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trimestersdoula's Avatar trimestersdoula 01:57 AM 01-11-2010
Hey all! I need whatever information you would be able to provide me with about the effects on Symbicort inhaler (for asthma) on a developing fetus. Thanks soooo much in advance.

ETA: The mother took the inhaler her entire pregnancy on the advice of her doctor but now baby has weak bones.

JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 02:03 AM 01-11-2010
wumanh's Avatar wumanh 10:28 PM 01-11-2010
I would hook up with an alternative health care practitioner (herbal, homeopathic, naturopath, acupuncture) to see how to strengthen her lungs so she wouldn't need the inhaler.
Did the doc mean take it when she wasn't in trouble as a preventative? Seems odd.
trimestersdoula's Avatar trimestersdoula 11:33 PM 01-11-2010
Im not really sure when and how she was taking the inhaler. All I know is that she took it throughout her entire pregnancy. Her mother emailed me and asked me to find out some information for her. Unfortunately I don't know a whole lot about certain medications and pregnancy.
Peppamint's Avatar Peppamint 01:40 PM 01-17-2010
Is there a listing for that drug at safefetus.com?