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themomadance's Avatar themomadance 04:37 AM 01-14-2012

HI everyone, it's 6:30 and I can't stay in bed any longer.   I woke up yesterday with cramps, they were on and off until about 4, then they were regular but short and easy.  at around 6 they increased in intensity,  By 9:30 i was in bed hoping for some sleep. they got to be stronger and about a minute long, but still 10 -15 minutes apart.  I slept on and off until 5:30 waking up with the contractions. (and a million trips to the bathroom) 


They are just too strong to lie in bed now, so I am awake and playing on the computer.  

I was hoping my sister could be here for the birth, and she got on a plane last night and will be on the ground any minute!  I am so glad that things have progressed and she didn't come for nothing, and that she didn't miss anything!

I have been in contact with the midwife, and I will wait for her morning text unless these contractions start getting a lot closer! She was in good contact with me all day and evening yesterday, so I am not worried.


This baby's going to be born at home, and probably today!  CRAZY!!!!!

demoonunit's Avatar demoonunit 05:02 AM 01-14-2012

Best of luck today!

AfricanQueen99's Avatar AfricanQueen99 06:09 AM 01-14-2012

:). Can't wait to hear that baby is here!

ziursrm's Avatar ziursrm 07:01 AM 01-14-2012

You and me both! I've been up for 2 hrs with 40 sec ones about 6 min apart. Although they are more erratic while I walk around its getting hard to lay down with them. Keep us posted, although I know I won't be back for awhile if this pans out!

element2012's Avatar element2012 06:10 PM 01-14-2012

Yay mamas! Can't wait to hear about those babies! joy.gif

ziursrm's Avatar ziursrm 08:25 PM 01-14-2012
I've been in early/slow labor since 5am. Pray that I get some rest and that labor progresses tonight. 
Devaskyla's Avatar Devaskyla 02:40 PM 01-15-2012

Hope you're both holding your little ones!

themomadance's Avatar themomadance 08:05 AM 01-21-2012

YAY She is here - well she got here on Sunday, I've not been on my computer since then!  I will post a new thread!!!!