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February 2012 > Wow! I can feel the hardness of my uterus!
FrannieM's Avatar FrannieM 04:28 AM 07-22-2011

I really don't have a bump yet, but I was rubbing my belly this morning and I realized that the part of my stomach that is usually a bit soft is hard as  a rock!   That must be my grapefruit sized uterus, no?  Kind of cool :) Anyone else?  

(I am 13 weeks tomorrow)


What does your belly look and feel like right now?

frogautumn's Avatar frogautumn 05:51 PM 07-22-2011

Yes! I noticed this too this morning when I first woke up.

mamanoish's Avatar mamanoish 07:59 AM 07-23-2011

Mine is, too! Although I have a bit of a (very) noticeable bump. I guess that's to be expected when you're on your 3rd and have a bit of baby fat left over though. redface.gif I also noticed (yesterday) when I plopped down on the couch it kind of hurt. Like, I could feel it in my uterus. Or just things shifting differently. 

TeamGR's Avatar TeamGR 08:46 AM 07-23-2011

There's definitely something there smile.gif.  There's a small roundness and it has a different consistency than the rest of my stomach. So exciting!