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Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 07:05 PM 06-01-2011
Mine is 14 months, and still nursing like a champ. I plan to nightwean before the summer is over, and my current plan is to have her off the boob by November. Im really sad to have to cut her off early, but I really have no intentions of tandem nursing. I WAH, and a lot of my work is doing computer stuff, where I need at least one hand for typing. I would like to hear what other mamas are doing to keep their supply up while pregnant, though.

What are you ladies planning on doing?

Mrs.aLifeofReilly's Avatar Mrs.aLifeofReilly 07:31 PM 06-01-2011
Last time my baby was 16 months when I got pregnant and he self weaned around 21 weeks when my milk changed to colostrum. He just started refusing it one day. Before that he was a very adamant nurser and a good deal of the first tri was difficult for me in nursing him. I had nipple soreness and nausea whenever he latched on.

This time my youngest is 23 months and a pretty regular nurser too. I'm more mentally prepared for the icky feelings I might experience and try to get through it again. He might self wean like his brother. If he doesn't I'll consider tandem, but I know statistically most will self wean. I'm more prepared for that this time too.

As far as supply, I didn't notice a significant drop till the change in milk but I know motherlove makes More Milk Two for pregnancy
nannybutterfly's Avatar nannybutterfly 05:14 AM 06-02-2011

My little nursling is 13 months.  He is not a great eater when it comes to solid foods, just a few bites here and there throughout the day.  I'm not planning on weaning any time soon that's for sure.  I do think my supply has already dipped somewhat though.  I wouldn't mind tandem nursing, at least in theory orngbiggrin.gif   I wouldn't be surprised if my ds weaned himself if my milk dried up.  He gets frustrated when the milk runs out and wants to switch sides back and forth, so I'm not sure what he'll do if the milk dries up.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see how everything goes. 

hildare's Avatar hildare 09:10 AM 06-02-2011

dd is 19 mos and we just nightweaned this cycle before the bfp!  i have the more milk 2 supplement to try but if she weans herself at this point i won't be heartbroken (or at least i think not right now).. but i do intend to try to keep going and to tandem.  i have to say that i am as pleased as i could possibly be about having nightweaned. 

montanamama1's Avatar montanamama1 04:26 PM 06-02-2011

I'll definitely be interested to see how this goes for us... DD is 14 mos and still nurses regularly. My MW said when the milk changes to mostly colostrum, she may self-wean a little bit (or completely). I'm going to follow her lead -- unless I need to do something differently for my own comfort. She likes to nurse so much... I don't think she's going to be happy about this! :)

frogautumn's Avatar frogautumn 06:15 PM 06-02-2011

Right now, my DS2 is 19 months and still nursing quite a bit. I hope to tandem nurse him because he is such a little peanut, I feel like he needs the mama milk for as long as possible.


When I was pregnant with him, DS1 was still nursing quite frequently at first, slowed down gradually, stopped altogether for about 6 weeks, then he started back up for a bit. You could tell my milk had changed because it became very painful for me and his breath smelled like sweat (yuck!) after he nursed. Once DS2 was born, DS1 was such a lifesaver when my milk came in. He took care of any engorgement I had and it was a sweet bonding time knowing that the door was still open for him. He continued to nurse once a day for about 8 more months.

k3ri's Avatar k3ri 08:36 PM 06-02-2011

My daughter is 2 and still nurses on demand during the day. We finally managed to night wean at the beginning of May because we suspected that might be why I wasn't getting pregnant and what do you know? I plan to nurse her as long as she wants, but I am aware that I may not feel the same as the pregnancy progresses. I will be glad to hear how it works out with other mamas.

mrskatiekuj's Avatar mrskatiekuj 09:55 PM 06-02-2011

My daughter is 18mo, nurses throughout the day but is night weaned (however she wakes up AS soon as the sun starts to rise because she knows I will nurse her then). Hoping to wean her before baby comes. Trying to make it a gradual process. Right now I'm just focusing on trying to get her to hold off for naps and bedtime or if she is really upset. Then we will see...

NolliesMama's Avatar NolliesMama 06:59 PM 06-03-2011

My son is 19mo and nurses on demand. I'm scared to keep going that way because I miscarried in January at ~5-6wks. Even though that probably wasn't a reason it still nags me. I'm getting progesterone tested next week and as long as it is good we'll continue nursing on demand. If not, I will start weaning a bit. He doesn't like any other type of milk nor eat well so I hope he can nurse! Tandem is fine by me.

zakdat's Avatar zakdat 10:25 PM 06-03-2011

DS1 parent-led weaned 2 months ago (2yr, 5mth).  It went very smoothly - he stopped asking for it at nap time, and then when he did ask, he was easily distracted with snuggles.  I'm hoping that DS2 will nurse for about the same.  BF t/o the pregnancy was hard, but tandem feeding was so satisfying.  It especially helped right before nap time - we all ended up napping together in the family bed.  Now DS1 is in his own room - I'm hoping we can work out a similar plan so I can get the sleep I need.  caffix.gif

Legatia's Avatar Legatia 07:27 AM 06-06-2011

DD is 10 months old now and I would love to tandem nurse! Actually, I think I'll be very sad if she self weans because of the pregnancy... bawling.gif

bluedaisy's Avatar bluedaisy 10:27 AM 06-06-2011

My dd is 2  1/2...we're on day 3 of nightweaning which has gone surprisingly well.


