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freelancemom's Avatar freelancemom 12:03 PM 12-19-2011

So, I woke up this morning and my belly is SMALL. As in, half the size it was yesterday. I can see my toes (I'm 30 weeks)!!! The baby is still bopping around in there like normal, though I think he turned head down a few days ago since I seem to be getting a lot of kicks to the ribcage, but it doesn't feel like he's dropped yet. Anyone else had this happen this late in the game? Any ideas as to what causes this oddity? Not that I'm complaining!

madeitX2's Avatar madeitX2 10:35 PM 12-19-2011
Wow. Sorry to hear about your odd morning size change. Did you also have a BM that morning too? Glad to hear you feel that baby still. Also have you been leaking fluids?

So curious to hear if you regained your size thru out the day. I still go thru this at 26 wks especially mornings and with a tilted uterus.
cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 02:29 PM 12-22-2011
It could be a few things. Baby switching positions, baby engaging early, emptying your bowels if you've been constipated, etc. Leaks can do that as well, but it doesn't sound like you're worried about that.
amberskyfire's Avatar amberskyfire 01:39 AM 03-04-2012

Some foods make me bloated and on mornings that I wake up and haven't had those specific foods the night before, my belly looks significantly smaller. It usually (but  not always) begins to look a little bigger as the day wears on.

LessTraveledBy's Avatar LessTraveledBy 02:46 AM 03-04-2012

To me the difference is very obvious if I eat low carb or not. When I stick to low carb I feel great and look small. Even one day (sometimes one meal) changes this completely.