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Adamsmama's Avatar Adamsmama 07:50 PM 09-08-2013

I'm looking to either become a birth doula or a CBE ... or possibly both.  I'm trying to decide on the best path forward.  I have had 5 births, all in hospitals with different levels of interventions, 2 with epidurals that never took and was left without pain relief,  the last two midwife delivered births - completely natural and awesome births. I'm very passionate about support and education for the mom to empower her in her decisions surrounding the birth.  I'm not sure what the best route would be for me to become a CBE or labor/birth doula.  I've looked into DONA, CAPPA and ICEA.  Any opinions or help?  


ananas's Avatar ananas 10:51 PM 09-08-2013

There's really a lot of factors here. Do you have young children? Do you have someone who can be on-call to watch them while you were attending births if you went the doula route? If not, the CBE path may be best for right now. Are you more interested in helping women learn about birth, and showing them the choices available to them, or supporting them through an empowered birth experience? Are you looking to make money, or mostly to help women? These are all things to consider.


I would suggest first and foremost to find your local birth community and get involved with it. I am in the process of becoming a doula, or I guess I should say at this point I am a doula? I have my first client. I've been taking workshops from a local doula group. At this point, I'm not getting certified. I'm not sure if I'll change my mind on that in the future, but right now it's just money I don't have, especially since I anticipate taking a lot of volunteer/low cost births and not making much money being a doula.

TheMushyMommy's Avatar TheMushyMommy 02:16 PM 10-06-2013

Hey guys! What is a CBE? I was planning on doing the doula certification through DONA but my husband is iffy because we have a five month old and he's worried about who could watch her on call like that. So now I'm interested in the CBE. I'll be googling it!


I had a 26 hour natural birth and want so badly to help others have the same wonderful experience (hopefully not as long though!) 



*GreenMama*'s Avatar *GreenMama* 07:52 AM 11-01-2013

CBE = Childbirth Educator.  :)  If you are an independent CBE you can set your hours/classes and only take on what you can handle.  I did that before becoming a doula and I still love it.  Search around and see what CBE program clicks with you.  There are loads of them, but my favorites are Bradley, Sacred Pregnancy, Birth Arts International, and I've heard lovely things about Birthing from Within and Hypnobirthing.  HTH!

Neuromancer's Avatar Neuromancer 11:54 AM 11-17-2013
I'm doing CCE -- Cooperative Childbirth Educator -- training, because it seems really inclusive. It's not about any one method, and more about evidence, information, and tools. Not sure how widely this training is available, though.
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