I would like it if she weans herself, but she is very attached to bf so I don't think I'll push it as long as I continue to feel decent.

montanamama1's Avatar montanamama1 01:40 PM 06-06-2011

What is involved in nightweaning? What do you do when the baby wants to nurse at night?

bluedaisy's Avatar bluedaisy 06:38 PM 06-06-2011

montana mama - I told my daughter that my boobs need to sleep at night - so she can bf when it's light outside, but not when it's dark.  shes 2 1/2 so she is old enough to understand....she had a few tears the first night but the next 2 nights she just went back to sleep when I told her it was dark.  Unfortunately, she has a fever today so I'll bf her if she wakes up, hopefully she'll jump back into the nightweaning when she feels better

hildare's Avatar hildare 09:36 AM 06-07-2011

bluedaisy/montana mama: that's exactly what we did too!  it was much easier than i had feared, too. 

Carson's Avatar Carson 01:20 PM 06-08-2011

DS is 17.5 mos and nightweaned.  He is very frustrated with me b/c my supply has totally tanked (I am sick now on top of being PG).  He will also switch from side to side, and then eventually go eat some food or take a drink.  I wouldn't mind, except I hate the feeling of dry nursing and my BBs hurt. 

krjt's Avatar krjt 08:25 PM 06-08-2011

My son is almost 18 months old and still nurses on demand... We used to nurse on cue, but ever since he started clawing at my boobs and pulling up my shirt I've changed my language.  I hope to tandem nurse for a nice long time.  I would love suggestions for keeping up my supply as well!

memz's Avatar memz 07:40 AM 06-09-2011

My DD is almost 17 months and still nurses on demand....which means anywhere from 2-4 times a day and she is nightweaned. I'm hoping that she won't wean during the pregnancy, I would love to tandem...It would be sad if she did wean during my pregnancy...I guess I can't do much about it now. We'll just have to wait and see.

OdinsMommy0409's Avatar OdinsMommy0409 12:01 PM 06-09-2011

My DS is 25+ months and still nursing frequently during day and night. I do plan on doing some daytime weaning over the summer, nursing only for naptime. Over the fall, I hope to do some nighttime weaning but not complete. I'd love to have him down to 6 times or so by the time #2 arrives. He currently nurses at least 10 times per 24 hours but often upwards of 20. I do plan on tandem nursing.

AimeeBaby's Avatar AimeeBaby 12:45 PM 06-14-2011

DD will be 2 1/2 next month. She still nurses about 6 times a day and twice at night (we nurse on demand, although I sometimes have success redirecting her), sometimes more. I tried nightweaning, when I first started ttc 4 months ago, but it was just awful. She gave up asking for the breast when it was dark out, but she didn't stop waking up. Instead she would demand to be sung to or just cry and thrash around. So, we quit that and I'm not sorry. it's so much easier to just nurse her back to sleep. I am open to tandem nursing, but if she self weans I won't be sorry (until I start getting engorged!) I would have looooved a nursing toddler when she was a newborn, I made way too much milk. I am hoping really hard that nursing doesn't get super painful because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't give up the breast without a big fight.

lindaski's Avatar lindaski 05:56 PM 06-15-2011

DS is 18 months and is only nursing 2-3 times a day.    Before becoming pregnant I had planned on continuing to follow his lead, but now am thinking about weaning.  I have mixed feeling about it, but I really can't see myself tandem nursing.  

yippiehippie's Avatar yippiehippie 08:07 AM 06-16-2011

DS is 14 months and I feel he still needs his mama milk:) He's too young to wean, and nurses all day, all night, he's one of those kids that will probably never wean himself. I wonder what will happen when it changes tastes or the supply drops. Maybe he'll wean, but I can see him starting back up again when the baby comes.

rjruiz_415's Avatar rjruiz_415 10:50 PM 06-17-2011

Last time I got pregnant when my nursling was 24 months. we nursed through the pregnancy, and tandemed for about 13 months. She weaned at 3.5. Right now my nursling is 22 months, and I fully anticipate a similar situation. I don't know that you actually can increase supply during pregnancy. I could be wrong though! My supply dried up very very quickly with my pregnancies:/

Mommy2LexiLivy's Avatar Mommy2LexiLivy 08:43 AM 06-18-2011
19.5 months but sadly I am drying up. she only nurses for a few minutes at night 2x