone, first pregnancies actually average 41 weeks & 3 days, so you still have lots of time. And no matter what, the odds are very, very high that you won't still be pregnant for much more than a week, 2 at most. I'm at 40 +4 by the dates drs use. Not due until tomorrow by my dates, although technically I hit 40w on Saturday. Only one of my kids has come early, and I really expected the one after him to be early too so I know how frustrating waiting can be.


I'm going to start a thread to see who wants a group so that we can all continue to talk after our babies are here. I know I would have liked something like that when my first was a baby.


Dh = dear husband (or damn, depending on the writer's mood :) )

DP = dear partner

DS = dear son

DD= dear daughter

MIL/FIL = mother in law/father in law

MW = midwife

UC= unassisted childbirth

LMP = last menstrual period


Any others you were unsure of?

lisamarie1081's Avatar lisamarie1081 08:00 PM 01-16-2012

Thanks for the acronym breakdown!  It's very useful.  :) 


I sometimes forget that "men are from mars, women are from venus", especially when I assumed that my more crunchy philosophies on medicine would be well received in this marriage because dh won't even take something for a headache ... no matter how bad it is.  I guess it's a little different in his mind when he's responsible for a little person that he helped make.  :)


41w3d tomorrow!  I didn't realize that about the first time pregnancy average.  That helps put my mind at ease.  Right now, dh is nervous that the baby will be too big to birth by the weekend and we'll end up c-sectioning it anyway.  Too bad he hasn't been listening to my hyponobirthing affirmations which have ingrained in my head that our babies are never too big for us to birth.  :)

lactatinggirl's Avatar lactatinggirl 06:14 AM 01-19-2012

I'm starting to feel like I'm going to explode! 40w5d. I am officially more pregnant than I have ever been (DD arrived at 1:30am when I was 40w5d).

ameliaanne's Avatar ameliaanne 07:26 AM 01-19-2012

Add me to the list! I am now 40+1. I was so sure baby would come early, but this is fine too!

lisamarie1081's Avatar lisamarie1081 07:53 AM 01-19-2012

Ew ... still pregnant at 41w + 5 d.  angry.gif

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