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What do you do for a living?    (and your DH?)

How do you feel about your job?

Do you ever think about adjusting or completely changing your career, and then to what?

How do children fit into your work life?


What inspires you?  :)

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I grow chickens and goats, and sometimes sheep and pigs.  I turn 20 gallons of milk a day (at peak) into yogurt, chevre, feta, cream cheese, cheddar, gouda, gruyere, parmesan, pepper jack, emmental, butter, buttermilk, cream, cream cheese and cajeta.  I harvest and package around 5 dozen eggs daily, raise birds for meat and butcher and package them, and I sell goats for meat and for milkers.


My hubby is guide and a pilot.  We have a big game guiding business and an air taxi that keeps him away from us on average 6 months per year.  Before I started farming (when the economy crashed and we needed help paying bills) we spent alot of time in the remote Alaskan bush together, even after our daughter was born.  Someday we'll go back to that, and maybe even move to the bush fulltime.


I love my job and DH loves his job.  Absolutely.  My Mom is our closest neighbor and she works alongside us.  My daughter is growing up doing it all.  Family affairs are what it's all about for us.  I would not want to have to work for someone else ever again, nor would I want to have to leave my home and family to do it.


I don't think I'll ever stop growing/gathering/hunting as much of our food as humanly possible.  And my husband will never quit guiding and flying.  But we might add some other things into the mix, like guided remote fishing trips or ecotourism, or teaching people to grow/gather/hunt food and build things by hand.


My daughter is barely four... she is wild and independent and tough.  She's teaching herself to write by copying the names of all our goats on the whiteboard in the milkhouse while I milk evening and night.  She watches as we take lives and use the animals for meat.  She's seen dozens of goats give birth, and seen some die in the process.  To her, it's all part of the circle of life... and it's so beautiful to watch her complete acceptance.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.


I'm inspired by all things as they should be.  I'm inspired by letting the world unfold gracefully.  I'm inspired by treasure mapping.  What really really makes me happy is spending time off farm with my family, harvesting berries and mushrooms, teaching about subsistence foods/rights, being part of the earth.

chicken3.gif   We're remote ECing, unschooling, free ranging goat dairy farmers.  

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mtn.mama, you rock.

me, i am an academic librarian.  this was actually a career change, of sorts.  i was a school librarian first, had to get another master's and do a whole bunch of additional coursework to make the change.  sometimes i wish i could go for a PhD in something a little different- educational history, to be precise. i have much love for radical education, specifically the modern schools.  that would be my area for research, if i did ever get the chance to go back.  it's not looking likely at this point, since as an academic librarian, i'm considered faculty (most places, not where i am currently) and wouldn't necessarily make more money when the whole deal was done.

i like where i am pretty much, though i am not as challenged nor do i get the fun part of buying books as i did at my previous positions.

we farm, too, but just for us.  dh is home with dd and the goats, chickens, cows, guineas, and worthless hounds.  he started & owned a business, which he sold when dd was 6 mos old.  he took her to work with him until then, wearing her in a moby wrap much of the time.  luxlove.gif

dd fits into my work life by the show being all mommy all the time when i get home, and on the weekends.  that's when dh does most of the farm stuff.  our roles are pretty genderfied for a house of feminists, but it just kind of works out that way.  he does cook and vacuum too, though. 


i get inspired by making stuff.  i am really super proud of what i see as emerging artistic talent from dd, as well.  she's really into colors and painting and we spend time on the weekends doing that.  it's pretty satisfying, and it just wrings my heart out how proud she is of the things she makes. 

we also live in the middle of nowhere and we love to look at the beauty around us.  i've always been the tree hugging sort, though. 

Is it getting lonely in the echo chamber yet?

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I work as a Business Administrator - between an Administrative Assistant and a Business Manager (I don't do any personal stuff: dry cleaning, personal scheduling, errands, etc work for my boss) - for the largest software company (I can't name the company or I'll legally liable for what I write here).

