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Alright, I'm 28 weeks pregnant, this is our first. I have a small build, but am set on seriously attempting a natural unmediated birth. So far I've had an almost perfect pregnancy, blood pressure, weight gain, urine samples, the works all have been fine.


Starting in early to mid Oct I had some pretty severe pains. I'd had round ligament pain occasionally, when I stood up to fast to something, and it wasn't this bad, intense, or persistent. Since Oct I've had these pains about once a week, lasting for few days. At my next apt in early Nov we asked and were assured they were just round ligament pains and 100% normal. So I tried to ignore them, and work through them. And didn't think about it again. Until yesterday when I spotted slightly.


I hadn't spotted at all the first trimester, and knew sometimes it happens, most likely nothing to be worried about. But I called the doctor anyways, was told to leave a message with the on call nurse and she's call me back before the end of the day. Three hours later, and 5 mins before they close, they call me back and give me a scripted response about going to the ER if it gets worse, or calling back in the morning, no follow up questions or anything. Which probably would have been fine for me, if I hadn't sat there for 3 hours getting more worried even though I knew it was probably nothing. I was going to wait, but my mom and husband convinced me to go to the ER at about 9pm, since the pain was still bad.


At the ER, they evidently thought I might be in labor, though had they asked, I'd have told them I didn't think I was in labor. They hooked me up to a machine that I thought was just to monitor the fetal heart rate, but apparently also checks for contractions. So I sit there for 2 hours, thinking I'm waiting for the doctor to come ask me questions, when the nurse comes in and declares me not in labor, and says I can go home. I tell her I didn't think I was in labor, and she looked at me funny and told me the baby seemed fine. I was tired and irritated so I just went home.


I woke up at 6am to go to the bathroom and was spotting again, this time heavy enough for it to show up on my liner, and it went on for about 2 hours. So 9am rolls around and the women's clinic opens, and I call and tell them I'm still in pain, and had spotted again. They agree to see me at 10:30. We get there and they seem to listen this time, when my husband and I explain how bad the pain is, that it's sometimes immobilizes me, and I need help moving around sometimes, and agree that it shouldn't be that severe. They check the position of the placenta and do an exam. Decide I'm not at a higher risk to go into preterm labor within the next two weeks. But they don't know what could cause my pain, that it still seems most likely round ligament pain, just more severe, and that they can't do anything for me. I'm not on bed rest due to blood clot risks, but they don't want me doing chores either. I have another apt Tuesday. The pain is in a large area around my belly button and between my hips, all the way down to my pelvic bone, it's tender to the touch and hurts whenever I do anything, and sometimes even when I'm not doing anything.


And my GD Question. Aside from the pain, I haven't had any issues, and am not at a higher risk for gestational diabetes, and had planned on refusing the oral glucose tolerance test, because I've always had some hypoglycemia issues and have it well managed with diet, and have been more than willing to let them test me if I started to have issues or symptoms. I don't see how this pain could be related to that, but I'm all frazzled and worried and second guessing myself.

So here's the issue, with my blood sugar issues already, and that we're night shift and my apt is early morning, I'll be waking up in the middle of my sleep cycle to do this. I'm very sure it's going to make me sick, and then I'll be miserable for hours after wards, and this is all assuming I can keep it down for them to do the test. I just really didn't see the need to make myself that uncomfortable without cause.


Can't I opt for them to check my glucose with a blood sample, instead? Then if there is reasonable concern I can take the orange drink test.


Also added question: I've been leaking colostrum for a while now, since about month 3 or 4. And this week it's gone from mostly clear to very white/milky colored, is this normal?


Thanks for reading, I know it's long. Thanks for any advice or support.


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What you're describing does not sound like round ligament pain. You need to be very specific, they need to figure out why you're bleeding and why you're hurting.

You can opt any test including the OGTT.

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That doesn't sound like round ligament pain to me.  But, I guess it is possible that it is severe round ligament pain.  My experience with round ligament pain is that it is really low below my belly or along the side of my belly.  It's never been all over though at times when it was really bad it made me wince to move though my muscles never hurt to touch.  Round ligament pain wouldn't cause bleeding though. 


Bleeding is coming from inside your uterus or vagina while round ligament pain comes from the ligaments supporting your uterus.  Did they do an ultrasound?  If not, I would plan to have one done if the bleeding continues. 


Sorry you aren't getting the information or support you need right now.  GL.



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I'm not sure about the others (other than that not sounding like any round ligament pain I've ever felt, i agree with pp) but as a CLC, I can tell you the leaking is completely normal sounding to me. I wouldn't try to squeeze any out or anything though considering your spotting issue as breast stimulation can trigger uterine contractions, but the color and consistency sound fine. It really varies from woman to woman.

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Thank you guys for the responses. My mom was worried to since it didn't sound like round ligament pain to her either. 

They did not do an ultrasound, only a vaginal exam, basically just to check if my cervix was dilating at all. It seems like they are only concerned with be going into labor, which I agree would be a bad thing, but it's not something I feel like is a major concern right now. 


Someone I talked with, don't really know her that well, told me that it sounded like when she had plecenta abruption(?). So I'm planning on taking it real easy this week, and Tuesday, unless it gets worse, I'll asked about that and about a in depth ultrasound, and that we'll pay for it out of pocket if we have to.


I'm not spotting anymore right now, it was very very light yesterday and today it stopped after a couple hours, though it was heavier than yesterday. They seemed to disregard the bleeding when they found out we'd had sex, though that was several days ago now and we weren't rough or anything, in fact it was easier than normal. 


If the pain gets worse or I start spotting again, I'll call back again and tell them I want an ultrasound. Otherwise, we'll try to wait till Tuesday.


Thanks mamanoish, I figured it was normal, but thought while I was asking questions I might as well ask that one.

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