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gitanamama's Avatar gitanamama 01:39 PM 08-23-2011

I've found myself  increasingly passionate about birth and am considering the possibility of training as a doula. I'm wondering whether this is something I could make a living doing and would be curious to hear from other practicing doulas about their experiences and "salaries." Thanks in advance for sharing!

starrlamia's Avatar starrlamia 11:06 AM 08-24-2011

that really depends on your area, here i could not make a living as a doula, as they charge usually between 300-500 a birth and realistically i could take on 4-5 births a month, so at best 2000-2500 a month, which i could live off of but after paying taxes, putting money into the doula business etc, wouldnt be a whole lot of fun, and that is the high end! at low end it would be 1200-1500 a month which just doesnt cut it after expenses.

Beccadoula's Avatar Beccadoula 10:55 AM 08-26-2011

You can if your area is big enough - many doulas are also childbirth educators and lactation educators, etc. because of the problem of not having businesses that are busy.  You have really busy times and huge lulls between - it can be very frustrating if you're depending on the income in any real way.  But I'm in an area that is very non-natural...some doulas do great.