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cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 01:05 PM 09-15-2011
For those of you that have nursed before, do you have a favorite nursing pillow? My Boppy was great while my stomach was still big, because my stomach held the pillow closer to me. I have a long torso, though, and soon it was too low to comfortably nurse. I'd have to shove a couch pillow under the side DD was on to get her high enough. It is important that I get the support, because slouching really tweaks my back. Which pillow do you like?

Janel47's Avatar Janel47 02:26 PM 09-15-2011

I liked My Brest Friend much better than a Boppy.  It keeps the baby very stable since the top is nearly flat as opposed to Boppy which can change the baby's angle if you move a bit.  I didn't care for the wrap-around feature though... I'm a normal healthy weight and could find it constraining, so I rarely buckled it.  I think something like a My Brest Friend minus the back support would be an ideal pillow.  :)  I had a cotton cover and a deluxe cover.  Cotton was essential for the summer, but I LOVE the deluxe cover... so soft! 

SageR's Avatar SageR 02:29 PM 09-15-2011

I have a long torso too.  I know many people are able to do without a nursing pillow but even though I am relatively minimalist in terms of baby items this was really neccessary for me. I've only used a Boppy and My Brest Friend.  I prefer the My Brest Friend by far.  I could never fit the Boppy comfortably around my middle, and because the surface is sort of rounded the baby wouldn't stay put.


I like the little back support on the MBF.  I like that you can strap it on, so if the baby falls asleep you can just get up with baby and pillow and walk to where you want to put the baby down, without disturbing the baby.  I feel like the front curve is more accomodating to big post partuum bellies, and the pillow surface is flat so the baby stays put.  Actually, thinking about it, it rises a bit at the end which I guess must be a place to put the baby's head if you need a little more rise.  Anyway, I loved mine and used it for both babies and hopefully I can remember who I gave it to and get it back, or find another one at the consignment store!

sh118's Avatar sh118 02:52 PM 09-15-2011

Good to know that the My brest friend worked for some of you.  I had the boppy last time and with it DD was still WAy below my boobs!  I am looking for a barrel chair with sloped side arms hoping that might help.

candelaria80's Avatar candelaria80 04:41 PM 09-15-2011

Funny, I was just thinking I wanted to try something new this time.  Last time I had the Boppy and My Brest Friend.  I ended up using the Boppy more often just becasue it took up less space and it was easier to take from room to room, not that MBF is huge, but I found it a little large for my taste.  Having said that, with My Brest Friend LO's latch greatly improved (which is why I purchased in the first place) and it was great in the hotter months to be able to nurse hands and arms free because my DD was/is quite the sweaty head!  After the latch was perfected and she was a little more active (about 4-5 months?) MBF went the way of the Dodo in our house. 


I think I am going to try the Balboa nursing pillow this time.  It looks to have a similar height and look as MBF without the strap (which I rarely used).  Also, I think I like the lip around the edge, it seems a little more stable to me. 




I think we still have both stored away somewhere and it wouldn't surprise me if they get pulled out again.  For me I found different devices worked at different stages.

We shall see. orngbiggrin.gif

Dandy Lion's Avatar Dandy Lion 04:50 PM 09-15-2011

I didn't use anything last time. I had a nice recliner that was perfect for nursing in, so I didn't need anything. This time I don't have the recliner, so we'll see what I end up doing.

JunebugsMom's Avatar JunebugsMom 02:42 PM 09-17-2011

my brest friend