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3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 04:54 AM 03-01-2012

Wow its March! I'm the first one here this morning so I am starting a new thread!


Everlong, yep those comments are ANNOYING. Not to mention the ones where people ask how far along you are and then say 'AH don't have the baby here." I always roll my eyes. Yes my baby is suddenly going to fall out while I am in the restroom at long horn steak house! Oh gimme a break!


Otherwise, I am up, skipping exercises this morning in favor of feeling no pain. Its a snow day so lots of extra work BUT I have little people with able bodies to do my bending and perhaps even to lug a few babies around;)

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 02:24 PM 03-01-2012

We made it to March!!!


Everlong, I'm glad to hear you made it through the trade show.  We took our last long road trip of the pregnancy around New Years.  It was 13 hours of driving time each way, and I was so glad to be done for the rest of the pregnancy.  I couldn't imagine doing something even longer at this stage.  I hope you can treat yourself to a massage or something to help you relax and recover from sitting in one place for so long.


I'm just about ready to really get down to cleaning and organizing for the new baby.  I've been bugging DH about helping me clean off a shelf for the baby clothes, etc for a while.  Well, last weekend, he did it while I didn't have time to work at it with him.  I've been thrilled that he did it until I finally had time to look at taking the next step today.... He emptied most of 3 shelves onto our junk room floor (that needs to get cleaned up so that my mother can stay with us, moved boxes of soda into the spot where my sewing machine goes, moved 1/2 of the contents of a small shelf onto a larger shelf that he emptied completely out onto the floor, and I can't even reach my pile of boxes that I had been planning to use to sort all this stuff out.  Sigh.  I guess that's what I get for being busy when DH was trying to work on it.

Everlong753's Avatar Everlong753 02:50 PM 03-01-2012

Thanks ladies, it was quite an adventure... I just want to do NOTHING but let my baby cook and sew some diapers.  Ugh, just a few more deadlines and then I'll be good.   Had a midwife appnt today, all is well except for some swelling.  I can't believe this baby though, I was measuring 5cm over for ever now I'm measuring -1 cm.  What in the heck does it do in there?!


3timesamom, def skip exercise in place of feeling pain free! 


JMJ- awe man! I hope he plans to finish what he started.  Glad he got at least started but I hope you're not doing the rest all alone!



3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 07:22 PM 03-01-2012

JMJ, Yeah thats pretty much what happens if I ask DH to help me. He ended up tossing our three olds carseat WAY into the barn. Now one of us (not me!) is going to climb the old truck parts and various other crap he deems worthy of keeping to fetch it. (As our three year old just might need that!) BLAH!


Everlong, Oh you have no idea! I feel like such a bum! I can do REALLY simple exercise such as walking and maybe a REALLY simple step routine. Otherwise my back is killing me and I have crotch pain. Now I end up with that by the end of the day anyway but who needs it at seven in the morning!


BLAH, So my husband lately is really getting on my nerves. He is acting like a baby. For one thing he keeps whining because our midwife likes him to be part of the apmnts. They are on Saturday so he can attend. This means that at this point we go every weekend. He keeps commenting about how this BETTER BE THE LAST ONE. Um no! Have I EVER gone early? We are on baby four. Buck up! Then he goes on man nights every single Thursday. I have yet to see when womans night is but I digress. One battle at a time. So anyway I explained and I quote! (I had to work on a way to say this so I know this is what I said! LOL) "I'm just not up to this right now, your not respecting that I just can't do this right now." To which I offered the suggestion that he could always come home from work at 4pmish help me with dinner and getting the kids to bed and THEN go. (being mindful of the beer intake of course!) He whines and tells me that is not good enough. Now what I am thinking is. Let me kick you in the penis and lower back (you need good pain in those regions to understand how I feel!) Then I will put something large and cumbersome that makes it so you can't bend and weighs about eight pounds on the front of you. Now have a good day with all the kids and daycare kids. I am leaving. Its 6am. I will be back at 10pm. Honestly now hes talking about how his brother thinks I am being whiney and he is kidnapping him tomorrow night. Well he can just take my kids too. I do not think so! Uncle can just mind his own and stay out of our marriage IMO.


