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FrannieM's Avatar FrannieM 02:32 AM 05-30-2011

For me:
(1) I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, my first!  I don't expect anything other than a conversation though, the NL is extremely not focused on tests etc.  I wonder when I get a first ultrasound?!?


(2) signing up for child care. Waiting lists can be up to two years (!!!!) long here in Amsterdam, so the trick is to get on the list as soon as humanly possible (So, at 4W3D pregnant!).   I'm a working woman, I am already overwhelmed at how this is going to work.   Thank goodness we have two sets of parents who I beleive will be willling to pitch in.  


Also - the NL is a country for homebirths!  So I am excited about that.

Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 08:23 PM 05-30-2011
Wow, thats overwhelming to have to sign up for child care that early.

Well, as I dont have insurance, and DH and I are both self employed so our insurance would be outrageous, my steps are as follows:

Pregnancy test at the health department (after 14 confirmed hpt's) to confirm pregnancy for insurance. - DONE
Applying for Medicaid- Tuesday
Calling my OB to tell her Im pregnant- DONE

My first appointment wont be until 8-10 weeks. I only want an early ultrasound for one reason: I had a dream that I was giving birth to twins. I have a 14 month old. If I am pg with twins I want to know ASAP. We are going to have to be making some serious adjustments to our lives if there are two in there. My OB has had twins, so she is always looking for them. Im not sure when that ultrasound will be, but I dont want to have the first one if its guarenteed that she wont be able to tell. (basically, I dont need an ultrasound to confirm the edd. SInce I know when I conceived, and when I ovulated (two days apart) I am fairly sure of my edd. Hers would probably be earlier anyway).

Ive been spending as much time as DD allows researching what I need to read, learn, get, be prepared to have a UC. I will be seeing my OB throughout my pregnancy for concurrent care, but I plan to give birth at home, with just DH and another mama here to help.

We have only told two people, and one of those is someone I know IRL that is part of MDC. smile.gif

FrannieM's Avatar FrannieM 12:05 AM 05-31-2011

ah ok, i am so curious what the difference is between US schedules for tests, and the NL.  My first ultrasound is around 8-10 weeks also.   I am sure of my EDD, the doc laughed when I told him so precisely and changed his date to mine.   I know babies are not born on their due dates but 02 02 2012 seems like such a cool birthday.


I am trying to evaluate between three midwife practices but it's not like there are reviews online.  So I will just book the practice closest to me, and stay if I like them.   Each practice has 4-5 midwives and you meet all of them over the course of the pregnancy so a stranger does not show up at the door during birth.  

frogautumn's Avatar frogautumn 11:38 AM 05-31-2011

Find a bigger house and a bigger car!


I'm kidding (sort of). We own a 2-family house--we live in one unit and rent the other. Right now, our 2 bedroom space is barely big enough to fit myself, DH, 2 boys, and 2 pets. I can't even imagine adding another person to the mix. We're going to have to do something, but it's complicated!


And I'm going to have to do some research to figure out how I'm going to fit 3 kids in the back of a Prius!

Mrs.aLifeofReilly's Avatar Mrs.aLifeofReilly 12:08 PM 05-31-2011

Originally Posted by frogautumn View Post


And I'm going to have to do some research to figure out how I'm going to fit 3 kids in the back of a Prius!


I'd love to know this too!  We only have one car right now and I do love it.  We'll be getting a second by the time this baby comes, but I'd love to have the second car be around the same size, in fact if we can fit three across in the back of the Prius I could see getting another one.



I think I'll end up scheduling an appointment with my midwife for 10 weeks or so.  Not sure when I'll want to tell family and friends.  Right now other than online friends only my mother knows.  Oh, and DS1 because DH spilled the beans to him yesterday telling him "give the baby a goodnight hug" and DS1 points to my belly and says "In there?  Mommy, is there a baby in there?!  Am I getting a little sister??"


mrskatiekuj's Avatar mrskatiekuj 06:42 PM 05-31-2011

check out the Radian carseats - I can fit three across in my Toyota Corolla.

aprilsfools's Avatar aprilsfools 08:11 AM 06-02-2011

My MW is coming next week for a meet and greet.  I already know her because she was the apprentice MW at my last birth (my old MW is retired), but we need to go over her rates and what happens in the next couple of months because I won't actually start seeing her until I am 12 weeks.   We didn't switch to a homebirth with Lily until 25 weeks, so this is already new territory for me.  

Otherwise it is just life as usual.  It is going to be interesting trying to figure out how to survive m/s with a toddler.  Also, I am supposed to start a new job in a couple of weeks- right at the same time my m/s started with Lily.  Fingers crossed I won't have any with this babe. 

Goddess3_2005's Avatar Goddess3_2005 08:14 AM 06-02-2011

We are in panic mode. We need a bigger everything, house car, you name it.

hildare's Avatar hildare 09:05 AM 06-02-2011

going for bloodwork asap (monday)..  i guess my first order of business will be to focus on getting dd out of diapers so the new baby can use 'em!  second order of business for us will be getting dd to sleep in her own bed.  sigh. 

atomicrocket's Avatar atomicrocket 01:31 AM 06-04-2011

I also need to sign up for childcare right away.  At each of the places I have looked at that take children under 1 year old (I will have 4 months of maternity leave) there is a 1 - 1.5 year long waiting list.  Yikes!