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Right of Passage's Avatar Right of Passage 02:06 PM 08-16-2011

So I was looking at baby sex predition stuff online and found this what does it say for you?


I put the approx or exact date of ovulation, and the in gave me a sign for each kiddo. Told me my boys were all girls, and womb rider is a boy.

What other gender prediction stuff have you done and what were the outcomes?

mtn.mama's Avatar mtn.mama 04:51 PM 08-16-2011

I did the iridology one, where you look at the veins in your left and right eyes.  It was spot on for carrying both a boy and a girl, heh.


mysweetfiona's Avatar mysweetfiona 05:55 PM 08-16-2011

And......how do we folks who never heard of that check? ;) thank you

mtn.mama's Avatar mtn.mama 06:08 PM 08-16-2011

Copied from another forum...


what you do is look at the whites of the eyes. get the pregnant woman to look upwards, as what you are looking for is two little blood vessels that appear below the iris. the blood vessels should look like little fish-hooks. there should be two of them, one at approximately 5 o'clock and one at seven o'clock. if they appear in the right eye, it's a girl on the way. if they appear in the left eye, it's a boy. if they appear in both eyes, your going to have twins (one of each), though if you aren't haveing twins and the fish-hooks still appear in both eyes, then the girl option overides. it's a girl!

adorabelle's Avatar adorabelle 06:29 PM 08-16-2011

The moon one says girl for us- no idea if it's true yet! I'm dying to do that pink or blue blood test!

mysweetfiona's Avatar mysweetfiona 08:27 AM 08-17-2011

Looking at my eyes myself, the best I could. I'm suppose to have fish hooks? What about a horseshoe in left? Or the light squiggly one in right?


I promise I'm not being difficult. shy.gif


Maybe it isn't a good tester for me. lol.gif

mysweetfiona's Avatar mysweetfiona 09:09 AM 08-17-2011

I would love for someone who already knows to take the Chinese Gender predictor, based on age and conception month. Dont know if I should say where I found a free one, but you can probably find it too.



These old wives tales are fun. But, so contradictive of eachother. I took two quizzes resulting in 63% boy/ 37% girl and the other was Girl. Then the Chinese one, resulting in Boy.



Seems like I could go on for days and continue to get both results. Quite a few questions couldn't really be answered accurately, for ex: I don't know how I'm carrying yet (high or low). And I don't know if my hair is shiny and wavy from my new shampoo/ or if it would be limp without it? Might have to revisit that quiz when I'm "carrying" more.

Right of Passage's Avatar Right of Passage 11:35 AM 08-17-2011

The chinese gender predictor said girls for my boys, and boy for this one.

I did the baking soda test: if it fizzes it's a boy, if it doesn't it's a girl. Mine didn't fizz.

I did the wedding ring test. Back and forth is boy, circles is girl. Mine went in circles.

Rin's Avatar Rin 09:03 PM 08-19-2011

fish hook eye test: girl, or twins (which I highly doubt!)

baking soda test: boy

ring test: inconclusive

husbands intuition: girl

My intutition: inconclusive

chinese gender predictor: Girl for DS, Girl for this one

We're not finding out for sure unless I can't take the anticpation so I guess we'll be surprised!

Right of Passage's Avatar Right of Passage 04:55 PM 08-24-2011

I found another test that is surprisingly consistent. http://preggot.blogspot.com/2008/09/pregnancy-post-ring-test-for-gender.html 

Reposting from the link as well


Okay, the last gender predictor didn't do too well. Are you ladies up for another?

This is a strange one, so get ready. A few years ago my friend introduced me to a technique for not just determining the gender of the baby you're pregnant with, but knowing the gender of all your kids. I generally don't like voo-doo stuff, if I don't know where the power comes from, it freaks me out. This technique told me that I would have two boys, a girl, and then stopped. I knew I would have more than 3 kids, so I disregarded it as nonsense. The crazy thing is, it told me the same thing every time I tried.

On my babycenter birth board, someone brought up this old ring-on-a-string test that I had tried four years ago. My first thought was, well that didn't work for me, I'm pregnant with my fourth and my third is definitely not a girl. But I decided to read on. Surprisingly there are four pages of people posting and I've only seen one that it didn't work for. One person posted saying, that significant life events could change the prediction of your children, which could explain why mine was wrong. Here is a link to the page on babycenter. The interesting thing about these great results is that they are only proven accurate for the past. My friend suggested that maybe our bodies have the capability to somehow affect the test because we already know what gender we've had. I don't know how it works, but I decided it was worth doing a Preggot test on it. I tried it first.

Here's how you do it:
Get a ring, and put it on a string. Hold the ends of the string with one hand, and put out the other hand palm up. (You must be sitting up with your hand out in front of you... you don't want your hand over your stomach)
Make sure the string isn't twisted so the ring isn't spinning.
Hold the ring at the level of your hand, just to the side of your hand and dip it below your hand level three times, then hold it above the center of your palm and wait until it has decided a pattern.

IF it is swinging back and forth, it is indicating boy, IF it is swinging in circles it is indicating girl.

Once it has indicated the gender, dip the ring on the side of your hand three more times and try again. Repeat until you dip the ring and it doesn't swing over your hand, that means it has indicated all the children you will have.

Note: This does include miscarriages. The strange thing is, for my miscarriage it never picked a gender.

Note2: I tried this in a reclined position (okay, okay, I was in the bath!) so my hand was over my belly. It wouldn't stop swinging in circles. There also is a test that you can do when you are already pregnant where you hold the ring over your belly and it will tell you the gender of that particular child. As soon as I sat up and put my hand out in front of me, it was neutral. Weird stuff!

So four years later I tried the test again, and got totally different results. Here is what I got:
#1 boy
#2- miscarriage, undecided- it circled then swung then circled, or something like that
#3 boy
#4 boy
#5 girl
#6 girl
I stopped there. I didn't want to know if there were any more children for me, I can't imagine being pregnant again, it makes me sicker just thinking about it! I'll deal with that later.

So it was right about my three boys, and if this one really is a girl, then it was right! I haven't tried it again yet, but when I did it four years ago it gave me the same result every time.

Try it! And please post your results to tell me if it was accurate for you so far. But PLEASE don't rely on the information about your future children, it was very wrong for me.