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FrannieM's Avatar FrannieM 09:14 AM 01-19-2012

I cant believe it. After chiropracter visits, moxatherapy (accupressure) and not one but TWO attempts at external version (way way way intense) we just succeeded in flipping the baby. I am THRILLED. But also incredulous.

parsley's Avatar parsley 09:31 AM 01-19-2012

Frannie!  That's awesome.  Congrats!

hildare's Avatar hildare 09:49 AM 01-19-2012

put on a girdle and do some squats!!!!!  hooray!!!!!! 

atomicrocket's Avatar atomicrocket 10:00 AM 01-19-2012

Yay Frannie!  That is such great news!

Kaydove's Avatar Kaydove 10:31 AM 01-19-2012

Congrats!!!!! Baby you stay head down! Do squats so he/she can get nice and comfy in your pelvis!

GoddessKristie's Avatar GoddessKristie 10:32 AM 01-19-2012

Oh this is such great news!!!! YAY!!


krjt's Avatar krjt 10:48 AM 01-19-2012

What a relief!  Way to go.  I forget when you are due... ?

frogautumn's Avatar frogautumn 11:53 AM 01-19-2012

Awesome news! joy.gifthumb.gifbroc1.gif

1blueheron's Avatar 1blueheron 01:07 PM 01-19-2012


slimkins's Avatar slimkins 01:56 PM 01-19-2012

Congrats!!! And I think she is due in just over a week. 

Right of Passage's Avatar Right of Passage 02:19 PM 01-19-2012

Good job mama and baby! 

TeamGR's Avatar TeamGR 02:39 PM 01-19-2012

Hooray!!!   joy.gifbiggrinbounce.gifthumbsup.gif

Gunter's Avatar Gunter 06:28 PM 01-19-2012

Yay, Frannie!  We were all rooting for you.  You are a hard working mama.  I think it's so great to see how our babies will work WITH us even while they are still in the womb, sometimes.  Sometimes they won't and that's the same that is true for the outside, too, eh?  But, what an awesome experience to have her turn!

Originally Posted by hildare View Post

put on a girdle and do some squats!!!!!  hooray!!!!!! 

ITA with hildare.  wrap the top of your fundus every single day so she'll stay down. 

FrannieM's Avatar FrannieM 09:00 AM 01-20-2012

Yep, I am 39 weeks tomorrow.  it was insanely late to still try a baby flip.  But we all worked as such a team - two midwives, my baby, myself, and my husband.  It was amazing.  I am looking forward to birth now :)

I JUST got back from the midwife, a paranoid visit just to check that that baby is still down.  Baby is, and head is starting to engage.  I think I can really relax this weekend.


Thanks for all your support mamas!  I think positive thinking had a BIG influence on this miracle, so thank you ALL.

mtn.mama's Avatar mtn.mama 12:29 PM 01-20-2012

YEAH!  Great news... I'm so happy for you Frannie...