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DoulaLMT's Avatar DoulaLMT 08:44 PM 06-03-2008
ds was asynclitic, had his right hand by his face and had shoulder dystocia at birth. I pushed 4 hours to get him out. fastforward to 3-4 months or so. When I nurse him on the left or cradle hold him on that side he does this crazy archey/ back divey thing. we are to the point now where I have difficulty nursing him on that side in the cradle position. could this be some lingering birth injury or something? other possibilities : there is a window to the left of my rocking chair...could he be just interested in looking over there...and now its a habit (it happens placees other than the rocking chair too. he has had craniosacral twice and chiro twice since birth. his clavicle and c1 were stuck....we haven't had $$$ to do more chiro but if ya'll think that might be the problem we'll find a way...

courtenay_e's Avatar courtenay_e 01:59 AM 06-04-2008
Have you brought him to a chiropractor/cranio-sacral therapist? LLL actually suggests that at the top of the list of "fixes" for babies who favor one side. Especially if he was asynclitic and had a rough birth. I have seen it over and over...and it generally takes one adjustment to fix it. If he's a couple of months old, it may take two or three...

That would be the first thing I would think to do.
MsBlack's Avatar MsBlack 08:51 AM 06-04-2008
Definitely could be a birth injury/alignment issues. I would get more cranio-sac. and/or chiro care. By the way, other than the nursing issue, have you noticed any other differences in his use of the affected side? Does he favor the 'good side'--using it far more noticeably--does he tend not to use the affected side or to use it with less strength/coordination? You might do some careful observations on him, over the next few days. SD babies can receive injury to the Brachial Plexus, along with misalignment. Brach. Plex injury most often does resolve in time (less time, IMO, w/chiro care than without).
DoulaLMT's Avatar DoulaLMT 12:21 PM 06-04-2008
he sleeps on his tummy , and initially he seemed to favor having his head face the right. he also is sensitive to touch on his neck...he shrugs his shoulders as if ticklish. initially he seemed to use his left hand more but I think he just found it first. he seems to use them evenly now I think....i'll do more observing. the sd was mild and I don't think he had a brachial plexus injury, but who knows for sure. he's 5 months old now and hasn't had cst since the first month. maybe we'll do more chiro and see if that helps. it's been a month or two since he's been in.