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illendurethenight 07:55 PM 08-04-2014
Hello! I am incredibly interested in starting the journey to becoming a midwife, but I'm having a difficult time finding the information I need. I live in Ohio and can't relocate at the moment, so going to a midwifery school isn't really an option right now. I have looked into distance education, but none of them seem to have any student loan options available. I really can't afford to pay such a large sum out of pocket at the moment.

Basically I'm just looking to see what paths other people have taken and get a bit of advice. I've tried contacting area midwives for guidance, but I haven't had much luck yet. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

katyq82's Avatar katyq82 10:18 AM 08-05-2014
I am beginning the process to becoming a certified nurse midwife myself. Right now I am taking the prerequisite classes required for nursing school. Depending on where you are in your education and what type of midwife you are hoping to become, there are different paths (ie certified midwife, nurse midwife, lay midwife). I would suggest starting here: - this website really clarified things for me. Also, I know that Ohio State has a nurse midwife program through their College of Nursing. Best of luck!
GreenMamma's Avatar GreenMamma 05:21 PM 08-07-2014
The Midwives College of Utah offers a long distance program that allows you to earn your Associates, Bachelors, or Masters degree in Midwifery. They also offer student loans and Pell Grants through FAFSA. Their website is