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trimommy2009 03-22-2012 09:31 AM

For all those momma's out there with kiddos, did you have any issues getting into a good labor rhythm with your 1st+ kiddos around?  I have been having off and on contractions for weeks now.  My official due date was 3/21 which I realize was only yesterday, but this on and off, "is it time, is it not" is getting mentally and emotionally exhausting.  It seems I'll have really good contractions, strong (not active labor strong, but noticable) and about 6 minutes apart all throughout the day but then evening rolls around and I have to get my DS ready for bed and the contractions go away.  We do still co-sleep with him and we cuddle up and I sleep really well through the night but I get so frustrated when I wake up and no active labor and no baby.  Maybe my body and baby just aren't ready to come out yet, but I'm getting so restless.  Anyone else experience this?  What did you do?  


We are planning for a home birth and are comfortable with my DS being around so I just can't figure out if I'm too worried about taking care of him or if it's just not time yet.  

3timesamom 03-22-2012 11:34 AM

Yes. I would start labor each time in the evening. I bet you will too. The noticable but not painful contractions would start in the evenings and then pitter out. One night they stuck but stayed not painful. That same night my water broke and we got the party started;) This happened with my second baby who I started contractions around 930pm with and with my third who I also started around 930pm. Baby four my water broke at 1130pm.

uwritegirl 03-25-2012 02:34 PM

I was worried about the same thing, but once I asked a good friend to be able to help with the kids if I was feeling overwhelmed, my anxiety about it went away.  I am 41 weeks, also having on-and-off about labor - and this is my 4th baby!  I think the warm-ups are good for your uterus and good for me, giving me help getting my emotions settled and my mind focused on the idea of labor.  But, I also feel you on the "is it time or not!?!"  I have been chronically in the "is it time or not" for over 5 weeks due to a pushed-back due date with the same kind of on-and-off labor/not labor pattern you are experiencing.  I just keep calling my midwives when I need a boost, and otherwise trying to enjoy the kids.  


Also, saying "enough is enough" when I am "done" and need a mommy-time out has been helpful, even if it has been short.  My kids think it's hysterical when I put myself in time-out, because the rule in our house is that nobody bothers the person in the time-out spot (quiet thinking!) and the time we use is 1 minute per year of age minus 1 minute - that gives momma 31 minutes.  My oldest girls (6 and 4) LOVE getting me the timer and setting the time and giving me a kiss and wishing me a happy calm-down time (just like I do for them!) - they think it's a hoot.  (Sometimes I speed up the timer if I'm calm before 31 minutes, and they don't seem to notice, so long as it still rings.  They come running to me with big hugs and smiles.)

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