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mollsworth's Avatar mollsworth 08:14 PM 08-10-2011

I was feeling pretty good about the fact that I haven't been hyper emotional..then this weekend, it hit. I was visiting DC with a large group of newly arrived exchange students, and this baby got the best of me:

3. Sitting in a speech at the Department of State (with 250 exchange students), they began presenting about their alumni website. TEARS! I know at least the interpreters saw me crying, they must have been soooo confused. 
2. Sitting at a state dinner, full of ambassadors and officials, several student alumni got up on stage to share tips about making their year successful. One boy stood so close to the mic that everything he said popped and cracked, they tried to pull him back a bit but it kept happening. Saddest thing I had ever seen....more tears. 
1. But nothing compared to my flight home. I managed to make it through the sappy sci-fi love movie without a single emotion...and THEN: they put on a Top 40 Best Sports Bloopers. I totally lost it. I cried at least 4 times throughout the show, lost count. 
It was hilarious, I was laughing at myself and crying at the same time. So glad my seat mate was asleep. I almost want to tell people I'm pregnant just so they don't think I should be committed to the psych ward. 
Do you ladies have any pregnancy outtakes? I'm finding the funny moments help make all the sickness and exhaustion a little easier to bear. Would love to hear your stories!

bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 03:28 PM 08-11-2011

Um. I cried walking into the grocery store today. I don't know what's wrong with me. I guess the sun felt amazing... lol.

MamaValley's Avatar MamaValley 08:08 AM 08-12-2011

I cried when my fiancee and I discussed the idea of him having to sell his "beloved" truck!! And then the next day we were telling one of our good friends how emotional i've been, and I brought up the truck as an example, and started crying again!! 


Also, he suggested we see a movie the other night. I told him I was way too tired for a movie, and then suddenly burst into tears and said "WHO EVER SAYS THEY'RE TOO TIRED FOR A MOVIE?!?!" Yikes!!  :-)

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 12:45 PM 08-12-2011
I started crying on the way to the chiropractor's office today when I heard a song about a little girl fishing with her dad. I was choking up and told my husband " this reminds of Dad, but he used to tell me to be quiet because I was scaring the fish."

alyadri's Avatar alyadri 08:50 PM 08-12-2011

I have been an emotional mess too.  Just today, I walked in to my ds's room while he was napping. He looked so peaceful that I started bawling. 


I've also done ridiculous things such as putting the phone in the freezer, leaving my car door wide open while running into the store, putting my dd's shoes on the wrong feet and not understanding why they weren't going on easily. 


I'm not sure I'm safe to be around my children! dizzy.gif

whovian21's Avatar whovian21 05:01 AM 08-13-2011

My ss and I were at the park yesterday and he found an earthworm.  He then sat down beside it and said it was his best friend.  I burst into tears.  My dh and I were watching a documentary about peak oil and I started crying when they said we were going to run out of plastic for tooth-brushes.  Then at work a customer said I had a pretty smile and I cried so hard that the little bit of mascara I was wearing ran down my face.  Oi vey.

amberskyfire's Avatar amberskyfire 11:57 PM 08-14-2011

Ugh. I cry at almost every single kids' book I read DD right now and we read a lot of books. Sometimes the story doesn't even have to be sappy or sad. I only have to read a line like "children all over the world, everywhere, are loved" and I start bawling. DD probably thinks I'm totally psychotic.

StacieM's Avatar StacieM 01:19 AM 08-15-2011

Not so much crying this time yet, but then again, I've tried to keep myself out of cry inducing situations.  In fact I avoid reading some posts on these forums for that very reason!


However, I did give myself two cuts this past week.  One was trying to reach for a box on a top shelf a the grocery store - I ended up scrapping my elbow on the corner of the shelf next to it. 


The other incident happened while opening the door at my daughter's preschool (a door I've opened hundreds of times before).  Apparently I planted my foot too close to the door when I pulled the door open because the bottom corner of this metal door caught the top of one of my toes so there's a nice gash there now.  eyesroll.gif

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 01:30 AM 08-15-2011
I've been crying at everything lately. Songs on the radio, moving birth stories, sappy commercials, my friend's blog about her brain injured little girl, etc.

I also got exposed at the lake today by DD. I got a two piece swim suit that is shorts and a tank top with re-moveable straps. It was the only one in the store, and I knew it would carry me through the summer with an early preggo belly. The panty part of the shorts is getting a little snug, so I decided to change when we got there. We have tinted windows and a silver reflector in the front window, so I reclined the seat and scooted off my shorts to change. Before I could even cover up, DD whipped open the car door from outside. Hopefully I covered my pasty white butt before any strangers saw, but I can't guarantee it. The lake is REALLY full this year and tons of boats were out and speeding up and down. I was trying to float and relax, and the wakes almost made me yak a few times. I ended up misjudging how much time I had spent in the water, and got really burned on top. I thought it had been a half hour, but it was two hours! Oh well. At least DD had a blast, and we tuckered her out.
8inTulgeyWood's Avatar 8inTulgeyWood 09:45 AM 08-16-2011

Ugh, on my little weekend road trip with my daughter, I had to use the restroom, so I pulled into a rest stop, left the car running because it was 100 degrees outside and told my daughter to lock the door while I used the bathroom.  When I came out a minute later I saw my car in the middle of the parking lot (not where I left it).  I ran to it and my daughter unlocked the door and said it started rolling backwards and some strangers stopped it by grabbing hold of the handles.


In my brilliance, I had left the car in drive!  Seriously!  I have never done anything so stupid and will never forgive myself.  I haven't told anyone else.  I am so lucky nothing bad happened as a result and just want to forget about it.  

Brisen's Avatar Brisen 11:20 AM 08-16-2011

Oh, my, that would be scary!  I'm glad everything was OK.  I once left the car in park when I turned it off, and then I couldn't figure why it wouldn't start again.  I didn't even have the pregnancy brain excuse; I was simply clueless.


I was listening to a radio show about advertising this weekend.  They were talking about mink coat advertisements that used celebrities.  One was Barbara Stanwyck.  Apparently, the photo shoot wasn't going well, and at one point, she turned around suddenly and swore at the photographer, who took a photo right at that moment.  That was the photo the ad guy wanted to run, but they were sure that Stanwyck wouldn't go for it.  They took it to her and said they could use one of the other photos and she could look like any other Hollywood starlet, or they could run this one and she could look like Barbara Stanwyck.  She looked at it, and said, "Run it."  It made me cry.  The worst part -- the show was a rerun, and I had already heard the whole story, so I knew what was coming, and it moved me anyway.  


Here is the photo (the top one):

freelancemom's Avatar freelancemom 05:50 PM 08-16-2011

Well, I am away from my husband for 6 weeks (it's been 5 days now) and we Skyped last night. I held it together until we hung up and then my 5 year old started crying about being away from his papa and I lost it too. I was so not helpful to the poor kid. greensad.gif

Janel47's Avatar Janel47 06:20 PM 08-17-2011

I have been bursting into tears more than usual... but they have been legitimate at least.  It's been a stressful 5 wks that my SIL (teenager, anorexic, emotionally disturbed in many ways) had been staying with us (she just went home... phew), so every so often I'd blink back the tears and pray for patience.  I don't know that being pregnant had a whole lot to do with it though!  I'm starting to have my forgetful moments, although so far doing much better than normal because i usually don't sleep when I'm pregnant.  I'm expecting another emotional week next week when DD1 starts kindergarten and is gone until 4 everyday!  :(  At least she's going to DH's school (hence getting home so late, waiting for him to finish), but he's going to be taking his high schoolers on a retreat for most of the week, so I'll have to bear the emotions solo!