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3surfboys's Avatar 3surfboys 01:04 PM 07-10-2011

I've never had bleeding or spotting during pregnancy before.  I had literally a spot of blood on my tp yesterday and then today more blood when I wiped, but not what I would call gushing.  I'm not really cramping but not really feeling normal either.


I'm at peace with whatever the universe has in store for me and dh with this pregnancy.  It was unplanned, #4.  We would not try to have another baby.  I'm just wondering what's going on.  Dh thinks I should try to see someone tomorrow, (my first appt is on the 26th.)


My positive preg test was on July 4.  Do you think if I am miscarrying that if I took another test today that it would be negative? 

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 01:29 PM 07-10-2011

Hugs, mama.  It's scary to experience any blood in pregnancy.  The not knowing is difficult.  The results of a pregnancy test would depend on what is going on.  It takes some time for the HCG to go back down after the baby passes away.  If there was an issue from the beginning that the HCG wasn't increasing properly, and the baby passed away some days ago, it's possible that a pregnancy test would be negative.  However, if the baby is still alive or only passed away recently, a pregnancy test would likely still be positive, regardless of whether or not you are miscarrying.


The fact that you are not having cramps is hopeful.  Take it easy, and keep us posted.  I'm glad to hear that you are feeling so peaceful.

JunebugsMom's Avatar JunebugsMom 04:25 PM 07-10-2011

it might be nothing.  it's hard not knowing..if you go in to see someone soon you might get answers.  hugs.

3surfboys's Avatar 3surfboys 05:09 PM 07-10-2011

the bleeding stopped and I couldn't help myself from going out and getting another pregnancy test (although I'm so self-concious buying pregnancy tests at my age of 40!)  The test was positive - but I understand that it doesn't mean all is safe.  We'll see how the next couple days go.

Cavegirl's Avatar Cavegirl 06:45 PM 07-10-2011

One in three pregnancies has some bleeding.  If it stopped, it's more than likely completely fine.  With my second, I bled like crazy.  In fact, we were trying and the day I was due to test, I didn't bother because I had what appeared to be a completely normal period, beginning that day.  It was a few weeks before I realized that I was pregnant.  Over the course of that pregnancy, I bled quite a bit.  My healthy, normal baby boy is now a healthy, happy, normal (as he could possibly be given his crazy parents) three year old.


I know it's scary.  I have been there.


I've also had some spotting with this one, and believe me, it still scares me.  It's disconcerting, to say the least, to see blood while you're pregnant. 



bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 08:02 PM 07-10-2011

I had bleeding early on in 3 of my pgs, the first miscarried, the second was my son, and this one seems fine so far. I had zero bleeding in one pregnancy and the bean died silently...  It could really go either way. If you pee on another stick it should definitely be noticably darker. If it's the same or lighter I'd be worried. :(

3surfboys's Avatar 3surfboys 06:19 AM 07-11-2011

Okay, so I'm not an expert on home preg. tests, but maybe one of you are!  I have been using a generic brand of ept (and you are suppose to see a plus sign). I took it July 4 and yesterday.  Both times the vertical line was very dark but the horizontal line is light.  The test says it is positive no matter how dark the horizontal line is.   No more bleeding last night or this morning.  I'm not sure if I want to call my care provider yet.

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 07:04 AM 07-11-2011

It's hard to tell.  The greater the HCG concentration in your urine, the darker the test line will be.  The control line will be dark no matter what.  In early pregnancy, HCG amounts should double every couple days in a healthy pregnancy.  In a nonviable pregnancy, they hardly increase at all, and when you are having a miscarriage, they decrease.


If all conditions were exactly the same (impossible to make happen), the line from yesterday should have been significantly darker than the one from last week.  However, if you used FMU the first time and tested in the middle of the day yesterday, if you were more hydrated yesterday, or if you waited longer after using the restroom before testing the first time, it is quite possible that you could get two light tests in a row.  It could also have to do with variance within the tests.