My DH works at the same company as a Director for the video game development side. I'm on the game console side and he's on the game development and content side. (Sorry to be so vague but if I were to complain about my job later and then became involved in a legal dispute, the post could be used against me, if I were to come out and say the name of the company. Or I would at least become a representative of the company in this forum.)


My job is okay for the time being. I'm not returning after maternity leave. I'm going to become a fulltime doula and childbirth educator. My DH's daughter (21) is moving out to live with us once the baby is born, so she'll be my child care when I'm on call. I want to get my Doctor's of Nursing Practice and CNM, then have a part time homebirth practice and do fulltime midwifery related research. I have barely any college, so lots of school is in order.


I've discovered within the past year that I'm really suited to do research. I'm enthralled reading about medical research studies and I'm inspired to improve the birthing options in the states and to educate women and their care providers. I find fetal development, birth, and neonatal development to be fascinating! I also think that birth is a beautiful thing.

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DD Seraphina born at home on 2/21/2012! 

"Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one."
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Originally Posted by FrannieM View Post

What do you do for a living?    (and your DH?)

How do you feel about your job?

Do you ever think about adjusting or completely changing your career, and then to what?

How do children fit into your work life?


What inspires you?  :)

We own a couple of stores and sell on our local ebay.


Mostly we love it but it is a lot of work and dealing with employees has not been easy.


If anything we hope to own more stores.


Hmm we don't know yet. In my mind they'll fit in perfectly but we'll see in febraury.


Money lol, nah just kidding, we love the idea of a family business and not working for anyone else but ourselves.



Mommy to our Twin Miracles babygirl.gifbabyboy.gif born on 29/1/12

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What do you do for a living?   I work at a bank opening accounts and assisting customers.  I also freelance write from home.


(and your DH?)  He is an executive chef at a restaurant.  It is nice because they are only open in the mornings and afternoons, so he's home after about 4 PM.  I think this will be great for when we have the baby!


How do you feel about your job? I used to be in management and stepped down because I knew I wanted less stress when I got pregnant, and I am so glad I did! I don't plan on returning to work after our baby is born.  I am tired of dealing with the public face to face!


Do you ever think about adjusting or completely changing your career, and then to what?  Yes! All the time I think about changing my career.  I really think being a stay at home mom will be ideal for me. 


How do children fit into your work life?  Our baby will be my work life :)


What inspires you?  :)  Simple living, being green, spending money wisely, beautiful things. 

J, mom to my baby girl born January 22, 2012!  babygirl.gif

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As of the past 9 months, I have been a SAHM. Prior to that, I was a hair stylist. We moved to Florida 9 months ago, and for whatever reason, I have not gone back to work. I love being with my son, but I also would like a break. Something part-time would be ideal. I still have to get my license here, so, that will take a little time. I think at this point, I will hold off. Knowing that I would be leaving clients in 6 months anyways. That's always hard. 
My husband is a CG Supervisor at a visual effects studio here in Florida. That is actually the reason why we moved back. We are from Florida, but moved out to California 11 years ago, because that is where the bulk of the studios are. This one just opened here. It is an existing studio (he was working at the one in Venice, Ca), and this is a new location. So, we jumped at the opportunity to get back to family.
Though, I am not a fan of the city we live in. It's ok, but not one of our preferred cities of choice.
I have only recently thought about changing careers. Probably because I am not doing anything right now. Before, I loved doing hair and never thought about changing. It's been a little hard after I had my son, because I became much more naturally minded, and that doesn't really mesh with being a hair stylist. We'll see where the future leads.
Right now, children fit into my "job" very easily. :) Even when I did hair, it was very accommodating to raising my son, since I made my own hours.
Lots of things inspire me (not good at these questions. most of the time, I can't even pick a favorite color on the spot). :)

Michele married to Dh since Dec 2000 and happily sharing a home with 3 kitties, 1 doggy, DS R born 8/25/09 into the arms of his mama, and DS E born 2/25/2012

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What do you do for a living?    

I'm a part time registered massage therapist - therapeutic and rehabilitative massage, and Dh is a heavy duty mechanic. 


