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parsley's Avatar parsley 06:43 AM 07-01-2011

So, we're going to be going to a very non-commercial and old-fashioned amusement park that is oriented toward young children this weekend.  It will be my parents, maybe my sister, my 3 yo daughter,  DH and myself.  I'm wondering what I can/should go on, and how to decide.  Only my DH knows we're pregnant.  We're waiting to tell daughter until we see a heartbeat and we're waiting to tell family until we've told DD.  (And, I don't want to be caught studying every little sign as I"m usually a big ride person and feel like that might be showing my hand.  I already don't know how to navigate the no wine at 4 nice dinners in a row!). 


In general, my feeling about pregnancy is that everything has a potential risk but most things are not real risks.  (ie: my chances of having a miscarriage are greater from a car crash than an amusement park ride).  So, when I read descriptions that say I shouldn't go on anything, I'm totally skeptical.  That said, I don't want to take any real risks. 


I'm certain I won't be going on the fast roller coaster, anything that spins and uses g-force (likely to make me puke anyway), or anything with seriously jerky motion.  What about the old wooden roller coaster that my 3 year old isn't even afraid of?  What about the ferris wheel?  Stuff like that?  


Anyone with any recent experience or ideas on this that will allow me to go on  some things with DD (who is so excited about this trip!)? 



Momma2Kai's Avatar Momma2Kai 07:46 AM 07-01-2011

That's a tough one!  I would say the Ferris Wheel would probably be ok...but the rest?


From personal experience, I rode on a golf cart around my friend's farm (last pregnancy).  The bumps and jerkiness of a golf cart was really uncomfortable (semi-painful) on my uterus.  I was probably around 10ish weeks at the time.  From that terrible experience, I would not ever ride in a golf cart or any other rides for that matter- it freaked me out big time.  However, many pregnant women ride the bus and the bus is pretty bouncy-jerky at times...


Can you just say you have a headache or otherwise don't feel up to riding rides?  

FrannieM's Avatar FrannieM 08:05 AM 07-01-2011

my opinion is if your three year old can do it than you can too :)   That baby is nestled very deep inside you right now, I dont think you are going to shake it loose! ...  maybe have a drink or snack in your hand when people go on rides you dont want to go on (like ice cream!) so you simply CANT get on the ride :)

Kkrpata's Avatar Kkrpata 08:11 AM 07-01-2011

Can you call the amusement park ahead of time and ask them which are considered safe and which are not?  That way you know without studying the signs.  We are going to Disneyland in a few weeks and I checked out the website and there are only 7 rides I cannot ride pregnant.  Some of them my 3 year old can ride, but they are not safe for pregnant women.  I think in your case the Ferris Wheel would definitely be safe though. 

Right of Passage's Avatar Right of Passage 09:10 AM 07-01-2011

I can say, the last time I went to Elitches here in Colorado, all the rides had signs that said "no pregnant women"

parsley's Avatar parsley 09:26 AM 07-01-2011

Great idea about the ice cream, Frannie!  Though DD is likely to insist that she needs one two yummy.gif. 

Good idea too Kkrpata about calling in advance.  I'm encouraged that it seems like most of the rides at Disney World are considered safe-- hope you guys have a great time when you go! 


But, Right of Passage, you hit the nail on the head.  If all the rides say "not safe for pregnant women" than that sounds to me that it's all about protecting liability and nothing about the actual safety.  (I'm certain, for example that Merry-go-Rounds are safe!  And, I'm convinced now-- thank you-- that the Ferris wheel and balloon ride will be fine as well.  Still not sure about the small roller coaster...  But, that's three smile.gif so that might be enough!) 


I know I could make excuses and not go on any rides all day but a) that's really not fun for me, b) it will be a huge disappointment for DD, and c) it makes me feel like being pregnant means I'm sick or my body is broken.  I refuse to spend nine months feeling like an invalid.  That mentality seems to be all about medicalization of pregnancy, needing to be taken care of and overseen by doctors.   What's worse is that once one falls into that mentality it's easy to see everything as a risk and end up getting lots of tests, lots of interventions and to have a really stressful pregnancy.  Now that type of stress is a real risk! 


Don't mean to be blaming or flaming you, Right of Passage, that outburst is about the whole paternalistic medical culture.  Hope I don't sound hostile-- just trying to explain where I'm coming from and why "don't take a risk" doesn't work for me. 


Thanks everyone for your ideas so far, keep them coming!

thecountrymouse's Avatar thecountrymouse 09:59 AM 07-01-2011

I went to a carnival this last weekend and attempted the ferris wheel.  I was terrified and had to get off the ride.  I am ususally not scared of anything.  But the swaying motion of the ferris wheel and the way it jerked back and forth felt very unnatural, like an airplane ride.  I'm sure it's completely safe while pregnant.  There was a sign posted stating it wasn't safe for pregant women but whatever.  It just felt awful to me.  But beans feel awful to me right now!  

You could try a mild ride and see how you feel.  A prop would be an easy way to get out of riding rides- like a camera.  You could say you wanted to get great pictures this time instead of riding rides.   Or just tell em!  Good luck and have fun! 

rjruiz_415's Avatar rjruiz_415 01:59 PM 07-01-2011

Those signs are COMPLETELY for liablity... When I was pg with my third ( I think 3-4 months or so) I went to an amusement park and went on everything that my 3yo went on. I would not hesitate to go on a roller coaster (out of fear for the baby... I would totally puke if I went on a roller coaster with this m/s...)

Right of Passage's Avatar Right of Passage 08:58 AM 07-03-2011

Don't shoot the messenger ;) Just saying what I remembered. Didn't stop me for going on the merry-go-round or ferris wheel at 30 something weeks.

parsley's Avatar parsley 07:25 PM 07-03-2011

We went to the park today and had a great time, though I'm so tired I'm not sure I'm going to be able to move off the bed tomorrow! 


My experience regarding signs was just like yours, Right of Passage, almost everything had a no pregnant woman symbol.  (It was a stork btw, and it took me FOREVER to figure out that was the pregnant symbol so I had to stare at a few signs anyway.) So there was a "no" sign on the ferris wheel, the swing-like ride, the ball pit (!), some slides that you go down on a burlap sack, etc...  Only things without the "no sign" were the train and the merry-go-round.  Crazy!


So, I went on everything that looked fun (which was just about everything that was good for a 3 year old) and DD didn't want to go on the roller coaster so it was a non-issue.  We had a difficult moment when she wanted me to take her on the spinning cups and I was sure I would throw up, but she was distracted by DH and I was in the clear. 


Definitely didn't mean to blame you, Right of Passage.  Hope my previous message made that clear.  And, hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend.

peilover010202's Avatar peilover010202 07:50 AM 07-08-2011

Thanks for posting this.  We're also going to an Amusement Park in a few weeks, and I've been so worried about the rides.  I usually ride the roller coasters with my 7yo and his friend while dh takes the younger boys on the "kiddie" rides.  But, it sounds like I'll be able to do a few bigger kid rides after all!  Though I'm disappointed about the roller coasters. :(


Right of Passage's Avatar Right of Passage 05:26 PM 07-09-2011

Don't worry Parsely I was just teasing. hug.gif Glad you had a good time!

parsley's Avatar parsley 10:51 AM 07-10-2011

Glad to hear it! Right of Passage.