You could take another test in the next few days and try to keep as many factors the same as one of your other tests and see if anything changes, but when you're using urine-based tests, you can't really rely on the results because they are not accurate enough to make a diagnosis.  They are qualitative tests, and many things affect the quality of the line.  You can't see if HCG is doubling or not.  If you went to see your care provider, s/he would probably recommend serial beta HCG blood tests that would show the exact amount of HCG every couple days so that you could see if the HCG levels are doubling properly, increasing more slowly, decreasing, or staying about the same.  That would give you more concrete information, but it would not likely change the outcome of your pregnancy.


You could try to do something similar with home pregnancy tests, taking one under similar conditions every couple days.  For many women, watching that second line get darker and darker sets their mind at ease.  However, due to the impossibility of keeping conditions the same (including test variance), you are likely to see, in a healthy pregnancy, a gradual progression from light to dark, but a few tests that may seem lighter than the previous test.  It is likely that when a test doesn't show up as dark as you were expecting, that would cause unnecessary stress in a healthy pregnancy.


It is up to you to gauge your own stress level and your own need to know.  Is it worth taking a few more home pregnancy tests in the hopes that it will ease your mind while risking that it would cause undue stress?  Is it worth paying for more objective tests that will tell you exactly what is going on, even if does not change the inevitable?  Is it possible to relax in the trust that you will know more eventually, or do you need to know to be at peace?


More hugs.  It's hard when you don't know what to feel.

3surfboys's Avatar 3surfboys 10:00 AM 07-11-2011

I called my NP and they had me come in this morning for an U/S.  I'm not sure what to think.  The U/S tech said there is a yoke sack and everything looks normal but it is measuring 5 weeks instead of 6 week.  She said it was too early to see a heartbeat.  I will be going back for another US in 2 weeks.

BaconLover's Avatar BaconLover 10:13 AM 07-11-2011

Good Luck!  Hopefully you are either a late ovulator or a late implanter, and everything is just fine...


I've also saw some blood today and yesterday, but I have 2 theories that are making me feel better about it. 


Theory 1: I took my BBT for my chart to ensure it was still high, and it was, and noticed that if I wasn't pregnant, I would be surging to try and start ovulating right now.  So maybe my body is attempting to surge but can't because of the embryo, and instead I'm just reacting to the extra hormones by bleeding.


Theory 2: Years and years ago I attempted to use Depo-provera as a birth control...  I had a light blood flow for 6 full months nonstop, not to mention the awful moodiness.  Maybe my body just doesn't like progestogen / progresterone? 


Its still scary...Limbo sucks, hope the time passes quickly for you.

bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 12:00 PM 07-11-2011

The vertical line is the test line! You're good to go!

3surfboys's Avatar 3surfboys 07:55 AM 07-12-2011

Thanks so much for everyone's responses so far. 


So does anyone know what bleeding is like when you are having a miscarriage?  I've not experienced one before.  I had assumed it would be like having a period with cramping and ongoing blood loss.  I had another episode of bleeding yesterday afternoon that was much heavier than the first and included a fairly large blod clot. So I prepared myself that it was really a miscarriage.  I took a shower and laid down for the evening expecting a full on period.  No more bleeding last night and just light spotting this a.m.  I still haven't felt any cramps.


What could possible be causing this much bleeding if it is not a miscarriage?!


I'm feeling so confused and guilty because my first reaction to finding out I was pregnant was to wish for this outcome. guilty.gif

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 08:15 AM 07-12-2011

A miscarriage is usually accompanied by cramping and lots of blood that goes on.  It would be far more than a normal period, because your endometrium lining builds up a lot more when you are pregnant.  The amount of blood loss in a miscarriage can be very scary, with many blood clots.  Many people experience the amount of blood loss of a normal or almost normal period while pregnant.  The fact that you stopped bleeding is a sign that the baby is likely still in there.


