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February 2012 > Car Seat Time: Graco Snugride OR Chico Keyfit 30 and Subaru Outback?
LadyMag's Avatar LadyMag 03:30 PM 12-30-2011

Anyone else have either combination?


We have one of each (hand me downs from friends whose DCs recently outgrew them).



parsley's Avatar parsley 04:19 PM 12-30-2011

We gave away our Graco when DD was one.  She... and we... hated it. 


We bought a Chico Keyfit 30 for this baby.  It had great reviews for safety and comfort.

LiLStar's Avatar LiLStar 04:32 PM 12-30-2011
I love how ridiculously easy the keyfit is to install. LOVE!

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adorabelle's Avatar adorabelle 07:50 PM 12-30-2011

We got the Keyfit too; the safety is the reason we went with that one.  I wish I had more advice for you about the fit in the car. 

Jaysmylilpunkin's Avatar Jaysmylilpunkin 12:58 AM 12-31-2011

Babies R Us should let you try the car seats in your car to see if they fit.

 I would buy an infant bucket seat at all, but that's just my opinion. We did that with our first child and were able to use it for our second, but now it's expired so we have to buy something. We are going to go with a Britax convertible seat. I guess I don't understand spending $150 on a bucket seat that you can use for a year, and then spending $300 on a convertible seat once they are too big for the bucket seat! Especially if you are wearing baby instead of putting the bucket seat in a stroller or something. BUT that's just my opinion!

ozzyemm's Avatar ozzyemm 08:59 AM 12-31-2011

We have two convertible seats we have been using for Michael, that we will probably give to the baby.  I cant remember the name of the one, but the other is a Radian, and has a base, which we have never used, obv..  I think we might just be buying a booster for Michael (he's 6), since they are cheaper anyway.