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maydaymom10's Avatar maydaymom10 10:48 AM 10-27-2012

I was just wondering if anyone here types up the birth log or writes it into a story for their clients? It was recommended during my training to do a birth story, but frankly as much as I liked the idea initially (as a gift of sorts), now I'm finding it odd to try to write someone else's birth story. Looking for advice, suggestions, tips, etc. Thanks.

eabbmom's Avatar eabbmom 12:16 PM 10-27-2012

I feel writing someone elses birth story with the intention of giving it to them is not okay. I feel that if they want to ask you questions you need to wait for them to process it before you tell them your version. I think that if you write the birth story from your perspective so that you can remember it to share the details with your client after the initial post partum period that is okay. The client needs to process their own birth story first and if they need clarification on a detail- I would only provide them with the information that they ask for.

maydaymom10's Avatar maydaymom10 06:49 PM 10-27-2012

Thank you. That's what I'm leaning towards as well. I think I'll type up the log for her and then maybe give her a journal or something that she can write her own story and also start writing about her life as a new mom. 

SilaMarila's Avatar SilaMarila 08:32 AM 10-28-2012

I type up the labor notes I took and give it to them. I find it gives them a time line of sorts when they are trying to process their birth story and allows them to ask for details and clarification if they desire.

eabbmom's Avatar eabbmom 10:04 AM 10-30-2012

I really like the journal idea- I might steal it!

maydaymom10's Avatar maydaymom10 09:26 PM 10-31-2012
Originally Posted by eabbmom View Post

I really like the journal idea- I might steal it!

Feel free! That's what I decided to do and gave it to her today along with a typed copy of the birth log. She seemed to like it, so I think I might just make it my post-birth gift to my clients from now on. 

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