So sorry to whine. I am sure you all understand where I am coming from. Up until last week i was fine with man nights. It is the most recent inability to walk by the end of the night that has changed my position. Honestly there are 13 days until our due date! What a witch I am!

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 05:40 PM 03-02-2012

Well, I guess it wasn't just him emptying 3 shelves to move one.  He wants to actually sort stuff and get rid of stuff.  That's nice, but it's March, and I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant, and we've got family coming in less than 2 weeks, and in 3 weeks, my mom comes, and she'll be staying in the room that is now covered.  I'm glad he wants to work on this all... finally...  I guess the time pressure motivates him to get it done.  He tolerated me "expressing my concerns" (I'm sure he would phrase it "chewing him out") to him for quite a while last night and more today, and things are kinda moving.  I just need more of them to move out of the house, not just onto the floor.  (Actually, I did put stuff in boxes yesterday, so if the baby is born, I think I can make enough room for my mom to sleep next to a big stack of boxes...  This is actually probably how it will happen, and he'll spend a lot of his two weeks of paternity leave working on it.)  I'm just trying to be glad that it's actually happening.  I know the stress of being ready to have a baby is getting to us both, and our different priorities are coming out.  Thankfully, he's being really patient with me, and I'm working to let go of some things.  As my midwife put it, "Babies don't care about clutter."


Next week's my last really busy week.  I've got commitments every day that this will be the last week of them until the baby is born (and some of them won't come back after).  I can do it!

MommyBecky's Avatar MommyBecky 11:21 AM 03-03-2012

3timesamom- As for your crotch pain, is is possibly you have variscosities? I feel intense pressure to the point of pain, and it turns out that I have vulvar variscosities (varicose veins down there! awful!). I put witch hazel on a washcloth and just let it sit for a few minutes, moving it a few times to get all the now visible veins and WOW it stopped hurting for a few hours.


I'm sorry you're feeling unsupported. *hug*

MommyBecky's Avatar MommyBecky 11:36 AM 03-03-2012

JMJ- thanks for the pump advice. I think I'll be fine with a hand pump if needed, I tend to not do well with hand expression.


8inTugleyWood- Congratulations! Sorry the MW and Ped comments are stealing your peace. Don't they know they're not allowed to do that to a PP Momma? As for your question about downs- it's a slight risk coming from a positive triple screen at 15 wks. I'm probably just dated wrong since they did the ultrasound at 13 1/2 wks or so. Trying not to worry about it, it just felt like this pregnancy wasn't going as well as the last and my pregnant brain has tried to make this into a sign of things to come. However, I feel much relieved after finally getting the gumption to switch chiropractors. The one I go to now is certified specifically to work with pregnant women, and said I'm having issues with my ligaments. She explained that this can make you measure small because it constricts the uterus from expanding so it goes elsewhere (Yeah, thought this baby was pressing extra hard on my colon!). The 2nd time she adjusted me, I went to the MW the same day and measured right on. I just feel relieved, so glad I went to her.


Kind of funny how I complained before that no one was on here and everyone had switched to FB, then proceeded to drop off the face of the mothering planet because of my schedule and having a non-functioning wireless card for a while... :)

3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 06:43 PM 03-03-2012

I will have to check that out. I guess it can't hurt to see if it does anything. I never had pain with my last baby. With my daughter she was just engaged from about 36weeks. It was nuts you could feel her turning her head if I sat up to much. I use to hate sitting all slouched. It is a different pain than that. We shall see.


Last night I fell down the stairs. I promise JMJ I read your post I just couldn't respond. I hurt so bad last night. DH went to his man night and I fell. It was one of those moments when you know that something terrible is happening and no its REALLY happening! I landed on the floor with a bleeding knee (What the heck caused that!?) A sore elbow, sore butt and hit my head. Needless to say DH happened to come home around 730 instead of 10pm so I was still putting kids to bed. I think he felt like a jerk. So we will see if he tries to go next week. The fact that he came home early means he heard me even if he still made the choice to go. The fact that I fell only made him feel bad I think. (Not that I wouldn't have still fallen.)


