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MadelinesMama's Avatar MadelinesMama 01:05 PM 03-18-2012

Finley has been teething for the last week.  Oh my goodness I had forgotten about the joys of teething. My daughter was 7 months old when she got her first teeth so I didn't expect this to happen so soon with him.  He doesn't have the strength or really the ability to use the teething toys.  They seem too big for his mouth.  Ugh.. anyone else showing any signs of teething?

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coldandsleepy's Avatar coldandsleepy 01:08 PM 03-21-2012

Ah!  Poor little guy!  I really feel for babies who teeth early, before they're able to do much to soothe themselves (handle their own teething toys, etc)... just makes a hard thing that much harder.  I hope his tooth comes through soon for both of your sakes!


My older son popped his first tooth at 3 months exactly.  My in-laws told us they thought he was teething at Christmas that year and we were like "no way, he's not even 3 months old" and then three days later, there was that first tooth.


We think W (2 months yesterday) will get his first around the same time-- he has one I can feel VERY clearly under the gum.  :/

MadelinesMama's Avatar MadelinesMama 11:16 PM 03-21-2012

No teeth yet.. *sigh*  He's been gnawing on his fist for days.  I'm hoping they break through soon.  He's got a couple trying to come through.

lactatinggirl's Avatar lactatinggirl 11:32 PM 03-25-2012

I don't know about teething, but DD2 has really loved chewing on my knuckle today. Not sucking, chewing! I don't remember DD1 ever doing this. She broke her first tooth at 9 months. I hope that DD2 isn't going to get them this early.