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CookieMonsterMommy's Avatar CookieMonsterMommy 10:04 PM 06-03-2008
Just wondering if anyone else has a myspace focusing on your birthing career/hobby.

Mine is if anyone wants to add me (I have no friends yet!).

It's still VERY underdeveloped, but I'm trying! The baby in my default is just a stock photo.

I'm going to put up blogs about my services (and maybe fees) and suggested reading and whatnot. Also I'd like to post a few pics of myself, both a regular shot, and maybe one or two of me in action.

I put the url on my new business cards and fliers, since people are so technologically inclined these days.

Anyone with me?

Hallielynn01's Avatar Hallielynn01 09:14 AM 06-04-2008
We do! We're already myspace addicts, so it was a good place to start till our website was up. And really, there is a lot of networking on there!
SublimeBirthGirl's Avatar SublimeBirthGirl 06:36 PM 06-04-2008
teachermom's Avatar teachermom 03:08 AM 06-05-2008

I would be happy to be your friend.