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Sunnyc326's Avatar Sunnyc326 11:56 PM 10-20-2012
I am located in irvine, ca and my due date is march 16, 2012. This is our seond baby but our first natural birth. We are on a tight budget, but understand the benefit of having a doula. Can anyone recommend any doulas in the OC area?

HappyHappyMommy's Avatar HappyHappyMommy 10:33 PM 10-22-2012

Welcome.gifWelcome to MDC and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm bumping up your post. bump.gifAnyone have a doula recommendation to share?

big mi's Avatar big mi 02:43 PM 10-25-2012

You might want to try calling Beach Cities Midwifery: http://beachcitiesmidwifery.com/


I used BJ for my delivery (awesome experience, just awesome), and would trust her office to recommend a local doula.  Many of their birth assistants are doulas.


Good luck!!

SilaMarila's Avatar SilaMarila 08:35 AM 10-28-2012

Sunnyc - I PM'd you! 

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