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naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 12:23 PM 12-11-2011

Anyone had or having a birth photographer? My heart really wants one, my pocket book not so much. I didn't with my first 2 and I really wish I had more pictures of their amazing births. I am leaning towards having one, heavily leaning, but I have to pay for my mw out of pocket also so it adds up.


Lovebeingamidwife's Avatar Lovebeingamidwife 11:03 PM 12-13-2011

I'm with you on this one! Every part of me wants one except the bank account... For now I'm going to have to do w/o and I'll be ok with that.

Hope you get it this time!

slimkins's Avatar slimkins 08:02 AM 12-14-2011

I really wanted one for this birth. And the girl that I talked to was going to give me a little bit of a discount, so, she could use some of the photos. The only problem is I haven't talked to her in about a month or two, and nothing has been contracted. I've tried contacting her several times since, and have heard nothing back. I'm thinking it's not gonna work out. I'm bummed, too, cause I don't think there are any other photographers in this area that do birth photography. :(

Boo! And I even got my husband on board with it.

naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 10:52 AM 12-15-2011

I was lucky and had 2 great ones to choose from...yes I decided to do it! Thankfully I have been squirreling away money for the midwife so that is pretty much to save for the photographer. It helped that my husband went on a "boys trip" this past fall and spent about equivalent to what the photographer costs. It keeps him quiet and agreeable. winky.gif

slimkins's Avatar slimkins 11:10 AM 12-15-2011

Awesome, Naturegirl. I'm super happy for you.


Well, desperation set in, and since the original photog was such a flake, I started googling again. And low and behold, a local wedding/newborn photographer had just recently blogged birth photos of one of her relatives that she did. And turns out, they are far better than ones done by the original photographer I had found.

I emailed her last night, and she got back to me this morning. One thing I was worried about is the price, but luckily she is affordable. Just have to run it by my husband tonight, but I think *hope* this will all work out.


I always love seeing people's professional birth photos.

slimkins's Avatar slimkins 07:27 AM 01-09-2012

I have a meeting with my birth photographer tomorrow. :)

Very excited, and she seems super nice. Now, I will just have to hope that labor runs in an "orderly" and "timely" manner (to keep costs down). haha!!

Gunter's Avatar Gunter 06:40 PM 01-12-2012

glad it is going to work out for you, slimkins. 


my friend is a birth photographer but i don't know if i have space for her when i am in labor and giving birth.  she's so understanding and we talked about it.  she said that she would come over whenever i wanted her to, even three hours after the birth when other people have left and do first day photos.  but, i do want pics of the births.  hopefully, we'll talk to one of our attendants about taking pictures. 

Right of Passage's Avatar Right of Passage 07:06 PM 01-12-2012

I for sure have a birth photographer. Lets just hope she makes it!

Lovebeingamidwife's Avatar Lovebeingamidwife 08:48 PM 03-03-2012

So, my sister (a pro photographer) ended up coming here for 'vacation'. Her kids had spring break and their other vacation plans fell through so they packed up and got a hotel at the oceanfront for a week and a half waiting for the baby to come. She was my only hope for decent pictures but I had given up on the idea until a week before I was due she said 'we're coming!'. She ended up staying an extra day and keeping her kids out of school another day since I went 11 days overdue. She was able to be there for the birth and then left a few hours later for the 12 hour drive back home. And  she got some AMAZING pictures!! Such an unexpected blessing! And she was just as excited to do it for me as I was to have them!