How do you feel about your job? 

I love my job and my patients.  I'm a pretty creative problem solver, so I'm always reading up on new techniques or stretches to do with my patients.  I get a lot of people who see me specifically because they've never had the same treatment twice.  I'm definitely not good at relaxation massage - it bores me to tears.


Do you ever think about adjusting or completely changing your career, and then to what?

If I were to change, it would be to go back to school.  I originally wanted a career as a doctor in naturopathic medicine, but I ended up choosing a family life instead.  I knew I wanted to spend the majority of time at home with our children, but would still like the option of going back into the work force part time.  Massage therapy fits perfectly with that.  If I was to change when the kids are older, I'd reconsider naturopathy.


How do children fit into your work life?

I arrange my work life around my kids.  DH does shift work, so I only work a couple of shifts opposite of his.  This means that our children are either at home with mom or dad.  We're very lucky to have such accomodating work places that this suits us so well.  I find that if I dress up, put makeup on, leave the house for a couple hours working at my career, when I come home, I'm a more connected mom because I haven't been around them for awhile.  It works for us anyway.


What inspires you?

Beauty - in the kids expressions when they make a new discovery; in nature; in surrounding myself with pictures and objects connected to those I hold dearest to my heart.

Baby on my hip, preschooler on my lap, kindergartener climbing my back, bird on my shoulder, dog at my feet, DH holding us all together.  love.gif


stork-suprise.gif arriving Jun 2014

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What do you do for a living?

     I am a pediatric speech/language pathologist. When DD was born, I went back to work part time (2.5 days a week) when she was 6 months old. This past school year I worked 3 full days/week. Then after much discussion with DH, we decided that it was time for me to resign from my position from the school district in order to stay at home. We knew we wanted to be pregnant again soon and since I was on bedrest for so long with DD, I didn't want the stress of working while pregnant with this one. Plus daycare for two kids would have been my entire salary working part-time, so it wouldn't even have made sense for me to keep working unless I went full-time, something I absolutely did NOT want to do. After some number crunching, we came up with a plan to make life work with one income.

     DH is an administrator at one of the campuses of the University of California. He's currently working on his Ph.D. in Higher Education, so he's a super busy dude. Luckily his office is within walking distance, so he often is able to come home for lunch :) 


How do you feel about your job?

     I love my job. In fact, I am really going to miss it. 


Do you ever think about adjusting or completely changing your career, and then to what?

     No, not after the amount of years of school and student loans, haha! But really, being a SLP has worked out very well. SLPs are in very high demand, so I know that when it is time for me to go back to work--whether that's part-time or full-time--I will not have trouble finding a position. 


How do children fit into your work life?

     At this point, taking care of DD is my job :)


What inspires you?

     Finding new ways to live more naturally, spending time with like-minded mamas, watching my DD learn new things and gain new skills... 





Wife to my heartbeat.gifDHheartbeat.gif since 2002, and mama to my AMAZING little girls (2/2009 & 3/2012), a sweet little angel1.gif in heaven (3/2008) and hoping for another healthybabyf.gif 1/20/2015!    
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What do you do for a living?    (and your DH?

I am a CPM (midwife) not currently practicing. I took some time off of being on call 24-7 when I got married a year ago and was just about to start back at it when I got pregnant...woops!  So, for the time being I am waiting tables! Woot, woot. My hubby is in school, and will be for the next 5-6 years. Meanwhile hes waiting tables part time too...


How do you feel about your job? Um, waiting tables is not a bad job. I can almost completely pick my own hours and decide how much $$ I want to make by how many shifts I pick up. It pays the bills if i work hard enough so I really can't complain. However, its really difficult NOT doing what I love to do and have a passion for (midwifery).


Do you ever think about adjusting or completely changing your career, and then to what? I'm hoping to start this baby catching business again full time after I have this babes :) Eventually, hubby and I are hoping to be overseas working in the bush of Africa, spreading some Hope through Jesus. Preferably in the community health area, training midwives to train midwives and such.