When I fell, Alicia (9) came down to check on me and kept wanting to know how this happened;) Nolan (6) realized I was bleeding and got me the first aid kit and was getting me cleansing wipes and bandaids;) Seth (3) was in the tub and jumped out and stood at the top of the stairs naked and holding his penis asking me if I bit my tongue;) Seth made me laugh! I was certainly cared for properly;)


Well I am off to watch the help with DD. She read the book as did I. We got our hair cut today and had DQ:)


Mommybecky, I think life happens to us all:)

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 09:42 AM 03-04-2012

3timesamom, I'm sorry about your fall.  How scary!  especially not having your husband there.  I'm glad to hear your kids took good care of you, and I hope your bumps and bruises get better soon.


I keep forgetting to give an update on my hips. There's been slow progress.  It's been hard to get the inflammation down without fear of the baby going breech.  I've been icing the back of my hips with the ice pack first, and then when it warms up a little, I lie down with it between my legs so that it's cool on the very bottom of my pubic bone, but not too cold.  If it get it too cold or too close, the baby goes nuts.  It seems to be working.  On my Tuesday chiropractic appointment, the chiropractor said that the inflammation was significantly reduced enough that she could really adjust me, and on Friday, she said that my pubic bone was adjusting well.  I'm still not comfortable, especially when I move certain ways, but I'm not in pain 100% of the time anymore.  Baby is head down and posterior, so I'm trying to figure out what to do about that.  I'm considering making DH do the rebozo technique on me.

3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 07:49 PM 03-05-2012

JMJ well I hope you are feeling better. Is there any tips on spinning babies about posterior?? I can't remember what the midwife told my friend. (She had two that were posterior and she did tell her some trick.)


AFM, I am feeling better. DH does still seem to feel like a butt. I am pretty busy making preperations for the baby that I don't believe I am having;) Nine days till my EDD:)

LizzieMum's Avatar LizzieMum 02:44 AM 03-07-2012

I feel like we're all organised for the baby to come now.  In a way, I wish there was more to do.  I went into the room today and looked around.  Nappies are folded, clothes are washed.  All I did today was lanolise some wool covers which I had been putting off doing.


Apart from that, I've been having a few hassles at my MW appointments.  It seems that the normal practice is to book people in for inductions now, when they're like 38 weeks preg.  I am going in for the appointment next week to discuss it.  I'm going to negotiate for 40 + 11.  I hope I get it.  DH says I just need to stick up for myself and that nobody can make me have an induction if I don't want one.  Go DH!!!  Maybe I should get him to come with me.  I was surprised that the inductions are booked in advance.  I thought that inductions were only talked about once a baby became overdue??  This one is all booked in advance though.


The attitude of our local OB is that he only likes girls to go 40 + 7 which to me seems a little early.  He's very old and been doing it a long time so people don't question him.  Until I come along and mess it all up with my "questions".  He also offered me an ultrasound at 37 + 3 for "reassurance".  Just because I'm an IVF girl has put me in the basket of being a nervous twit apparently.  So annoying!

3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 04:48 AM 03-07-2012

Lizziemum, They set me up for induction with my third before his due date. I was 39weeks and some days but yeah it was before his due date. Honestly rather than fight (which I should not have been scared to do) I was going to "call in" LOL. I was honestly going to call and say that I had a fever and was vomiting. I was going to be sure to add that others had recently gotten over a similiar virus. (Didn't want them to ask to see me!) These days I would tell them to buzz off. I would not negotiate I would just tell them its not happening. I am glad you have a supportive husband:)


AFM, I have a lot of back pain this morning but I walked two miles yesterday. Today we are going to the childrens musuem so hopefully I can get some sitting in;)

Everlong753's Avatar Everlong753 11:07 PM 03-07-2012

LizzieMum can dh go with you next time?  He's right, no one can make you do anything.  If your baby is healthy what's the problem?  Also, over due isn't really until you are OVER 42 weeks.  38-42 weeks is normal normal normal.   If my midwife wanted to schedule now... I'd be really upset. 



