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lisamarie's Avatar lisamarie 08:24 PM 01-26-2002
My good friend and client's 2nd baby is due 2/9. She was early w/her 1st (at 38 wks.) and the full moon is approaching this monday. I wasn't at their 1st birth, but will be present w/this one.

She has not found out the sex of the baby. Last night, I had such a vivid dream about her delivery and post-partum. It was a beautiful baby girl, with lots of dark hair (her 1st is a boy w/white blond hair) like her dh's and looked like him as well. So, I called her this a.m. and told her my dream. She had the exact same dream and had a good contraction this a.m. as well.

You know the dreams you have during your pregnancy about the baby? Well, is it possible to be so connected to your clients, to dream like that about their babies as well?

What do you think?



madison's Avatar madison 07:48 PM 01-29-2002
Hi Lisamarie,

Interesting post!

Yes, I think it's possible. I have dreams all the time about friends' unborn AND born children. I am a firm believer in pre-birth communication and astral projection (leaving your body during sleep) - and I think the babies come visit me quite often. Usually they are around a few months old to a few years old, and they are either laughing or scared. The laughing ones just come around to say "hi there! Look at me! Woo hoo!" and get some snuggles. The scared ones need some hugs, and they seem to be frustrated at how small they are, and how dependent they've chosen to become by being reborn as infants. At least, that's my "take" on it all - it's more like measuring the emotions present as an instant snapshot rather than a movie. I have a couple who visit me quite regularly and I remember the dreams vividly the next morning. I still dream about my preschool kids, "my" kids, all the time. I don't doubt that we are connected in some special manner, by love, even though we live in different states and towns.

And pregnancy is such a magical time - I have no doubt that the little infant souls are checking out who will be in their lives and giving us the once over!
Birth Junkie's Avatar Birth Junkie 04:51 AM 02-05-2002
Ironically, the client I was least attached to I woke up 2 times in the middle of the night same time she did with cntx.
Riverhealing's Avatar Riverhealing 01:41 AM 02-06-2002
Yes, I believe it's quite possible to get messages from the client's baby. I have had this happen several times either in the form of a dream or a strong image, message or feeling during my waking time. Many times I have known the day and or time of the birth and the sex of the baby not by guessing but by receiving a message that felt as though it was coming directly from the baby.