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February 2012 > Anyone already brainstorming names?
Momma2Kai's Avatar Momma2Kai 09:20 AM 07-05-2011

Originally Posted by montanamama1 View Post

I'm kind of a hippie and am thinking of nature names. I want the name to be unique but not over-the-top. The two I like best right now are Sage and Sparrow, but DH is ambivalent. What do you think?

Sage is one name on our list, so I love it!  We're thinking Sage Harper sounds good together!


naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 12:32 PM 07-05-2011

What I like at this point...


Girl: Maggie (named after my mom Margaret)


Boy: Tevin


Of course my dh will hate both, so they won't be the actual names. Typically we pick 2-3 names before the birth and then take 3-6 days to actually name them.

hildare's Avatar hildare 07:33 AM 07-06-2011

what are your opinions of the spelling Mae vs. May?  help me decide, it looks like it's going to be Mae/May Buck or Kevin Buck for us for sure.

zakdat's Avatar zakdat 08:11 AM 07-06-2011

I've always loved Mae smile.gif

jul511riv's Avatar jul511riv 10:07 AM 07-06-2011

my votes for Mae! (Unless the baby is born in May, which MIGHT make it okay)

Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 11:26 AM 07-06-2011
Mae is one of our middle name choices and I really prefer it spelled Mae.
londongandert's Avatar londongandert 07:40 PM 07-06-2011

Hey mamma's!

Here's a thought... with our third baby we choose Maiden Last names from both sides: 2 from his and 2 from mine. My father-in-law was named this way (Micheal Rowan Gandert). The best part was that the name worked for either a boy or girl:

Rowan Montgomery London Gandert

The baby turned out to be a boy! I love this idea. It may be a mouthful, but the rewards were priceless. (my mother-in-law is honored I picked her maiden name Montgomery as the second name... kudos for me!)  We are expecting baby #4. I totally understand the give and take this topic is with your significant other (dad), your parents, his parents, etc... But down deep I think as mothers we get an intuition on what this new little soul should be named. The name that hits you like a thunderbolt, or in a dream. Happily the thunderbolt hit me out of the blue (I had poured over 5 baby name books for a week) and DH loves it.  If I have a little girl we are going to name her "Sparrow". Unfortunately, most people do not like this name, but I am so sure of it that I am not bothered.

Also, No Thunderbolt of inspiration for a boy's name...Thanks ladies, I love reading your ideas too!


thecountrymouse's Avatar thecountrymouse 09:36 PM 07-06-2011

londongandert- My six year old daughter is named Sparrow.  Everybody loves her name, including Sparrow!  I think it's a great name.  I do live in a very accepting community where everybody has unusual names.  -Violet

londongandert's Avatar londongandert 04:05 PM 07-07-2011

Originally Posted by violetray View Post

londongandert- My six year old daughter is named Sparrow.  Everybody loves her name, including Sparrow!  I think it's a great name.  I do live in a very accepting community where everybody has unusual names.  -Violet

Violet- yes I am an idiot that obviously reads only the first page and last page of these thread things! Sorry, still new to  & trying to get it down. So, now that I feel stupid. at least you are nice to point out what you already had wrote! Ha! I love the name "Sparrow" -it is seriously the most adorable name ever! I am so glad you shared your thunderbolt moment!  We have great taste sister! So, what about with this pregnancy? Any new ideas? My 4 year old suggested Flute and Flashlight.Honest. Thus, I laughed at my own ridiculousness on how far out I was getting with my boy names. hee hee! Thanks for making me feel better (validating my thunderbolt) knowing a little "Sparrow" is real and happy with her name!

hugs- Jessica

P.S. Honey Bee is a sweet name too!


gossamerwindweb's Avatar gossamerwindweb 06:40 PM 07-08-2011

Originally Posted by hildare View Post
i love both of those.  they're both family names for me, too.  my great grandfather was hugh august and i don't remember what my great aunt hazel's middle names were... but my great grandma had good names for her kids.  in that family the kids were: ruby, jewel, hazel, mildred, hilda dora, chester, and robert barto. 

Hazel was a great aunt and I also worked in a nursing home and there was a woman named Hazel that I just loved :)


slimkins's Avatar slimkins 07:11 PM 07-08-2011

Originally Posted by hildare View Post

what are your opinions of the spelling Mae vs. May?  help me decide, it looks like it's going to be Mae/May Buck or Kevin Buck for us for sure.

I like both of these. I'm from the south, so, Mae is definitely more familiar to me. If I had to pick, I would go with May if I lived in the south (to stand apart) or Mae if I lived out west of up north for the same reason. Sounds a little silly, but that is my pick.


