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Enlarged Fetal Heart?

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12-22-2008 | Posts: 2,924
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I just had my anatomy ultrasound (I'm 32 weeks tomorrow...so, kinda late on it), and they said the baby's heart is a little bigger than normal. They said "big" was subjective, and it looked fine structurally, and there was no fluid around it that would indicate a problem. They did say that they were going to refer me to have a more in-depth scan to be sure everything was okay.

What are your thoughts? What could this be? How much should I be concerned?

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This is just anecdotal, no medical opinion here...

I was told this about my third child. We were at the hospital for an ultrasound because according to my lmp I was close to 44 weeks. They also thought her limbs were growth retarded. So we ended up with an arom induction with a ped team on stand by in the room at her birth. When she was born she had a hard time breathing and was taken to nicu for that and had all sorts of tests. Doctor told us her heart was slightly enlarged but it wasn't an issue and her limbs were all just fine. (No signs of postdates either. )

It was a crazy couple of days but she is a healthy 4 year old now. So, it could be nothing. I really wouldn't be too concerned unless your next scan shows something more.
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get the follow up testing- this is later than a usual first finding18-23 weeks so may/ or may not be a problem
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