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hawleyclan's Avatar hawleyclan 01:33 PM 02-09-2002
Hi Ladies! I put together an aspiring midwives study group online, and filled it with bookmarks, files and photos for midwifery study... Discussion topics, quizzes, and study questions are posted on a regular basis. I'm really excited about it, and I've gotten some great feedback on it so far... Please feel welcome to visit...

Some of the ladies in the group are also doulas, and others have just begun AAMI, ATM, or other Midwifery courses... (My sweet husband let me enroll in ATM this holiday season as his gift to me! What a guy! ) It is wonderful to see so many on the same journey, but taking so many different routes...

The Lord bless you all,

candiland's Avatar candiland 03:44 PM 02-09-2002
Sounds great! My midwife recently started a midwifery study group - our first meeting was on Tuesday. It runs every other week and there are five of us "students" who are participating. It's great fun! My friend and I are both prego, so we get to be the guinea pigs :
I'll pop by your site and see what it's all about! Thanks for the info.
BTW - you seem to be at every website I go to! I log on, and there's Hawleyclan! It's pretty funny....
hawleyclan's Avatar hawleyclan 04:55 PM 02-09-2002
LOL... I was thinking the same thing...!! I do enjoy reading your posts though, they are always full of great information!

Your study group sounds great, and it was quite considerate of you to provide hands-on :LOL ... Where are you from?

I look forward to getting to know you better...

The Lord bless you!