Everlong753's Avatar Everlong753 11:08 PM 03-07-2012

So how far along is everyone now?  How are you all holding up?  I see Sh118 had her baby!  It's getting that time isn't it?! partytime.gif

3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 05:01 AM 03-08-2012

I have six days till my due date. So basically I usually go about 5 days late. So probably about 11 more days.


When is everyone due?

sh118's Avatar sh118 08:49 AM 03-08-2012

Just wanted to tell you all that I am still here reading and thinking of you all.  Just not typing much with a baby in my arms! 

3times...sorry to hear about your fall.  Sounds like your DH is trying to be more considerate.  I struggle with DH wanted to spend some of his limited free time away from us too.

JMJ...glad to hear you have figured our something that helps a little at least.  Let us know if the rebozo does anything!

LizzieMum...good luck with your negotiation, hold firm...or double team your midwife by having DH come with you, lol!


sh118's Avatar sh118 09:01 AM 03-08-2012

Anyone know if a sticker chart for "big sister" behavior will work for a 2.5 y.o.? 

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 03:20 PM 03-08-2012

10 more days until my due date, but I'm planning for another week after that.  I'm realizing that I shouldn't plan so hard that I count on it, though.  I'm trying to be "ready" by this weekend.  Nothing like a few extra braxton hicks yesterday to make me realize that I need to get moving on some things!  I finally got out the box of newborn diapers/clothes/toys today, and I'm washing them.  I made an appointment to renew my driver's license tomorrow.  I washed the cushion covers on the couch yesterday as well as all our bedding.  In all likelihood, I'll need to wash the sheets at least once more before the baby comes, but that will be the last deep clean.  I also finalized plans for food on the baby's birthday.


I still need to buy 1 more ingredient for the soup I'm (or my labor team is) making for the birth and 1 more ingredient for the original birthday cake we'll be making for the baby, but we'll go shopping to get them tomorrow.  I'm picking up cramp bark (midwife's recommendation for after pains) this afternoon on my way to the chiropractor.  I have a messy corner of stuff (mostly papers) that needs to be sorted and put away, and I pretty much handled that last night.  I didn't quite made it down to the box under my box of papers that I believe contains the tarp that I'm planning to put under the birth pool.  Then, about all I absolutely have to do is install the car seat.  I'm trying to get all that done by the end of the weekend, and then hopefully, I'll have some time to do some more cooking and deep cleaning before the baby arrives.


It seems like the closer I get to getting things done, the more things to do seem to keep popping up (like discovering that I need to renew my driver's license in the next month) or thinking about the fact that I need to get my corned beef curing for St. Patrick's Day (OK, I know that's purely optional, but it would mean a lot to me to have it), and I really need to reorganize my freezer if I'm going to fit more stuff in it... and I'd better empty that tupperware if I'm hoping to have my birth team put my placenta in it... and that box of fun activities for my daughter to do in labor that currently contains finger paints (no paper) and 3 books...  I'm sure that if the baby came now, we'd just make do, but I could certainly use at least a few more days to get these things done.

3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 12:46 PM 03-09-2012

LOL well NOW your nesting! LOL


I need to install the carseat but I have a daycare baby that uses that seat. So for now its easier to have her using that seat than to try to put my unused seat there. When baby is here daycare baby will sit in a more annoying position in the car that I don't care to deal with now. Daycare baby is still actively puking on my baby swing, and the only things I can get together are things daycare baby doesn't use. (my cloth diapers, my pack of newborns, my baby clothes and my babies cosleeper. I guess in the end we too will make do. I have a few projects I would like to get done this weekend. For some reason I decided to take inventory of the other kids summer clothes needs and bag things to sell (trade) at the local consignment shop, I decided to paint over the coloring on the walls with a matching color and PERHAPS if we have time change the color in my living room. Cause you know baby cares what color the house is!


