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Hailey Lauren arrived on Sunday 1/15/12 at 1:10 PM.  

6lbs 4oz 19 inches. 


I was in labor since Friday morning.  Period-cramps all day.  But regularly 10 minutes apart.  at around 7 PM I had my sister get on a plane from Portland OR to NY!  


Overnight I slept, woken by the rushes ever 10-15 minutes, I stopped checking my clock because I figured it was more important to get sleep!


In the morning, I had to get out of bed around 5:30 - they were uncomfortable and I had to move around. 


My sister arrived around 10 AM, my husband and I spent the day with her watching tv and hanging out.  I ate yogurt and fruit and other light snacks.  I stayed well hydrated the whole time.  My midwife really stressed the hydration thing.   All day I had pink discharge. 


Meanwhile my midwife was at a hospital with 2 gals who were giving birth, She kept in close contact with me and wanted to hear about my updates, but nothing too serious was going on just yet.  


I went for a 20 minute (slow) walk around 4:00 - it was nice to get outside.  I spoke again with the midwife who told me to call her when they were 5 minutes apart and that she was going to go get some sleep after her all-niter. 


After the walk they got more uncomfortable.  I had to keep moving around from one chair to another, to standing etc.  Sometimes i needed my husband to rub my back, and I would have to think about them - couldn't talk through them anymore. 

I had the midwife come around 8 PM.  things felt really strong and they were 4-6 minutes apart.  


She checked me and I was 2 cm and 80%.  She told me that things weren't going to happen tonight.  That I should have 4 oz of wine, eat something, take a bath if I need to and to sleep as much as possible.  She guessed the baby would arrive the next afternoon. 


That night was TORTURE!   pretty much from the moment she left the contractions were SOOOO strong,  I was making all sorts of noises, and my husband had to be constantly rubbing my back.  I only drank about 2 oz of wine, I kept up with my water though.  I lied in bed but that seemed to make them worse.  At some point I woke up and had to push through the contractions.  I COULD.NOT.STOP!!!!

And I was totatlly freaking out because I know if you push too early you can bruise your cervix and mess up the whole process!  

I spent a lot of time on the toilet.  Nothing productive but it felt like i had to poop so bad,  but nothing.  Again,  I was PUUUSSSHHINGGG!   


I called the midwife around 1:30 in the morning,  I told her they were one after another with no break, and I couldn't sit, stand, lie down, squat, ANYTHING! 


She told me to take 2 Tylenol PM, Drink a glass of wine and get in the tub for a little while, and to call her in a half hour.  I had not taken anything while pregnant.  Not one tylenol, no lunch meat, nothing questionable at all but I popped those PM's without hesitation.  She was very reassuring, and calmed me down.


I did what she said.  The wine was wonderful.  I still had the contractions like crazy, but in the tub I could relax my body enough to stop pushing.  I figured every one that I had that I wasn't pushing I could let my body relax and open and hopefully undo any damage I did...


I reached inside of myself and had no idea what I felt.  It didn't feel like myself, I imagined I was all swollen up.  (turns out it was the head)


I must have been in the tub 3 hours.  I kept re- filling it with hot water (actually calling for someone else to do it for me - I couldn't do a THING)  and I had another glass of wine at one point, but I know it was at least an hour after the first one.  


At some point I heard my sister walking around in the house, and I asked her what time it was.  It was 6 am and said TEXT THE MIDWIFE!!!  She came right over and at 7:00 she checked me again.  She said...


"OH!  The baby is right here!  Wake up your husband you're going to have a baby right now!"


The baby's heart rate was perfect, (we checked it after every two contractions for the whole time until she was born)  and she had me get on a bed and push.  Of course after so many hours of trying NOT to push I was not allowing myself to actually push.  after a few tries in that position, we went into the living room and I ended up getting really strong contractions while standing, so I squatted into a push while holding onto a hand rail for some steps.  I was slowly making progress, but the baby wasn't getting through my skin.  there was room in my pelvis but I wasn't stretching enough.  

She made me WORK!  I was going up and down the stairs, doing lunges, sidestepping, marching with high knees, on all fours, in a birthing stool, toilet again, bed again, etc.... The whole time with a baby half crowning, and and the whole time having monster contractions that made me howl like an animal!  I had no control of the sounds I was making - its like when you go skiing and you hit a bump you didn't see and catch a little air and you just kinda yell WOOO HOOOO!!!! without trying.  Only they were growls and grunts and very primitive!

And all my clothes were gone by now.  I am a very modest person but I stripped down at some point I don't even know when!  I was sweating like crazy... and I was getting SOOOOO TIRED!  I started whining,  and bellyaching.  I was told to squat and push and I would whimper no, I don't want to, you do it!  (but I still did it)


At some point the midwife mentioned an episiotomy.  I said SURE FINE DO IT!!!  She made me try 3 more big pushes/contractions while standing/squatting because i was making the most progress in that position.  After 2 mega tries I asked her if we made any more progress.  She said no, and I said lets just do it.  I'm so tired I want it out!