I wasn't sure if I was going to share names, but I think I will. We haven't picked a boy's name yet, and I don't even have any ideas yet. We had both names picked out before the birth of my son, and I think we are going to stick with the girl name we had picked if this one is a girl. Syndle. We never decided on a middle name. But a couple of weeks ago, I thought about how sweet it would be to do Valentine for a middle name since my due date is around then. What do you ladies think? Is that too silly... Syndle Valentine.

And would a daughter hate me as she got older to have a name geared around Valentine's Day, as if a birthday wasn't already a romantic tragedy to begin with.....?


thecountrymouse's Avatar thecountrymouse 08:10 PM 07-08-2011

Slimkins: I've thought about Valentine as a middle name also.  I have no idea what I would name a boy.  If my daughter was going to be a boy, we were going to name him "Kid".  I don't really know if that is a good idea for a name.  At the time, I thought it was to the point and kind of funny.  My daughter has suggested "Tangarina", "Eleanor", "Roberta", "Peachum", and "Helen".  Even with all the wonderfully creative names out there, I really like the name "Sara".  Also "Rose."  Simple, beautiful names.  I like the name "Sam" for a boy but I know my husband won't like it.  He is half Japanese but has always just identified with being Japanese.  He would like a Japanese name for a boy.  He likes "Akira". 


ozzyemm's Avatar ozzyemm 07:44 PM 07-09-2011

Violetrey, My friend's hubby is Japanese, and they named their boy Raiden (sp?).

ozzyemm's Avatar ozzyemm 01:24 AM 07-11-2011

My mom mentioned her mother's name, Violet, and now I am smitten.  Someone metnioned combining names.  My brother has my mom's maiden name, and my husband has his mom's, so I thought first names: Virginia and Violet.  It would be perfect and totally not on purpose if we had twins :lol:.  I am trying to figure out which could be first and which could be second if we just had one.  And then of course there is hubby who is deadseat on Kathryn.

NourishCreate's Avatar NourishCreate 09:13 AM 07-15-2011

love browsing your names.   


My DD is Jade,  and if I had a Boy  I wish I could name him JUDE   but it's just TOO close!  

sonitaw's Avatar sonitaw 12:11 AM 07-21-2011

So funny the last enrty was Jade, I love that one too. I have an Italian friend who named her daughter Giada (Gee ah da) but everything sounds nicer in italian.


First time around I vetoed Femka (hubby loves the name he is dutch, but all I could think of was Austin Power's fembots)

Girls names -

Mia, I just love how sweet and simple it is we have a painfully long Dutch last name with silent Js and extra As

Adriana - but it is way to long for our last name it has to be less than 2 syllables

Fien - pronounced like the last part of Josephine. But maybe this is too weird for the states.


Boys name - Desmond, we love this one, it was always first choice.


babies-n-bloom's Avatar babies-n-bloom 02:12 PM 07-22-2011

@CatholicBFMama- we are catholic also, so my husband and I are kinda set on more traditional names as well.  I really like your idea of naming after saints! My great-aunt suggested we name our child after whatever patron saint's feast day is on his/her birth......not so sure that is going to happen, but kinda open to it! hehehehe


I have a short list of names for a boy or girl since we aren't finding out.....



Catherine Adella....middle name belongs to my grandmother

Cecelia Ann

Olivia Claire



Christopher Alan (after his father, but DH is opposed to having a jr and I don't understand why?????)

Andrew Stephen (middle name belongs to my grandfather)


someone else mentioned Jude and I absolutely love it!


Imakcerka 10:31 AM 07-26-2011

My kids think they're naming this one.  Help this child if that happens. 


So far we've chosen  Silas Grey (boy)  and Tziporah or Maria  for a girl.  This will change so many more times, we'll see.

mysweetfiona's Avatar mysweetfiona 02:31 PM 07-26-2011

I love reading all the names!


When we decided to try to conceive, we sealed the deal by talking about names. He was set on MaKayla (don't really know how it will be spelled). That's a tribute to his own name Michael. Go figure, but it's his first child and maybe his only biological one. In that spirit, I wanted to find a way to name a boy after to him without using Mike/ Michael. He does metal fab projects for fun and is quite talented, which made me think of Smith (blacksmith). The cuter version is Smithy. I had the "thunderbolt" pp explained so well. Smithy for boy and MiKayla for a girl. (is the K suppose to be capital?)


Also, My little cousin was born on Valentine's Day. Her name is Lori Valentine. (name from me, actually) Added bonus, is she is a red-head!



