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31+ weeks along, but measuring 34. Kind of freaked out!

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Hi lovely mamas,


I had an OB visit today and when she measured my fundal height (I am 31 weeks and 2 days) I measured 34.........

She was really vague about what this means or doesn't mean, but did give me a requisition to have an ultrasound.


I do feel HUGE with this pregnancy because I've gained 32 pounds already and with my first I only gained 20 the entire term. My first son was just under 7lbs., so I don't know why this baby would be HUGE or anything...Also, my EDD is based on my last period, which I am pretty confident about. No signs of GD. All blood work looked good last time......This baby is already head down with its feet in the right side of my ribcage constantly.


Should I be worried? Did anyone else measure larger and then have an average size baby?

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Anything around 4cm + or - is considered within normal range.  Easy to say "don't worry" but it's most likely the baby is floating a little or your womb is doing it's job really well since you've already had one baby. 


I usually measure about 1-2 over, but at 20 weeks I shot up to 5cm over.  I was pretty baffled for a bit because we only found 1 heartbeat and by palpation the fluid levels were normal and baby was normal size so we just waited it out.  Now I am 32.5 weeks and baby measures 33-34 cm.  I think we just needed to catch up with each other because that is pretty much right on :)  It's possible your babe will do that too. 


When I did measure 2cm over with my last 2, I had a 7lb 14 baby and a 8lb 14oz baby.  So really, it didn't seem to indicate much!


I wouldn't get an U/S personally, if there was something to be concerned about your dr would have more clues to work with (fetascope, palpation, blood work etc).   If you get one, you might end up with more interventions (suspected large baby) that you wouldn't have other wise.  






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I wanted to add that every care giver can measure differently.  Once I measured myself at 29 cm, the student midwife got 25cm and my midwife got 28cm all in the same day! 

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Yeah, that's kind of what I'm afraid of with the suspected large baby. I have heard of so many women being induced and then c-sectioned only to deliver small or average babies. Good to know this isn't a science. I am definitely leaning towards not doing the extra ultrasound. winky.gif


Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It helped me feel just a tad more "normal".  

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With my last one I measured at 39 weeks when I was 35 the scan confirmed I was only  35- big stress for nothing she was only 8lb anyway if that helps


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Thanks everyone. I am now at almost 37 weeks and am measuring on target. When I was measuring large, I went for the ultrasound (wanted to make sure it wasn't extra fluid) and the baby actually measured a week small. eyesroll.gif They gave me a whole "e'll have to see you again in two weeks to make sure the baby is growing" spiel, but I find it ridiculous since I was at 34 weeks and the baby was measuring 33 weeks and estimated weight was 4lbs. 7oz. I said "Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't ultrasound measurements just a rough estimate? Also, doesn't the baby gain 1/2 lb. a week now? Which would put my "tiny" baby at a healthy 7lbs. on my due date?" 


They don't really believe me that I make small babies (my three year old still fits 24 month clothes and the father of the kids is 5'9" and 130 lbs.), but whatever. It seems like they are just looking for a reason to give me a hard time...Or to have my insurance pay for extra ultrasounds. Either way, I'm close enough to popping this kid out that they won't get another ultrasound out of me.


Thanks for all of your encouraging stories!!

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I just measured 42 at a 38 weeks apmnt. I then measured 42 at an apmnt today where I am 40weeks. So while baby is still growing baby is also moving down into the pelvis. I measured HUGE with my third baby and he ended up at 8lbs 8oz. With my 9lbs 3oz baby no one said anything about him measuring big ever.

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