How do children fit into your work life? We'll see about that!


What inspires you?  A great birth!

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What do you do for a living?    

I am a full-time student in IT-Security, trying to get by on TANF and the VA until I further my education enough to get a decent job in the field.  I will have to go back to work after the baby is born since DHS only allows you one year as a full-time student, even though I'm still 2 years out from my BS.  Well, at least I've got the Associate's under my belt so maybe I can land an internship somewhere.



How do you feel about your job?

My chosen career is not precisely what I would call my dream.  I'd actually still love to be a therapist or domestic violence counselor, but I have military experience in the computer field and I've just always been the typical techie-geek.  I'm going with what I know, and someday I will be stable enough to lift myself and my kids up and off "the system."  To me, I had to give up on a career being what you want to do, and accepted that as long as you can do it well and you don't totally loathe it, it's better than just having a "job."


Do you ever think about adjusting or completely changing your career, and then to what?

Sometimes I daydream.... if I won the lottery and could do what I WANT... I would probably be a midwife or work in a field closely associated with midwifery.  If I ever become able to just follow my heart then I would, as I said, likely work in assisting DV victims in rebuilding their lives, getting through their trauma and becoming healthy.


How do children fit into your work life?

I haven't worked since I was pregnant with Lil' Man, in 2008.  I concentrated on my education, and then on rebuilding my own life following domestic violence.  Now, faced with returning to work, this time as a single mom with FOUR kids, one of which will be a newborn, I am slightly terrified.  How do these Mamas do it???  I am overwhelmed sometimes just being a student mama.  I will have to adjust to being a full-time mama, a full-time student and probably a full-time employee. 


What inspires you?

My children.  They rely on me completely.  Their father is in jail and not a part of their lives at all.  The new baby is fatherless as well.  There is no one but me for these little angels.  They have faith in me, they believe Mama is gonna do the right thing and they simply know each day without question that their needs will be met.  Sometimes I feel like I am going to fall apart, but I hold it together for them.  love.gif

