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ancestorsabroad's Avatar ancestorsabroad 01:09 PM 02-22-2012

Hi There,

I'm hoping someone can help me with my question.


I've interviewed a doula who I feel like I really clicked with, she seems perfect! However, my only aprehension is that she told me she has another client due a week before me, and since the other client hired her first, that if I were in labor, and the other woman went into labor after me, she would call in her back up for me, and have her transition in so my doula could go to the other laboring woman. I was under the impression that whoever calls first would have priority with doulas, but I'm not sure. She only takes two clients a month, and said she has never had to call a back up.  Other than this, I really like her and feel excited to work with her, I know its probably totally unlikely that we would be in labor at the same time, I just feel a little nervous about the possibility. What do you think?

AmaraMonillas's Avatar AmaraMonillas 04:00 PM 02-22-2012

If you really like her, I would go ahead and hire her.  Even if you find another doula you like, it is probable she will take on more than 2 births a month, in which case you have a higher chance of ending up with a back-up.  Like you said it is highly unlikely.

 We have a month-long window for what is considered "normal", that is 720hrs of potential labor time... if she spends an average of 15hrs per woman and your dates are a week apart that is literally hundreds and hundreds of hours for you to have your baby with your doula all to yourself :)  Happy birthing!

Kristi Doss's Avatar Kristi Doss 09:34 PM 02-23-2012

If she is anything like me, she did not just pick a random doula to be her back-up. Momma's feelings are top priority to us doulas! Ask if you can meet with the back-up ahead of time. Hopefully you will find that she is very similar to your doula!


Happy birthing, and congratulations!!

justgonnadoulait's Avatar justgonnadoulait 10:04 PM 02-25-2012
I suggest meeting get backup. If you really dislike the backup that will tell you whether our nit you need to reevaluate.
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