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Cellist's Avatar Cellist 10:52 AM 11-10-2011

Anyone else still just not feeling "great"? 


This is my second pregnancy and I never thought I would feel so "not good" as I have for so long.  I just have this vague bleh feeling...kinda tired, sometimes kinda nauseous, kind of anxious, peeing often, pooping or not depending on the day, just kind of blllahhhhhh.  I wish I didn't have to work; it would all be so much easier!!  BUT, the reality is that I have to earn the family an income, too.


How are you doing?  Anyone have a nice energy burst here in second tri??

SageR's Avatar SageR 11:15 AM 11-10-2011

With my first I felt pretty good until the last month when I started to experience hip pain.  With my second I felt fabulous pretty much the entire time.  This pregnancy I am just starting to feel good, around 18/19 weeks. Like you, I was expecting to feelgood sooner than this. I'm still tired most of the time but it's gone from a cranky exhausted tired to a comfy sleepy feeling.  I finally have a good appetite too, which contributes to feeling well.  Prior to the last couple of weeks I just didn't feel like eating much; I am sure I had low blood sugar which is very bad for my mood.


My ob says she sees many women with second and so on pregnancies having the first trimester blahs several weeks into the second trimester, so I guess it must be a normal thing.  I hope you get to feeling better soon!

hippiemwmama's Avatar hippiemwmama 11:17 AM 11-10-2011

I identify with all of those things... I'm sure it doesn't help that colds and flus have been going around my house like crazy...I've found that drinking peppermint tea has been putting a little pep in my step as of late though.

sh118's Avatar sh118 12:28 PM 11-10-2011

Yep.  Still getting random nausea every few days that only lasts an hour or so.  Still feeling tired, but not that awful EXHAUSTED of the early weeks.  Just not myself yet.  I have been taking DHA supplement and that has seemed to make a big difference in my mood... at least I can be sorta cheerfully sick and tired =0.

lizsky's Avatar lizsky 12:29 PM 11-10-2011

I had nausea much longer this time than last time.  And I'm a little surprised by how much I struggle to get up in the mornings, even if I've had a reasonable amount of sleep (I mean, 7 hours is pretty amazing when you have young children!)    Somehow I thought I'd be "better at being pregnant" this time because I've been through it before but maybe not!  I hope that you get a 2nd wind soon Cellist.  

Bobbys's Avatar Bobbys 03:27 PM 11-10-2011

I feel like I am in my third trimester. I feel bigger than I should and less agile. It amazes me most days that I am only 5 months pregnant.

Bonawich's Avatar Bonawich 04:24 PM 11-10-2011

I just started feeling better at about 20 weeks (3rd pregnancy), tomorrow I will be 22.  I started taking some chewable iron and that seems to have really helped.  I am still exhausted by 8PM for the most part and dinner is difficult - I am hungry but just feel like I am going to burst if I eat anything.  Still, at least I am waking up feeling better, no nausea. 

mollsworth's Avatar mollsworth 09:19 PM 11-10-2011

I think I had my 2nd trimester rush from about 12-20 weeks, I felt fantastic. I don't feel bad by any means now at 23 weeks, but am definitely starting to get more tired (fell asleep in my car in the driveway when I got home today! Engine off. :) and starting to feel a little "heavy" by the end of the day. Otherwise still feeling pretty great.

LalaithYamainu's Avatar LalaithYamainu 09:28 PM 11-10-2011

I had about four weeks where I felt great, but I'm starting to feel sick again - nothing like the first 16 weeks, but nauseas more often then I was pre-pregnancy, exhausted all the time, general case of "the blahs".

Lolafanana's Avatar Lolafanana 07:06 AM 11-11-2011

Overall, I feel good (23 weeks today).  this is my third and definately the hardest of all three (with 32, i didn't have ANY symptoms at any point through the pregnancy.  blissful).  I am still tired and usually asleep with the kids around 8 and emotional like you wouldn't believe.  the roller coaster emotions are driving me nuts.  I am also very stiff- like my bones are stiff.  i never had that before.  It's weird.  The emotions are killing me though.  I also have this sort of strange sadness that follows me around- kind of like a very mild depression.  but Thankfully, it's not that bad. :) 

Brisen's Avatar Brisen 09:17 AM 11-11-2011

My nausea has been gone for a while, and so have my food aversions, so that has been nice.  I'm not as exhausted as I was, but I'm still pretty tired a lot of the time.  I'm pretty sure my iron is low, despite good numbers on the blood draw at 12 weeks, and I feel it when I try to climb stairs or scrub stuff, things like that.  Apart from that, it's mostly a bunch of little things, like you guys are saying, and stuff caused by my belly getting bigger -- my varicose veins are starting to bother me, round ligament pain and other pains in my ab muscles, peeing all the time, heartburn, indigestion, restless legs.  It's not terrible, but yeah, I still don't feel normal.  Things are more difficult generally and I just don't feel myself.  There are days when I feel really good and I can get a bunch of stuff done and I feel more myself.

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 04:15 PM 11-12-2011
Pregnancy wise, I'm actually doing okay. This pregnancy has been a LOT easier than DD's. I'm sleepy, and my sacroiliac joints are sore. They're actually better since I told my chiro, and since I've stopped sweeping and vacuuming like the chiro said. I get randomly nauseated, but no hyperemesis like with DD. I take cod liver oil for many reasons, mood included. I notice a LOT quicker (in two days or so) if I skip it than I would normally, though. Guess that is a good sign that it is working. I'd much rather get all of the benefits of the oil than take an antidepressant.