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mtn.mama's Avatar mtn.mama 12:33 PM 12-11-2011

The title says it all... I had a contraction that I couldn't walk through last night... definitely got my attention.  Feeling good today after a long nights sleep.  Tell those babies to stay put, mamas!

ozzyemm's Avatar ozzyemm 08:14 PM 12-11-2011

Wow!  I have had some discomfort, and I think some BH, but nothing big yet.  Stay put!!!  Remember to drink your water mtn mama!

Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 11:03 PM 12-11-2011
Ive had two big contractions that hurt so bad I had to bend over. Both happened after i had over exuded myself Christmas shopping. Super scary.
bluedaisy's Avatar bluedaisy 11:36 AM 12-12-2011

I haven't had any painful contractions but had a very stressful/busy day on Friday and ended up having contractions every few minutes for about an hour....just a Braxton Hicks pressure feeling, no pain, but it was still scary that they were coming so often when I've had hardly any BH yet this pregnancy.  Definitely a good reminder to try to take things easy!

slimkins's Avatar slimkins 05:47 PM 12-12-2011

mtn.mama, are you still doing most or all the heavy lifting on your farm? If so, I hope you can get some help, or slow down a bit.

Kaydove's Avatar Kaydove 06:10 PM 12-14-2011

I had 2-3 painful contractions when my DH almost died from bleeding out when his scabs feel off from his tonsilectomy. Super scary! He's part of the 2-3% of people whose Carotid artery runs into his tonsils, so when he had them removed and then a week later when the scabs feel off he started bleeding out. The last thing we needed was for me to go into labour! Thank god that they stopped after I eat something and had some water.

My midwife said that it was a good sign and that my uterus was prepping for labour, as long as I don't have more than 10 an hour (I think that's what she said).

bluedaisy's Avatar bluedaisy 07:17 PM 12-14-2011

Kaydove - OMG how scary!  Both about your DH almost dying and thinking you would go into premature labor.  I am so glad your DH is ok and so are you and your baby!

parsley's Avatar parsley 07:56 AM 12-15-2011

Kaydove - that sounds really scary.  Hope you all are doing ok!

mtn.mama's Avatar mtn.mama 03:53 PM 12-15-2011

sending you peace, kaydove.


my hubby is home this month so he's been doing most all of the heavy lifting.  i've had more rest this week that i've had in the entire pregnancy.  not sure what that one REAL contraction was about... but last night i had back to back to back to back to back tightenings all the way from my ribs to the middle of my thighs.  i was a little worried, but had DH bring me a bunch of mag plus skullcap plus valerian and i went to sleep.

mamanoish's Avatar mamanoish 04:51 PM 12-15-2011

Kaydove- Definitely a scary situation!! Thinking of you guys.


I had a few huge contractions about 2 months ago (which was super, super scary) and it was from over doing it. I was playing baseball with my oldest DS and all of the sudden I felt like I was going into labor. I drank some water and sat down for the rest of the day. Will not make that mistake again!!


I do notice pretty regular BH now, but they are not strong/painful at all. I think I am just super aware of them as this is my third baby. 

atomicrocket's Avatar atomicrocket 08:45 AM 12-16-2011

Yikes kaydove - I'm glad you and your dh are doing better and hope you have no more scares!


I haven't had any real contractions yet, but I have (finally) started to notice some BH.  It's weird though, I only seem to notice them when I get out of bed in the morning, or after I cough or sneeze.  It's like my uterus is tightening up in protest of sudden movement.

slimkins's Avatar slimkins 12:30 PM 12-16-2011

Kaydove, that does sound really scary. I can't even imagine figuring out what is happening. And it must have really upset his stomach, too.


mtn.mama, glad you are getting more rest, but sorry to hear you had more tightening. Hope whatever it is goes away, and you stay nice and relaxed.

Gunter's Avatar Gunter 11:08 PM 12-17-2011

i had two afternoons this week with 30-40 mins of BHs.  They were intense.  I was well rested, hydrated, not stressed, etc.  I even got a massage the night after the first ones and then did prenatal yoga class the next morning but had them again.  Hmmnn...


So, all I have to blame is so much RRL leaf tea- I was having about 3 servings per day of it.  I stopped drinking it and haven't had a single BH.  With my history of going early, I don't want the added intensity of BH at this point.  Anyone else see a connection with RRL tea? 

Kaydove's Avatar Kaydove 11:08 PM 12-18-2011

We're doing much better now. Thanks everyone for the concern and well wishes. :) Just gearing up for the move.


I had a contraction while I was going to the bathroom today, which has happened before. Just one though so I didn't think anything of it. Wondering if going number 2 has anything to do with it...