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I don't know... I just did it at the hospital with the first two.  This time my midwife is leaving it up to me if I want it or not.  I opted for not since she's checking my urine glucose levels each appointment anyhow and we can get the test done if it ever looks high.  I personally didn't mind the test all that much.  The sugar drink didn't make me sick and it's just a quick blood draw after the hour is up... not bad if I brought a book or something.  If you're having issues with sugar, that might be a reason to get the test in my humble opinion.

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Refusing might have different implications depending on where you deliver.  If you are planning a homebirth and your MW is ok with skipping the test, then declining might have no impact on your care.  


Some women who deliver in hospitals will be treated as though they have GD if there is no evidence of a test proving otherwise, and this might make it harder to have a hands-off, low-intervention birth.  


I had a hospital MW-assisted waterbirth with my DD, and I did the test.  I'm not a fan of sugary drinks or blood draws, but it wasn't something I felt strongly opposed to.  I DID feel strongly opposed to routine IVs/helplocks and wanted a waterbirth, and in my case, I felt it was better to go along with the test to increase the likelihood of having the low-intervention hospital birth I was hoping for.


There are lots of threads about the GT test in the main pregnancy forum's archives...I'm sure if you searched there you'd get tons of other mamas thoughts on this.  

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I had to take it at twelve weeks, and am supposed to take it again at 25 (there's a strong history of diabetes in my family).  I'm gonna talk to the doc next time and see if I can get out of it, though.  I'd be happy to go on the diet for the rest of the pregnancy (now that I'm actually eating again!), but the test itself... I had a bad reaction to it.  Bleh.  So here's hoping!

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I'm personally declining the test, but I am also having a freebirth and am a trained midwife. I don't require my clients to get a test done, unless they have more than two risk factors or if they have +2 glucose in their urine. If that is the case I ask them to do the 2 hour post prandial  test as it is more accurate and doesn't require any glucola. Maybe that is an option you could ask about, but do what feels comfortable to you.

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I have done the test for EVERY baby. I have failed the one hour twice and never failed the three. I had to have the test this time in the first trimester and then again at 28weeks. Whoopie for me;) I have no real aversion to the test. Its good info to have.

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Last time they made me do the test twice, which was HELL with hyperemesis. This time I haven't had the GTT yet, but I'm expecting to get a lab slip around 28 weeks. Since I go in for the infusions, they do daily blood draws for the three days I'm there. Part of that includes a blood draw. It is random, but if things were really off, it would show. I've been doing pretty well at around 120 an hour or two after having breakfast. (Which is usually carb-loaded those days, since I crave carbs while I'm getting them.)

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