When I'm not so tired, maybe I'll make one of those preggo tracker sig. sleepytime.gif

mamashannon's Avatar mamashannon 11:01 PM 07-26-2011

It's so much fun reading all of the names! DD's name is Jordan Elizabeth. So far, we have come up with the following:




Katherine "Kate" Olivia

Samantha Jean

Avery Anne




Benjamin "Benny" Houston

Aaron Samuel




DH and I both like these names, although we have our different "favorites" so it's a good thing we have a while to decide!


Are you guys announcing names to family/friends or do you wait until the baby is born? With DD, we knew the sex and decided upon the name a couple of months before she was born, so everyone knew what her name was. I think this time around, I want to wait until the baby is here. 





Right of Passage's Avatar Right of Passage 01:19 AM 07-27-2011

it's been  a few post but I vote for Mae, because that's my middle name I LOVE my middle name.

zakdat's Avatar zakdat 07:59 AM 07-27-2011

   idea.gif       LIGHT-BULB        idea.gif


We have a girl name.  It was one of those thunderbolt moments that one of the pp mentioned. 


Rowan Idella


Rowan because I've always loved the name, but could never find a middle name that I loved with it.  Idella is my maternal grandmother; she's always been a huge part of my life - picking me up from school when I was sick, teaching me how to ride horses, and now she lives across the street from me.  We talk everyday, and when I need a bit of a break, she'll take the boys for a walk or a visit, and then I can have some down time.  We're not telling anyone else our name - we'll actually keep something a surprise for once. 


Now to find a boy's name.  With both boys, the boy name came like a thunderbolt, even before knowing what the baby was going to be, so maybe this one's a girl.  orngtongue.gif

hildare's Avatar hildare 01:23 PM 07-27-2011

i love idella.  i am very into "neuvo grandma" names ;)  your grandma is going to be so excited.

Mamatolea's Avatar Mamatolea 04:47 PM 07-27-2011

We picked names we loved, no cares about position on the naming lists since if we know a ton of people named it, we probably won't like it My daughter is Lea(my grandmothers name) Amber(the name I picked when I was 4 for my sister but didn't tell them until after she was named, so it's been "my" name My son is Ethan(just love it and we had no clue it was so high on the favs list, but we only know 2 other Ethans-one is a friend from HS who is a midwife now in FL and another is a crunchy mama I met after Ethan was born, so we didn't care then and don't care Chad(My hubby's name) Eric(Hubby's brother's name who was there to witness his birth).


This baby should she be girl is Emily(just love it) Claire(hubby's mother's name) Esther(Mom's middle name). And hopefully it's a girl since I already have the holiday hat embroidered for her ;)

Should it be he: Logan(just love it) Arthur(Hubby's father's name).


So the roundup is Lea Amber, Ethan Chad Eric, Emily Claire Esther and Logan (Thought I would condense it since I can be wordy..hehe)

Laggie's Avatar Laggie 04:57 PM 07-27-2011

The traditional spelling of Mikayla is Michaela. There are a bunch of different spellings listed here:


ETA: I think Makayla is the most popular spelling for 2010.

Mamatolea's Avatar Mamatolea 05:10 PM 07-27-2011

No Uncle Buck? ;)

mollsworth's Avatar mollsworth 09:38 PM 07-27-2011

Originally Posted by FrannieM View Post

nice names, you guys.  I have not the beginning of a clue.  I am a Dutch speaking Belgian, and my husband is an American born Indian, so the name could go either way and should work in both languages.  Also, naming seems like a huge responsibility.  Eek!  I don't think we will think about it for awhile.  

Frannie, just had to post even though I'm a lurker from the March DDC. ;) I looove Dutch names, echt suuuper mooi. Als je ze ook in het engels makkelijk uit kunt spreken, dan heb je geen probleem. What are your faves?


FrannieM's Avatar FrannieM 07:52 AM 07-28-2011

Hoi mollsworth - ben je zelf ook nederlands?   Of van België?  


I don't have too many names yet because really nothing overlaps between Dutch and Hindi :)   

Originally Posted by mollsworth View Post

Frannie, just had to post even though I'm a lurker from the March DDC. ;) I looove Dutch names, echt suuuper mooi. Als je ze ook in het engels makkelijk uit kunt spreken, dan heb je geen probleem. What are your faves?



hildare's Avatar hildare 01:32 PM 07-28-2011

Originally Posted by Mamatolea View Post

No Uncle Buck? ;)

hey hey HEY now!

Mamatolea's Avatar Mamatolea 02:21 PM 07-28-2011

Originally Posted by hildare View Post

hey hey HEY now!



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