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I'm hoping you all could help me here. I am 5 weeks postpartum and I had a quick birth of a 9+lb baby. I've been having little bubbles of air leaking from my vagina, almost like little farts. I did a search on the internet and all I came up with is this could possibly be a colovaginal fistula? Can anyone give me some help or insight on this, theres not much information to be found. TIA
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A fistula is a possibility, but what is more likely is that air is getting trapped in the vagina and then coming back out again. In women who have just given birth, the posterior fornix (the space behind the cervix) can trap air and then that air can be released with movement or bearing down in a way that really resembles passing gas from the rectum.

The cure is kegals. Lots of them. Also exercises that work the lower abdominal muscles and muscles of the inner and outer thighs. All of these things strengthen the pelvic floor and can help close up the pocket in the fornix.

Good luck!

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A rectovaginal fistula can be pretty quickly found with a simply vaginal or rectal exam. If you are concerned make an appointment with your provider. If it isn't that, keep up the kegels.
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they are not always easy to find. I had my son four years ago, and have had one since then. My doc. did not find it with a manual exam, but agreed I do have one, from what I've told him. Surgery is an option, but doesn't have very high success rates. I opted, for now, just to deal with it, at least until I decide if I am done childbirth!!! Definately give it more time - sometimes they do heal on their own, sometimes they don't. I hope yours heals, if that is what you have. Otherwise, what pp said is great advice - kegal, kegal, kegal...

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