Otherwise I don't even believe this happening and can't even picture WHO we will be having!


Last night I was up constantly to pee and with contractions. Today I have the poops. I hope to have baby this weekend or next. I am not picky. Next is better though. One more paycheck, errands done, and things feel a little more wrapped up that way. The poops concern me though. Often that is an early early labor sign. My due date IS five days away so that is not really far fetched. Never have I wished stomach troubles on my family! LOL (to verify its NOT labor!)


How is everyone?

How is life for those with newborns!? So exciting!!!

Everlong753's Avatar Everlong753 01:13 PM 03-09-2012

Well I'm in the same boat as you ladies.  38.4 today and am realizing all the things that aren't done

(JMJ I even had the same thought about corned beef lol!). 


On a good note, I scrubbed the fridge, did ALL the laundry and bought way too many groceries.  We went out for our baby/postpartum shopping and got some organization bins, a few things for me and baby, camcorder, more food and some errands done.  I was having major contractions the whole time and have been today too.  I'm feeling really sore and crampy and it's also made me realize "oh shit!" I better finish getting ready! 


Still plenty to do though.  After our trip I've still been working and trying my best to keep up with things but I just feel overwhelmed by simple things like the dishes.  I work from home, so it's all in my face all the time.  That and the SPD is getting worse.  STILL have not gotten the last bedroom painted UGH!  My dh was supposed to do it last weekend but he just couldn't get motivated.  Sort of annoys me :/    


So on my list- I need to do the last few freezer meals, scrub bathroom, organize cloth diapers/covers, paint last bedroom, ship out 60 orders and 4 large orders, knit a few more items, dye some fabric to sew up some more clothes, sew about a dozen diapers, do a general home cleaning, try to throw myself a blessingway..... and have a baby!  *weep*  sometimes I wish baby would come now so I don't have to do all of it, but .... then I'll be without diapers and clothes and such.  



3timesamom- I'm also so excited to see "who" this little person is!  Also been having some soft BM's lately... eep!


JMJ's Avatar JMJ 03:50 PM 03-09-2012

I could just scream right now.  After making an appointment with the DMV online to renew my driver's license, it wasn't e-mailing me a confirmation of my appointment, so I called to see what was up yesterday afternoon.  They informed me that it hadn't made me an appointment, and my time was taken, but they were able to get me scheduled for 45 minutes later.  So, I get there today, and they have no record of my appointment.  I come home and make another appointment, but the soonest appointment they have is the day after my due date.  Now, I'm trying to figure out if there's a good time for me to go stand in line for 2 hours in the next few days or if the baby is actually born by then, I should be up and moving enough to make another appointment by the time my license expires.  I'm not really liking either solution.


Then, DH is trying to do his part to purge the house of excess stuff and decides that he read something online about destroying CD's in a microwave and thinks that's cool.  Despite my protests, he does it... for much longer than is even recommended by those who condone this type of behavior, and now my house is full of toxic fumes!!!  Oh, and he called my daughter over to stand right in front of the microwave to watch with him (I don't let her stand anywhere near the microwave when it is running at all.), and she got really upset when I told her she had to get away from there.  (It was nap time anyway, so she was extra touchy.)  He's sorry.  He cleaned the microwave.  The house is airing out, and he's bringing the rest of the CD's to Best Buy to recycle them.  DD is sleeping.  Ugg... off to try to calm down.

3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 07:46 PM 03-10-2012

LOL I never considered doing that! LOL


AFM, Yep I still think NOTHING is happening;) The midwife tried a pressure point that is suppose to start something but its not. LOL Maybe I just ate so much I have another heart beat??


DD and I went to Sams club and bought massive amounts of the kids snacks and such so that I don't have to shop for a few days after birth. (hopefully!) We went to Kohls and bought her some clothes and the boys clothes should be here soon. THEN Nolan tells me that all his size fives are to tight. Now the annoying part of this is that he has three new pairs of fives coming in the mail;) I had a tote of 6's! LOL I guess tomorrow I will go through his tote of clothes and see if we can make a pile of pants he CAN and WILL wear. That kid!


