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Kaydove's Avatar Kaydove 05:04 AM 08-16-2011

Awake again at 4am, sigh. I eating some Greek yoghurt so hopefully I'll be able to go back to sleep. DH isn't snoring as loud tonight. ;)


What are all of you doing to help you fall back asleep after a way too early/middle of the night wake up?

parsley's Avatar parsley 07:24 AM 08-16-2011

Hi Kaydove-  sorry I didn't catch this last night when I was also awake!  I always struggle with how long to stay in bed and at what point to give in and get up.  Last night was not TOO awful.  I woke up sweaty and had to pee but then I got back into bed and forced myself to imagine I was floating in a lake.  Instead of worrying about everything I managed to focus on picturing what the horizon would look like.  Ended up falling asleep about 45 minutes later.  When it takes longer than that I usually get up. 


Maybe some sort of meditation will work for you sometimes? 


My real advice though?  Get some earplugs.  I sleep with ear plugs and a mask EVERY night.  It's my only hope.  Crazy, huh? 


So we're flying to the west coast this weekend for a conference and I am dreading the time change.  I just don't know how I'm going to cope with it when our sleep is already so awful.  Ugh.

atomicrocket's Avatar atomicrocket 08:48 AM 08-16-2011

lol, I wish I had seen this last night when I was up too.  I got up and ate a bunch of grapes and hung out on the couch for a while, but didn't open my laptop. 


I've tried to sleep with earplugs in, but I hate that they amplify the sound of my own breathing.  Right now I sleep with a fan on for white noise, which used to help me a lot, but now I can't seem to sleep no matter what. My DP also snores, but he snores pretty softly.  It didn't bother me much before I got pregnant since I would just sleep through it, but now it drives me nuts because I have to listen to it all night when I lay in bed awake. 


I'm going to try increasing my daily exercise and hope that helps me sleep a bit better.  We also purchased a nice new mattress on the weekend, which will arrive this Saturday.  Hopefully a comfier bed will help too.

JustSimplicity's Avatar JustSimplicity 11:52 PM 08-16-2011

Well I'm up at 1am...to throw up. Seriously, my stomach is playing vicious games with me. I'm puking my guts out and then my stomach is growling. I've been nauseated all day long for several weeks now and throwing up at least once a day. My limbs actually feel completely weak. I feel like I simply can't eat enough even though I'm eating all day and half the night. Ugh. I'm so ready to be done with this.