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zenmumajen's Avatar zenmumajen 03:48 PM 06-17-2011

Hi everyone,

I would really really appreciate it if somebody could help me. I am going to be attending my first birth very soon and my client will have to be confined to bed or a very small area (wherever cord will reach) due to the fact that she is having twins and they only have a monitor that can detect 2 heartbeats which has a small cord. 

Thank you.

mommyminer's Avatar mommyminer 05:10 PM 06-17-2011



As far as position changes, she may want to consider internal monitoring for baby A.  Her mobility will be affected by the length of the cord but also how well babies are staying on the monitor.  In some mommas (most of em actually), its hard to continously monitor 1 baby when mom is changing position (esp any forward leaning position).


Some positions that work well with continous monitoring -- standing, slow dancing, bring bed way up and have mom lean on it moving hips, side lying, hands and knees, on knees leaning over back of bed, birth ball.

momto9kidlets's Avatar momto9kidlets 07:03 AM 06-18-2011

Positioning, vocalization, birth ball, massage, counterpressure - really you can do just about all of the same things that you normally with just by the monitor versus moving far away.  The only thing I see limiting would be tub/shower.  

Beccadoula's Avatar Beccadoula 01:17 PM 09-04-2011

I would really try for intermittant monitoring - if both babies are doing well she should be able to walk and move around much of the time...she shouldn't have to be on the monitor all the time.  IF she does - she can use the birth ball right by the monitor, she can get in bed and lean over the back of the bed or she can sit cross-legged in can also put a serving cart in front of her and pile it with pillows and she can lean on it.  If she is stuck on her back have her move from side to side every 10 to 15 min. - REALLY helps rotate baby and bring babies down OR you can use the robozo - even in bed!  More than anything - be there for her and support her in her choices.