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AmBam's Avatar AmBam 08:56 PM 07-05-2011

So I got a very faint positive Sunday morning. I had been testing for a few days previous and they'd all been BFN's. When I got my faint BFP on Sunday I was super excited. Today I took a Clear Blue digital just to confirm and got "NOT PREGNANT". What the heck is going on? I know I'm pregnant. I never miss a period. Ever. Anyone ever had a digital say they weren't when they were??

I'm planning on testing first thing tomorrow morning. I'm hoping maybe because I'd been drinking a lot of water that my urine was more diluted.

My last pregancy was twins. I lost the first baby between 7-9 weeks and the second baby at almost 19 weeks. I really hope this isn't the beginning of an early miscarriage.

JunebugsMom's Avatar JunebugsMom 10:42 PM 07-05-2011

how many dpo are you?  digital tests aren't as sensitive.

AmBam's Avatar AmBam 09:13 AM 07-06-2011

Honestly, I have no idea when I o'd. It was a crazy month and dh was out of town most of the month. I was a little surprised with the bfp I got because I thought we were too late.


I got another bfn on a digital this morning. Grrr...I'm a week late with my period. I've always gotten bfp's early on, so I'll be buying a FRER today. I'm sure I'm pregnant, this is just bugging me!

Cellist's Avatar Cellist 03:26 PM 07-06-2011

I'm in a similar weird situation.  Two BFPs with Clearblue Easy FRERs and a BFN with a dollar store test.  Things I have been reading say there are LOTS of false negatives in the world of HPTing, but very very few false positives.  Try again with a FRER!!!

imanifaith11's Avatar imanifaith11 04:08 PM 07-06-2011

I, too, had a similar situation. All of my FRER tests are coming back super faint, the internet tests are looking negative, but the digital test had a huge "pregnant". I've always heard that FRER are really accurate and show a BFP sooner....but in my case that isn't true. Is there any way that your doctor/MW can do a beta?

zubeldia's Avatar zubeldia 05:09 PM 07-06-2011

When I was pregnant with DS I had the same exact thing... I took 9 tests and then I took a digital (Clearblue) and BFN... I was only 11 days DPO but I retested with the dye tests and positive.... a day later another digital turned BFP.

bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 07:46 PM 07-06-2011

If the test was very faint on sunday it's possible your levels just aren't high enough yet for the digi. It's also possible that you're having a chemical/early miscarriage. :( If that's the case you should start bleeding in a couple days. I hope its the former and you get a nice digi bfp soon. Meanwhile, try some other tests. :)