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kathan12904's Avatar kathan12904 11:36 AM 11-09-2012

I just heard from a client that the lactation consultant she went to did not recommend the soft fit cups for her breast pump. Since I have always recommended these, I looked for information that would explain why this trained, certified lactation consultant would say that, but found nothing. Ideas? Evidence?

tessamami's Avatar tessamami 09:55 PM 11-17-2012

I dunno. Maybe it has to do with the size? You know if the shields fit, if the nipple can move easily in and out. It could also be that the soft cups might not be too good suction-wise? And again, it has to do with fit.

rnra's Avatar rnra 10:26 PM 11-17-2012

I'm not very familiar with these--but is there a particular reason why you were recommending them?

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