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iemaja's Avatar iemaja 12:58 AM 01-14-2010
Do you know of any recorded midwifery study tools, such as recorded lectures on CDs, mp3s/podcasts, etc.??? I'm in the car sooooo much and would love to use this time to study and learn by listening.

If you don't know of any already in existence, will some of you fabulous, experienced midwives consider recording some?


Peppamint's Avatar Peppamint 01:14 AM 01-14-2010
http://www.aamishop.com has tons of them from the Trust Birth conference.
iemaja's Avatar iemaja 03:31 PM 01-14-2010
Thank you, busymomma! I may purchase a few of those!

Any other ideas for text-books or study guides on cd/mp3/whtaever?

I found this item on ebay that would cover a wide range of topics; however, it is a CD-ROM meant for the computer. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI....ht_2301wt_1167

I would love to have something along those lines that I could listen to in the car.
Peppamint's Avatar Peppamint 04:14 PM 01-14-2010
Oh, and I think they have recorded archives of different webinars that were hosted at consciouswoman.org I attended a few of those webinars and really enjoyed them.
courtenay_e's Avatar courtenay_e 05:15 PM 01-14-2010
*nods* I was going to suggest the ones from AAMI. There are some WONDERFUL topics in there!
grcelizabeth's Avatar grcelizabeth 08:21 PM 01-14-2010
I also suggest all of the mp3 downloads on aamishop.com. They are extremely informative, but some of them are muffled or quiet sometimes because of recording at the trust birth conference. AWESOME!
conniebonnie's Avatar conniebonnie 12:22 AM 01-18-2010
wow. 15 bucks for an mp3 seems really steep to me. am i the only one who thinks that?
hram's Avatar hram 01:17 AM 01-18-2010
I ordered one of AAMI for a long trip we were taking and it was the worst quaility I have ever hear. I couldnt hear half of it, it was all static. I was extremely dissapointed. Hopfully they arent all like that. And yes $15 is too much for what I got.
Peppamint's Avatar Peppamint 04:03 AM 01-18-2010
I didn't even think about that- many of them I earned as an AAMI student and the ones I paid for I bought when all the MP3s were on discount.

The sound quality isn't great (and I have bad hearing to boot) but I was able to get the gist of it.

hram- if the particular session you purchased was that bad, I would contact them and ask about getting a different session instead!
nikirj's Avatar nikirj 04:27 AM 01-18-2010
If you have studies, files, etc in pdf format, Acrobat Reader has a function where it will read aloud. It's kind of monotone and mispronounces a lot of scientific terms, but I've used it and it's helped me multitask.
tema's Avatar tema 08:40 PM 01-18-2010
I wish Midwifery Today would sell their conference recordings as mp3...tapes are so outdated and I don't really have room for bunch of them to be stored...

Anyone in touch with them to encourage them?
hram's Avatar hram 02:26 AM 01-19-2010
Originally Posted by busybusymomma View Post
hram- if the particular session you purchased was that bad, I would contact them and ask about getting a different session instead!
I was going to but I purchased it sometime last year before a vacation and then after moving I just forgot about it. I dont know if it would be right to try and recieve another one. But I was extremely dissapointed, Im really hoping the rest arent so bad. I do want some, well all of them!
hippie_mommy's Avatar hippie_mommy 01:13 PM 01-19-2010
That's such a bummer about the quality. I only have two, but they're both easy to understand. I would definitely contact them about switching for a different one.