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Tabbycat85's Avatar Tabbycat85 09:16 PM 07-10-2011
I'm looking for an obgyn in Katy,tx that supports natural birth, but is there for complications but won't add any. Anyone know of any?

aggiemeg03's Avatar aggiemeg03 08:04 AM 11-08-2012

Hi, I am looking for a natural-birth friendly doc also.  Did you ever find one in Katy?

Paigehc's Avatar Paigehc 09:42 PM 05-05-2014

I know this is late for Aggiemeg03, but for those who find this post in the future, I am now teaching Hypnobabies natural Birth Classes here in Katy!  

all the information about the class is on my website at 


My upcoming class is

5/14-5/16: Natural Birth Classes (Cinco Ranch)
What: Hypnobabies Natural Birth Class
Where: Cinco Ranch - right near the Katy YMCA 
When: Wednesday Nights from 6-9pm 
May 14 - June 18th 

The most comprehensive birth class out there, Hypnobabies is a complete, natural childbirth education program that also teaches self-hypnosis techniques to expectant mothers, and thoroughly prepares their birth partners to assist them during childbirth. During this six-week course, you will learn effective techniques to naturally reduce or eliminate any pregnancy discomforts, and to give birth comfortably while remaining awake and mobile, and in control using eyes-open childbirth hypnosis.
You CAN enjoy your baby's birth! 
Birth your baby gently and peacefully while feeling relaxed and empowered! 
See for more information call me for more information

Paigehc's Avatar Paigehc 09:49 PM 05-05-2014

i know Bethany Peterson Personally and she LoVES to assist in natural birth. 

She is an OB and helps deliveries in the hospital only. 

Good luck!