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Originally Posted by wonderfullymade View Post
I can't imagine some of this stuff. (warning: labia are shown)
Last year I was looking at some possible reconstructive surgery because of the way I was stitched back after dd1 was born (3rd degree tear). Now I look more like a one-winged butterfly, if ykwim, rather than a two-winged butterfly. I was also concerned about a decrease in sensations of pleasure (but realize now that the change was due to a side effect of my SSRI).

Anyhow, as I was researching and reading, one thing that repeatedly stood out to me was that labial repositioning/etc. it was always pointed to as an aesthetic thing for a woman and her partner. I asked dh what he thought and he couldn't care a less what I looked like. And I don't care either, really.

I was reading a discussion about this kind of surgery that talked about it as unnecessary genital surgery, and compared it to FGM. Well that was the clincher for me. Forget it!

Each to their own.

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Interesting thread!
I am a student still, and haven't been to a ton of births, but over the years - I have seen a few shaved completely, and honestly, it is ALWAYS shocking to me. Personally, I do think it looks "little girl-ish", maybe because I have little girls..?? I have never groomed myself and thought "I should look like a porn girl/stripper/anyone else." I have only ever done it for my and my husbands' pleasure. I didn't even do it the first time thinking that I wanted to look like someone else, or a porn actress or whatever. I did it to please myself and my husband. Personally, I don't enjoy hair (of any kind!) in my mouth, and so I thought it probably isn't the greatest for my spouse either. That's not to say that I shave all the time...I go in spurts I suppose. But still, I'd hate to be thought of as someone wanting to look/act/be like someone that is normally thought of as a derogatory type person.

That said, people of course have the right to choose what they like. I loved the comment about women shaving their underarms and legs! So true! We as women shave our legs and under our arms for societal reasons. Most of us anyway. We just wanted to fit in when we were 13 (or whatever age) - and usually it was that we wanted to fit in with the other girls, we didn't even care what boys thought, and we were handed a razor, and we've been doing it ever since - probably pretty mindlessly at that...considering there is no other reason to shave our body hair. I know men that do it, and women and men think they are strange, but really - they are no stranger than the entire population of women that do it!

Body hair is a personal choice, albeit, driven largely by societal fashion at the time.

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Originally Posted by Surfacing View Post
I would be very interested to know how this is addressed in the Quran.
It's not. It's hadith.
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well...that was an interesting thread to read! lol. I've only seen a completely nekkid pubis once in my 23 births, and it was shocking to me. It looked pre-pubescent to me, and not womanly. Besides that one, I'd say I see about half trimmed and half au naturel in my practice.

Before I married I was 100% natural on all my body hair...except on a couple of occasions when I shaved my armpits and lower legs for a bathing suit. Once I wasn't wearing shorts with my bathing suit and pubic hair was sticking out...my dad saw it and shamed me publicly about not having the "modesty" to conceal my hair. Bullsh*t!!! After that I was even more determined to show him that I will not do anything to my body because of someone else's expectations! I wore sleeveless tops with armpit hair and knee-length skirts with full leg-hair; my dad despised it and commented regularly. <grin> I just retorted that I was a woman, and if he preferred women looking like little girls, then that's his problem...not mine

I do shave my armpits and legs occasionally now that I'm married, but really it's such a bother and most of the time I don't. Again, I told Dh that I was a woman, not a porn star, and that God gave women hair! lol. I also like hubby's hair and hated that the Air Force cut off his beard and the beautiful dark curls atop his head.

And yes, certain bed activities that were referenced by PP's can most definitely be done with pubic hair, lol. Try it sometime!

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I wondered what my midwives thought as I am 100% shaved and have been since I was 14 (8 years now.) I did it then because a boy told me that guys don't perform certain acts on women with hair, which gave me the idea that hair was unsexy, etc. When I was 16 and a little more mature, I grew it back in rebellion of that idea, and found that I REALLY hated having hair. I lived in Florida. It was hot from April to December and things just got swampy, kwim? So I started shaving again and have ever since. I don't leave any hair because I think that a little looks silly. It has nothing to do with being sexy or attractive now--my DH is out to sea right now and I still do it any way, because it's comfortable and cleaner, in my opinion. He also shaves, and has for a long time because of his own concern about hygiene. I worried that my midwives (in their 50's) would think I was weird, but honestly most women I know do shave so I just shrugged it off.

I am in the minority among my liberal, feminist group, but I shave everything and like it that way

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