Well I hope we all have a nice weekend. I have 4 days left as of now till my EDD. IF I don't go this weekend I would like to go next weekend. You know just to let baby know what works for me;)

3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 07:47 PM 03-10-2012

Everlong I think you are officially nesting too! How exciting. It really won't be long until we actually have new babies. Which in truth cracks me up because I just can't picture it! (And I have three already! I know how this works! LOL)

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 03:10 PM 03-12-2012

Anyone else having prodromal labor?  I've had lot of contractions for the past several days, and since Saturday, I've had a couple every day that have made me wonder if it's the real thing.  I think it's helping.  I'm pretty sure my baby has moved from ROP to LOP/LOT in the past few days.  Here's hoping for an easier labor with at least the baby's positioning done ahead of time.


I'm trying to push through my "to-do" list as quickly as possible with this impending feeling of "it could be any time now."  Unfortunately, I kinda feel like I'm getting nowhere.  I'm working hard, but things that have been on my list for weeks are still not done.  I've cleared out my afternoon to work on some stuff, but I want to nap first.  For that to happen, I need to get my daughter to nap, and she's nursing to sleep and causing all kinds of contractions, and then I start thinking that I've run out of time.

3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 07:23 PM 03-12-2012

I had bloody show this morning? That means SOMETHING is happening. I also either peed myself twice or have a leak. It did have a sweet odor to it but I really can't say. I am not to proud to admit that I peed myself at all though;)


DD is vomiting, DH has a stomach ache and I am crampy and having bloody show. I call the midwife and tell her about the bloody show and she tells me SHE IS PUKING! So we'll see. Usually bloody show is an indication that something is happening but its not clear when it will happen. With my third I was crampy and had the bloody show for two days prior to his birth three hours after his due date. So here is hoping baby isn't born into a pukey mess and that I don't get sick!


JMJ, I wish you luck! Those to do lists usually get done:) So exciting you sound like your in early labor!

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 08:23 PM 03-12-2012

3timesamom, I'm not sure it's early labor yet, but it's definitely something.  It could be days or weeks still, but we'll see.  You, on the other hand, sound like you're about there!  So exciting!  ...and so crazy a time you're having!  Somehow, it will all turn out.  Let us know how it goes.

Everlong753's Avatar Everlong753 10:37 PM 03-12-2012

JMJ- oh my gosh yes!  Since last week contractions are way more crampy, and I keep going back and forth between wanting the baby to come and panicking because I haven't sewn enough diapers.  I feel crazy, not to mention exhausted.   Night time is when I get the worst ones, doesn't help feeling exhausted. 


3timesamom-  so exciting!  Not cool that your midwife is sick, hopefully you have a few days and she can get well.  

My dh puked this am... not NOW please!

Everlong753's Avatar Everlong753 10:53 PM 03-12-2012

How long do you ladies plan to wait to announce the birth? 


Opinions on how long is too long? 

3timesamom's Avatar 3timesamom 04:41 AM 03-13-2012

I am just going to wait until we've all had a good sleep. My mom has already told me to call her as SOON as that baby is born. 3am, midnight whatever! I thought to myself NOPE, I am going to get rest before I stay up and enertain.  As everyone else goes definitly sometime after my mom knows.


I have to say hearing the midwife is sick and watching my husband walk around with a juicy juice bottle with hot water against his aching belly doesn't make me want labor much! LOL All cramps and contractions are minimal at this point and I think that is why. Not to mention having a bunch of people home (especially the one who played sick!) is NOT relaxing and conducsive to labor.


Nothing new to report. I wonder what today or this evening will bring??

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 11:55 AM 03-13-2012

Well, 3timesamom, you were right after all!  DS was born last night... on a tarp next to the empty pool.... and my midwife got there just in time to deliver the placenta....

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