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cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 03:48 PM 09-29-2011
For those of you that have had boys before (or are now), did diet seem to play a role? Studies seem to suggest that a more varied diet leads to boy pregnancies. I know that with this pregnancy, we had tried for so long, and I was working on my diet. With DD, we had been to Vegas, ate like crud, then to a wedding, and I know I didn't eat the best the month before getting pregnant. Not horrible, but not the most balanced diet.

With boy pregnancies, did/do you crave more protein? Everyone told me it was a boy because I've been craving hamburgers like crazy. Sure enough, it is a boy. Do you think that is an old wives tale?

LionessMom's Avatar LionessMom 04:03 PM 09-29-2011

crashing... they have lots of gender specific info related to diet prior to conception affecting gender at

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 07:24 PM 09-29-2011
Yeah, I've seen the studies. I wonder for how many it was effective? Or, did you just eat like the study recommends without reading the study? For me, I wasn't trying to sway at all this time. With DD, we did try to sway with timing. My chart was seriously wonky this time, and we didn't think we'd get pregnant that cycle because my lining had been super thin. I hadn't had a full cycle after the miscarriage, and didn't think it would have gotten thick enough.

The cravings they are different this time. I wanted apples and cheese last time as well, but that's a normal food for me. Last time meat seriously turned me off. This time, any meat is gross except for hamburgers. Those are DELICIOUS. I also wanted refried beans a lot. (I don't actually fry, and use some organic coconut oil for texture.) I ate refried beans and Spanish rice for the lunch a LOT during the first couple months. With DD, I wanted a lot of fruit. I also really liked spinach salad with cottage cheese, mango, and chicken.
dooo's Avatar dooo 01:15 AM 09-30-2011
I didn't know anything about proper nutrition when I conceived DD..It wasn't a very healthy diet, but I craved salads and potatoes like crazy. Now that I have read so much about nutrition (with or without pregnancy), I have followed a more healthy diet for 8 months before second conception. Now my cravings are mostly meat and fish, but I don't know the gender of the little one yet! I'll wait and see if the diet actually played a role in my case!
treehugginhippie's Avatar treehugginhippie 04:58 AM 09-30-2011

I did do alot this time diet wise for gender swaying. But won't know if it "worked" until baby is born :) And as far as cravings go, I don't get any during pregnancy really so can't comment on that part.

Lolafanana's Avatar Lolafanana 06:21 AM 09-30-2011
don't know about the before nutrition (probably the same fro all three pregnancies) but i don know that with my son, i was craving anything sweet- it was a challenge to be honest. With my daughter, I wanted chicken (and i am a vegetarian for 20+ years) and even the THOUGHT of veggie burgers made me wretch.

Not finding out the gender this time but will tell you all I want is protein! But my body doesn't care what the source is this time. Thankfully, i am not craving meat.
catters's Avatar catters 08:24 PM 10-01-2011

Hmm, I haven't heard that theory, about the varied diet.  I know when I got pregnant with DS, I had just finished yoga teacher training and was eating super healthy.  I had a super easy pregnancy with him.  Not one second of morning sickness.  I had no cravings or food aversions.  It was a pretty amazing and easy pregnancy, aside from being persistently breech and requiring a c-section.  So, trade-offs?  

With DD, I wasn't exactly as super fit and eating as wholesomely as I was when I was pregnant with DS.  Also, I was still nursing.  I had serious chicken aversions while pregnant with her, but I did crave really good hamburgers.  I also wanted sweets, and conversely spicy hot wings and salt and vinegar chips.  And cherry icees.... Oddly... I gained less with DD than with DS!  I also had mild to moderate morning sickness.  

This time, I don't know the sex and we're waiting to find out but it has been the hardest pregnancy so far in terms of horrible and constant nausea.  I have more food aversions, although I can now tolerate chicken - but only if its seriously minced up with a bunch of other stuff - and that's only been in the last couple weeks.  I also want hamburgers again.  And pretzels (but I think that is because I am trying to quell the nausea).  I was not out of shape, but I wasn't eating as super healthy as I was when I got pregnant with DS, although I do cook at home almost every night.  I was also still nursing (am still nursing) DD when I got pregnant.  

