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momto9kidlets's Avatar momto9kidlets 01:42 AM 09-29-2010
Has anyone else's e-mail inbox been receiving information about dancing for birth? I have been getting tons of information on it and while I am not interested in it at all I was just curious if anyone has taken the training and what it is all about.

Btw - I am not interested because dancing and me - not going to happen LOL

wombjuice's Avatar wombjuice 11:22 AM 09-29-2010
I took a Dancing for Birth training and loved it so much that I can't wait for them to come back to my state! It's not exactly what it sounds like...yes, it's about formulating a dance "program" for pregnant and postpartum women, but the point is all about optimal fetal positioning. Stephanie, the instructor, is so knowledgeable, and very cool, too.

I seriously, seriously loved it. And I am no dancer.
denverdoula's Avatar denverdoula 12:14 PM 09-29-2010
This sounds very exciting! I LOVE to dance and don't believe we have anything like that here in Denver... at least not that I've heard of. Thanks for sharing details, wombjuice!
turtlewomyn's Avatar turtlewomyn 03:20 PM 09-29-2010
I took the training during the summer of 2009. I kept putting off finishing up the certification but I got it done under the 1 year deadline (I had to teach a free demo class). I am certified now, but need to get my classes set up. Turns out I am pregnant now too, so I will be using the techniques right along with my students (and I feel that this is birth work I can continue to do through pregnancy, while my doula work was put on hold for the first trimester and I am not sure if I will get another client before I will be too big and tired).

The moves are inspired by different dances (bellydance, Latin, African) but it is a big emphasis on OFP and just encouraging women to move during labor. I think that lying in bed during our labor is so engrained in popular culture that some women may take these classes and hear for the first time about things they can do to move during labor.
MandeeTheGreat's Avatar MandeeTheGreat 06:10 AM 10-06-2010
I have been looking into doing this as well. There is nothing like this in my area and it would make a great addition to my services. I am just waiting for the next workshop in Chicago. I love that it ties in with OFP and encourages clients to move during their births. I am very excited!
Aleah's Avatar Aleah 06:47 AM 04-27-2014
I took the instructor course and I loved it! I am a doula and now a certified DFB instructor. I am very excited to get the classes up and running in the North central Alabama area. I think every pregnant and postpartum women should attend weekly classes! I encourage all of my doula clients to attend. The last or next to last class opens invitations to bring your birth partner. This is a also a great opportunity for other doulas from the area to attend with their clients.