Take it easy, and focus on letting go of your mama guilt.  We mamas latch on to whatever little things we can blame ourselves for when something doesn't seem to be going right.  It is a normal, natural reaction.  You don't have to fight it, but you don't have to hold onto it either.  We also have thoughts and feelings about our children sometimes that we wish we didn't think or feel, but our immediate feelings are often not under our control.  What we can control is our actions.  You did not do anything to cause this.  No matter what happens, you are showing this child love.

BaconLover's Avatar BaconLover 11:40 AM 07-12-2011

My friend told me placenta previa can cause blood loss through the whole pregnancy, and she has 2 kids that she experienced bleeding with for a lot of the time.


2nd option she told me about what the body doing a kind of 'period withdrawal' where its kind of in shock and tries to cycle, but gets blocked.  Would you normally have your period right now?  Your dr or midwife may have some other ideas as well.


Hopefully everything resolves and it turns out to be nothing.

Harmony96's Avatar Harmony96 12:37 PM 07-12-2011

Measurements at that age can depend on how the baby is laying, too.  I was QUITE sure of my ovulation date with DD and had an ultrasound (for "dating" since I ovulated super late that cycle, lol) at 7w4d, based on ovulation (would have been something like 9 weeks based on LMP).  And she measured only 6w1d - a full 10 days behind.  But she is now an ornery 4-1/2 year old, lol. 

3surfboys's Avatar 3surfboys 06:06 AM 07-13-2011

thank you, thank you ladies.  I really appreciate the kind words.


the bleeding is disconcerting and still isn't convincingly a miscarriage. It starts and stops, sometimes its red sometimes with clots, sometimes just brown spottiness.  What has me puzzled is that it only happens when I go to the bathroom.  I've been wearing a pad for the last 2 days and not a drop on it, but then I'll sit on the toilet and have a moderate bleeding episode.


I was told to come back on July 25th and I wasn't really given any instructions about further bleeding, so I'm thinking of calling tomorrow to discuss it.  I also took another pregnancy test this a.m. and got a dark positive line. 


greensad.gif limbo sucks.

zubeldia's Avatar zubeldia 06:40 AM 07-13-2011

Ugh, it is such a difficult situation.... Lots of grouphug.gifsent your way.

Dandy Lion's Avatar Dandy Lion 07:10 AM 07-13-2011

Originally Posted by JMJ View Post
Take it easy, and focus on letting go of your mama guilt.  We mamas latch on to whatever little things we can blame ourselves for when something doesn't seem to be going right.  It is a normal, natural reaction.  You don't have to fight it, but you don't have to hold onto it either.  We also have thoughts and feelings about our children sometimes that we wish we didn't think or feel, but our immediate feelings are often not under our control.  What we can control is our actions.  You did not do anything to cause this.  No matter what happens, you are showing this child love.

yeahthat.gif I'm sorry you're going through this, but whatever happens, it isn't your fault. Hopefully you'll see a nice healthy heartbeat in a couple weeks. Just take it easy

lilkat's Avatar lilkat 07:13 AM 07-13-2011

So sorry you're going through this. It's really hard to have to wait for answers. Thinking of you...

3surfboys's Avatar 3surfboys 06:10 AM 07-14-2011

I started having heavy bleeding yesterday afternoon and throughout the evening.  I'm sure I've miscarried.  Thanks for your kind thoughts.

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 07:03 AM 07-14-2011

Hugs, mama.  I am so sorry for your loss.  Peace to you as your mourn.

samuelsmom's Avatar samuelsmom 09:59 AM 07-14-2011

So sorry, Mama. Take care of yourself. 

homebirthy's Avatar homebirthy 10:54 AM 07-14-2011

Hugs to you!  Take some Rescue Remedy (helped me) and take it easy. 

StacieM's Avatar StacieM 11:35 AM 07-14-2011

I'm so sorry to hear that mama.  hug2.gif

8inTulgeyWood's Avatar 8inTulgeyWood 12:59 PM 07-14-2011

So Sorry!  I was hoping so bad for a positive outcome for you.  What a rough ride!

zubeldia's Avatar zubeldia 02:10 PM 07-14-2011

Oh no, I am so sorry, mama :(