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 08:31 PM 10-01-2011
I guess that the theory is that boys typically nurse longer and may be larger at birth, so they would require more food through the mother. Because they're more demanding with caloric needs, it makes more sense to pop out girls when the mother may be eating less or has less variety. How true that is, I have no clue. There has been a decline in general in the births of boys for some time, though. I don't believe that the difference is very noticeable yet, but it is projected to be an issue much further in the future.
AshHall07's Avatar AshHall07 11:49 PM 10-01-2011

My first child is a boy, and protein is the thing that most made me feel sick to my stomach.. So im not really sure how true that is.. though I do think that maybe just having more of an appetite in general may mean a baby boy..or at least that's an old wives tale ive heard. If that's so, then I must be pregnant with a GIRL right now because I have not had an appetite at all!

Kyamo's Avatar Kyamo 07:38 AM 10-02-2011
Originally Posted by cameragirl View Post

Studies seem to suggest that a more varied diet leads to boy pregnancies.

How can it be possible for the mother's diet before pregnancy to affect the gender of the fetus? If the sperm that fertilizes the egg carries the Y chromosome, it is a boy. The mother's diet can't affect the chromosomes in the sperm.

Cellist's Avatar Cellist 08:49 AM 10-02-2011

Kyamo, I have to agree with you.  The man's contribution to the pregnancy determines whether it will be a boy or girl.  Unless the theory is that a Y sperm somehow "knows" something about the nutrition of the particular egg it is fertilizing, the nutrition thing sounds weird to me.


I definitely want more salt this time around than last time and want to eat more junk.  Last time (it was a boy), I wanted a lot of meat to eat; that was the thing that was most satisfying.  I could see the mother's dietary cravings or possibly even needs being slightly different whether she is carrying a boy or a girl, but not necessarily that conception of either gender is related directly to diet...??

SageR's Avatar SageR 10:13 AM 10-02-2011

My understanding of those studies is that diet won't determine sex, but that a good diet will make boy babies more likely to "stick" - apparently boys need more and/or a greater variety of nutrients.  I'm not a scientist so I don't if that is accurate or the studies are valid, but that is the way my nurse sil explained it to me.  My mother, who had very unusual gynecological problems and suffered several miscarriages, knows at least three of them were boys and thinks the others were too. Throughout history you can seen patterns in documented families of stuggles to have male children - multiple pregnancies losses with only the female babies delivered to term.  So I think it is possible.  I don't know about the size thing.  My boys were pretty big, and my sister's boys were big, but my sil's boy was tiny - he weighed half as much as my ds2!  My one girlfriend with girls had smaller to average babies - I think they were in the 6lb range.  I don't know anyone who has one or more of each so I can't compare.


I also craved protein during my prior pregnancies and had boys.  I ate eggs everyday, and with ds2 I ate a lot of chicken liver and beef as well.  I have been having a real aversion to eggs and most meat this pregnancy.  Actually I don't have much of an appetite at all, so maybe that means a girl.  We'll find out soon :)


I'm suprised to hear that there has been a decline in boys - we have all boys on both sides of our families, and we only have one set of friends with girls. 

2xy's Avatar 2xy 10:53 AM 10-02-2011

Originally Posted by Kyamo View Post

How can it be possible for the mother's diet before pregnancy to affect the gender of the fetus? If the sperm that fertilizes the egg carries the Y chromosome, it is a boy. The mother's diet can't affect the chromosomes in the sperm.

The sperm that carry Y chromosomes die faster than the X chromosome sperm. I suppose it's possible that a woman's diet could affect the pH of her vagina enough that it would kill off a higher number of male sperm and allow the female sperm to get to the egg.


It's generally believed that timing certainly influences gender....having intercourse closer to ovulation makes it more likely to create a boy because the male sperm are faster. Maybe people with better diets have more frequent sex, which leads to more boys.

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 11:23 AM 10-02-2011
I'm guessing that it is a ph thing as well. I don't understand how else it could work. We used timing last when trying for DD, but who knows if that worked or not.
LionessMom's Avatar LionessMom 09:05 AM 10-03-2011


the thinking is that you can change ph of the cervical fluid and the polarity if the egg, making it so that only one kind of sperm would have the best chance for surviving the fluid and then being attracted to the egg. <shrug>

serenbat's Avatar serenbat 09:10 AM 10-03-2011

father's age is a factor as well as frequency of sex=fresher sperm factor  and ph levels----it is a combination