)O(   Far-away Mama to: Pooka (16)...Alex (14)...Mickie-Lamb (13)...Solo Mama to: Punkin' Seed (8)...Tootsie Pop (6)...Lil' Man (3) and a yikes2.gif due February 2012

~~~~ribbonpurple.gifDV Survivor/Fibroribbonpurple.gif~~~~ 


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Love being a midwife - do you know where in Africa you hope to live?  My Dh is from Kenya and I've lived in South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania - we hope to move back to East Africa soon!



What do you do for a living?  I am currently working as a resident director at a small University where my DH did his graduate studies.  We live in an apartment in the undergraduate dorm and I work 25 hours a week to oversee the building, supervise a staff of 5 student, plan programs, deal with disciplinary issues, etc.  My building has international students and I also teach a one credit course on cultural issue for all the students living in intentional international halls.


How do you feel about your job? To be honest, we found out I was pg right before DH was planning to start grad school and I only applied for this job because I knew the hours would be flexible and the benefits were great so I wouldn't have to work full time (we get free housing, internet, phone, utilites, and a full meal plan although I rarely use it cuz i love to cook).  However, I really enjoy my job - it's not something I would make a long term career out of and it does get frustrating to live in an undergraduate dorm sometimes - but I LOVE living in a community while I have young children.  All my coworkers live a short walk away and several of them have kids.  My schedule is so flexible and my office is in my apt, I work a lot while DD is sleeping or DH is home or she just comes along with me.  she's only in childcare about 10 hrs a week even though I work 25.  I really enjoy getting to know the international students and teaching the class.


Do you ever think about adjusting or completely changing your career, and then to what?  Yes, I started a small "upcycling" business over the summer (reusing secondhand materials to make new things - i LOVE to sew) and I am also working with some friends to start a business in Kenya selling mama cloth, cloth diapers, and upcycled children's items.  Right now it's still small - I collect donations and pay a Kenyan woman to make pads out of secondhand materials, then those are donated to orphans or vulnerable young women who don't have access to pads.  I'm in the process of training her how to make cloth diapers.  It's been hard to try to get it started from the US, but we hope to move back to East Africa soon and I would love to focus on building up that business - the main purpose of the business is to provide positive employment opportunities to poor and vulnerable women and to introduce more eco-friendly products into the local market.   I've also thought about getting  a phD in intercultural studies in the distant future (5-10 years when we are done having kids and they are older) and teaching because I really enjoy my small class I teach now.


How do children fit into your work life? I think I covered this of the main reasons I love my job is because I can be with DD so much, but I'm not sure if I'll continue another year once I have this baby.  I would love to be at home full time and be able to focus on my children and small business


What inspires you?  My husband and daughter, finding new uses for old items, living simply, great relationships, stories of hope and resilience


Loving wife to DH and buddamomimg1.pngmama to DD (11/08) and DS (2/12)

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bluedaisy- (late reply, sorry)- NO idea where we'll end up to be honest! I've been in east Africa mostly, hubby has been in the DRC but it'll be a while yet so we're just going with the flow for now!

 Sounds like you have an OPTIMAL situation going for you with your job and all! Awesome for you!

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What do you do for a living?    (and your DH?)

I just got my CPM and LM for Florida in late September, but I haven't officially started practicing yet - still trying to get my office set up :)  DH was a firefighter but stopped working almost 2 years ago so he could take care of the kids while I was finishing school.


How do you feel about your job?

Great so far, LOL!  Nah, I am excited to start taking clients in the near future, I have only been to 1 birth since finishing my clinicals in June, so I am definitely missing the action right now.


Do you ever think about adjusting or completely changing your career, and then to what?

No, since I am just starting my career :)


How do children fit into your work life?

It is a very interesting situation being a midwife and having small kids at home - luckily my family got to experience what it would be like while I was a student, as I had to attend births over the last 3.5 years.  


What inspires you?  :)

My family, hearing birth stories, stuff like that.

Married to Tom partners.gif since 2001, mom to 4 boys and our first girl born Feb. 19, 2012!

Florida licensed midwife and CPM

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What do you do for a living?  I am a certified lactation counselor for the Florida Department of Health. Basically I educate prenatal clients in the WIC program about the benefits of breastfeeding, teach breastfeeding education classes, support new moms with breastfeeding challenges and concerns.. and counsel on all things breastfeeding.


 (and your DH?) He is a restaurant manager. Not nearly as exciting ;) (hehe jk)


How do you feel about your job? I love my job. Sometimes it is challenging as the majority of my clients concerns with BFing are caused by hospital practices and lack of support. It is frustrating at times having to always "fix" what someone else screwed up by not listening to moms and supporting them. But at the same time, it is ridiculously rewarding knowing that I'm helping people give their babies the best nutrition. 


Do you ever think about adjusting or completely changing your career, and then to what? I'm slowly in the process of not necessarily changing, but expanding. I am distance certifying through CAPPA to become a birth doula and childbirth educator and working on my pre-reqs to attend midwifery school. No rush though, I'd like to be a midwife when my youngest are a bit older. I figure we'll have one more baby then I'll really get working on all of this stuff. In the meantime though I am pleased with what I do. 


How do children fit into your work life? I'm not going to lie, as much as I love my job, I miss staying at home full time with my babies. My job is very flexible and allows newborns who are breastfeeding to be brought to work with you for 6 months. Other than that, DH and I work separate shifts and I work PT and some from home.. so that I am still here the majority of the time. 


What inspires you?  :) My kids, and everything I've learned from them along the way. Slowing down, simplifying and enjoying every day with them. It gives me the motivation to help other people. 

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Jesse, mama to my three wonderful boys, our newest born at home late Jan 2012 luxlove.gif





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oH, midwifery is my love, my addiction, gives me meaning & joy. Nursing is what I do, only when we need more income! I regard nursing & Midwifery as totally separate.

Our children are grown and gone, the youngest being 19 & full time in college.

Karen Benfield, CNM & Owner of BirthTender Midwifery

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