She got me set up on the bed, numbed me with some topical cream, and cut cut cut, push push BABY!!!!! (ok there was also a bunch of pulling from the midwife's end, and that did hurt!  but WHO CARES!


It's a girl!  (we had no idea! - in fact even though I didn't have a feeling I was SO surprised!)  She cried right away and pinked right up, no oxygen needed, blankets toasty from the oven, on my belly.  Everyone cried.  


My husband cut the cord once it stopped pulsing, (He wasn't going to do it - but after watching me do all of that he decided he wanted to!)


The midwife stitched me up quickly - not comfortable, but I could have cared less at that point.  One of my friends put it really well...


An episiotomy is like throwing a rock at a bus that's exploding... 


SO true!


Baby was put straight to my breast.  I didn't really know what I was doing, so I had a little help from the midwife with that one... She sucked right away.  (kept falling off because of me - but we figured it all out.  9/9 apgar - she was weighted about an hour later like a little bear cub on one of those hand held scales with a blanket.  She had her vit K and eye goo...


She is a little fist sucker, and that's why she didn't come straight out.  She had her chin to her chest and was trying to suck her fingers, so her head didn't come out in an ideal angle.


My placenta was checked, and the midwife put it in our dehydrator, I couple of days later I pulverized it (in a magic bullet) , put it in gel caps and am taking them twice a day. (great for mood, energy, milk production etc... look it up if you're brave!)  So far I had only one or two weepy moments, and aside from soar nipples, and the stitches I feel great! - the whole process was not any grosser than making jerky...  Didn't smell weird or anything, and it's like taking any pill...


I had a day after visit with the midwife (at my house)  Everything is perfect. She also came 4 days after birth to do some blood test on  Hailey that is standard,  a few drops of blood from her heel.  she didn't even cry...   She weighed her again.  She was down to 6 lbs which is good.  She checked me and said that I was healing really well.  (Still soar!) 


She is SOOOO TINY!!!!  but my milk is in, she has a great appetite, is pooping and peeing like a champ.  Everyone I know is in love!


As far as traumatizing my husband or sister with this experience...

(my sister admitted to reading a few stories from ina may's guide to childbirth but not really preparing herself at all- no youtube videos nothing) 


She thanked me over and over and over for allowing her to be a part of that life-changing experience.   They both tell me that I'm totally amazing (even though I kinda feel like I pussed out with asking for the episiotomy) 


And I am not mad at all at my midwife for not coming sooner.  It all worked out.  MAYBE if I had not had those hours where I was wasting my energy NOT pushing, I could have had her sooner, but I don't blame the midwife, I could have demanded her to come over, but I trusted her for a reason, and maybe all that time is what actually dilated me and maybe it was actually perfect timing....  I think if it was REALLY time the baby would have made an appearance midwife or not....


my husband and sister both commented on how they have a new found respect for midwives and were amazed with how we worked together...


I am very grateful they were there, that I got my home birth (I would have begged for drugs in a hospital i know it!) and that Hailey is perfect ...








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Yay!  Welcome to the world, sweet Hailey!

Chatty Girl - 3/2006, Lovey Boy - 1/2010, Delicious Baby Girl - 1/2012
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Awesome birth!! You did it!!!! She's beautiful!! Congratulations!!joy.gif

Consciously mothering 3 girls and 2 boys
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CONGRATULATIONS! She's beautiful!!

Mama to DD born 1/28/12, and baby #2 on the way in January '14!

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My daughter had a hand like that- she kept it up by her chin most the time. CONGRATS she is so sweet!




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Congratulations!  I love the picture, she looks like she is already smiling :o)

Mother of one hyperactive little boy bouncy.gif(9/07) and expecting baby number 2 (Henry Magnus!) on January 25th.


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Congrats!  What a cute picture!

Wife to Phil, Mom to Saoirse (3/09), and Niamh (1/12)  waterbirth.jpg.crochetsmilie.gif

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Congrats!  Hailey is so alert and happy looking!  What a marathon of a birth story!

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What a little sweetie! Congratulations mama, you're a warrior!

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Congratulatons, Mama and welcome sweet Hailey! She's beautiful and you did an awesome job! What an amazing birth story.

aj- married to JA and mami to Bug (11/09) and Critter (1/12)!

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Oh my gosh! Amazing story and beautiful gorgeous child. 1 million congratulations!

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Wow an inspiring birth story! And your daughter is absolutely beautiful.  Congrats!!

Married Since 4/05
Mom to the silliest girl since 1/12
And SUPRISE! expecting #2 in 12/15
Let your light shine.
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congrats, mama, and welcome, hailey!  you are absolutely adorable!


i think it's so special that you were able to share your birthing experience with your sister like that.

bravo!  well done!  enjoy your babymoon! orngbiggrin.gif

HCM- gentle, all-natural, unconditional mama to three boys (8,6,4) and new baby girl! baby.gif  goorganic.jpg bfinfant.gifhomeschool.gif


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