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Ardent's Avatar Ardent 08:26 PM 07-28-2011

What great scan results, cameragirl and momathomas!

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 11:13 PM 07-28-2011
Thank you. smile.gif Here's my little gummy bear, hanging out upside down.

mollsworth's Avatar mollsworth 11:16 PM 07-28-2011

Love those gummy bears!!! thumbsup.gif

Ardent's Avatar Ardent 04:54 PM 08-03-2011

Scan today showed a 6w3d embryo, heartbeat has ceased.  I should have been 8w1d.  This pregnancy is over for me.  Good luck all. 

bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 04:59 PM 08-03-2011

I'm so sorry for your loss.

ChiaraRose's Avatar ChiaraRose 05:02 PM 08-03-2011

All these losses break my heart! I am so sorry for you Ardent. This is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!

bankamundi's Avatar bankamundi 05:58 PM 08-03-2011

I just read through this whole thread and I was really rooting for you, Ardent.  Best of luck to you, and I am so sorry for your loss.


me: 5 w 6 days, going in for first ultrasound at 7 weeks on August 11th.   I think I'll feel safe when the baby is in my arms, but a lot safer at 13 weeks.

I've had 1 loss, maybe more that were "late" periods, not sure...I have one 10 year old dd.


can't wait to know something. Anything.

biffer's Avatar biffer 07:00 PM 08-03-2011

Oh Ardent I'm so sorry hug2.gif

8inTulgeyWood's Avatar 8inTulgeyWood 09:37 PM 08-03-2011

So sorry, Ardent.  So sorry to all the Mamas that have ever lost a baby.

sagewinna's Avatar sagewinna 09:45 PM 08-03-2011

Ardent, I am so sorry for your loss. My 2 losses were like that, finding out at the ultrasound that the baby had passed and measures 6 1/2 weeks. The pregnancy and birth loss forum here was a wealth of information and support for me, you might want to check it out.


Our Dr. appt is Friday afternoon. I almost feel like I am waiting to find out if I am pregnant, is the baby alive or not?

mamathomas's Avatar mamathomas 08:25 AM 08-04-2011

Ardent I'm so, so sorry. hug2.gif


Sagewinna and the rest of the mamas waiting to hear, I'm thinking positive thoughts for all of you :)

Kyamo's Avatar Kyamo 09:43 AM 08-04-2011

 I'm so sorry to those of you who had bad news.  

I had my first US today, 9wks 1 day.  There was a heartbeat!  joy.gif   167 bpm and length is measuring 9wks 3 days. 

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 01:44 PM 08-05-2011
Is anyone else still feeling that this is all so surreal? I've had two ultrasounds that had good results, but it just doesn't feel real yet. My belly is growing, I have plenty of symptoms, and it is real. With the miscarriage no corpus luteum was seen on ultrasound, and this time it was clear and obviously working like it should. I can tell that relaxin is kicking in some, because I'm not groaning from being stiff when I roll out of bed in the morning.

After losing one, though, it just feels like we're going through the motions sometimes. When does it feel real? We both want this baby and are happy about the pregnancy, but we're guarded because the pain of the miscarriage is fresh. There wasn't much time to grieve - I got pregnant before I had a full cycle. My husband ordered a beautiful pendant in remembrance of our lost babe, but I feel funny wearing it right now, too.
CassnBeth's Avatar CassnBeth 06:56 PM 08-05-2011

I'm still in the surreal boat too. You'll notice I hardly ever post but I read every day. *sigh*


I am trying to force myself to get a grip and have some confidence by August 23rd when I finish my 12th week. I'm not sure I will ever get to be pregnant again and I really really want to get a chance to enjoy it. I can't wait to be able to feel movement; I think that will really help. And we're going to go for an elective 3D scan somewhere around 18 weeks. We did that with DD and it really helped her seem like a real baby we would get to take home.

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 07:04 PM 08-05-2011
I think that we'll go in for an elective u/s around 16-18 weeks to find out the gender. That is, if my doctor does not plan on doing a scan around then. She mentioned doing a few more than normal because they are so unsure of what my medical condition means for the pregnancy. (Nobody can see any issues aside from spasms being uncomfortable, but there is a lot of CYA.) I think that scan will help it feel more real.
bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 09:59 PM 08-05-2011

"Going through the motions" hits the nail on the head. I know I'm pregnant. I have some symptoms... I've had an ultrasound / heard heartbeat.... I can feel the fundus. Still doesn't feel real.

biffer's Avatar biffer 10:21 AM 08-06-2011

Yeah add me to the going through the motions group. It is really hard to get connected and excited. I have my next US August 31st so hopefully that will help make it real.


Sagewinna: How did it go yesterday?

sagewinna's Avatar sagewinna 11:03 AM 08-06-2011

We had a heartbeat and everything looked good, much to my disbelief! Just... I did not expect anything besides what happened the past 2 times, yk? My Dr. asked if we were going to have another homebirth and I told her I hadn't thought that far at all!


CassnBeth's Avatar CassnBeth 06:36 PM 08-06-2011

I'm so happy for you, Sagewinna! I had a similar moment with my Doc where he asked something about my wife's role during the birth and I was like, "uh...we haven't gotten anywhere near that topic yet." I think I left the poor man with the impression my wife wasn't excited about the baby -- whoops!

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 08:31 PM 08-07-2011
I think I finally got it! It was around 145, so unless my heart was racing, sounds like it was the gummy bear! Which reminds me...I was browsing dopplers, and found a vaginal doppler probe used for ER's and doctors offices when it is too early for external doppler but u/s is not needed. The probe comes in a kit and costs $800! Ouch! It can pick up the heart beat much earlier, but the price...wow.
LalaithYamainu's Avatar LalaithYamainu 03:04 PM 08-09-2011

I've not had a miscarriage before, but after three years of infertility... I keep thinking I'm gonna get to the doc and find out it's all in my head.  It doesn't feel real at all.  Hopefully tomorrow's ultrasound will help it sink in - I'm so excited!  

sagewinna's Avatar sagewinna 04:46 PM 08-09-2011

It's funny because the ultrasound made it real for about 24 hours, then the doubt crept back in... *sigh*

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 11:59 PM 08-10-2011
We have a definite heart beat on the doppler! Yay! It is faint and the doppler didn't measure it, but it is at a nice and healthy gallop. I think the placenta is on the right this time. If I move the probe over ever so slightly, I hear whoosh whoosh whoosh. Move it a little more, and I hear my heart beat. DH and DD got to hear it, too. joy.gif
lilkat's Avatar lilkat 08:23 AM 08-11-2011

Originally Posted by cameragirl View Post

We have a definite heart beat on the doppler! Yay! It is faint and the doppler didn't measure it, but it is at a nice and healthy gallop. I think the placenta is on the right this time. If I move the probe over ever so slightly, I hear whoosh whoosh whoosh. Move it a little more, and I hear my heart beat. DH and DD got to hear it, too. joy.gif

Yay! BEST sound in the world :D

LalaithYamainu's Avatar LalaithYamainu 11:27 AM 08-11-2011

Healthy heart beat!   DH managed to record it on his phone... soooo cool!!!!

GrowingPeaPod's Avatar GrowingPeaPod 09:49 PM 08-12-2011

So had my first midwife appointment today and even though she was not able to pin point the heart beat for very long she did find it the first time and she went to turn up the volume and she lost it and found it again and I think i heard it but she had a hard time keeping it steady but I go back next week and she said we should be able to hear it alot more clearly. YAY :) Did not realize how relived it made me feel to hear it.

bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 08:05 AM 08-13-2011

Congrats to all the recent HB finders!!

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