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hi everyone. i just found this due date thread which is great! im 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant im due on april 11th. i know the exact date before my scan due to getting pregnant through ivf so my dates are pretty certain. im just starting to feel sick and today has been the worse so far. i have not moved from the sofa as i feel so ill its unbelievable. even the smell of ginger makes my stomach turn :( anyone else really struggling with sickness? advice will be appreciated. kid.gif


natalie xxx

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Natalie: Congrats! Talking with some friends who've done it, progesterone supplements tend to make them sicker, so that might be part of your problem.


My m/s isn't that bad this time around, but last time was awful. Nothing worked, period. I found throwing up food was better than throwing up nothing, that peppermint tea cut the nausea, and that I enjoyed eating greasy food. But I was still miserable until 24 weeks.

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I had hyperemesis with DD and am very nauseated/no appetite with this pregnancy and a few dry heaves but no vomiting (yet?)  I made a bunch of health changes in the time between my pregnancies so I don't know if it was those things (mostly eliminating foods I'm allergic/sensitive to) that have helped or just that it is a different pregnancy with different symptoms.  But things that I am doing this time that seem to help on any particular day are:


force-feeding myself small amounts of protein on a regular basis


avoiding lots of refined carbs (which seem to trigger reflux which can exacerbate nausea) which is fine with me because eating high carb food, except the occasional fruit, doesn't even sound good to me


I take 100 mg Vitamin B6 in the morning (there have been multiple studies showing the safety of Vitamin B6 in varying quantity/doses during pregnancy)


I keep a small amount of high protein food by my bed and if I am awake in the middle of the night I try and eat it otherwise I eat it first thing in the morning before getting out of bed


Sleep on or rest on my right side after eating (it helps the stomach empty)


I'm going to give pregnancy/nausea-specific acupuncture a shot (or a poke, ha ha) this week, we'll see!


I take my prenatal with food in the evening--an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster!


I get to sleep early enough (staying up too late or getting up to early makes me really nauseated)


I turn on the hood/vent of my stove whenever cooking anything (or when feeding the cats their stinky wet food) because smells really set me off.  I've also kept a roll-on stick of peppermint oil handy when out and about to sniff for relief.


I take a quart-sized zip-top bag with me (usually in a sealable tupperware container in the car) *just in case* because when the feeling strikes, there isn't always time to get to a bathroom!


I know it sounds goofy, but when the heaves start, I've told myself with very strong mental suggestions "I do not need to puke to have a healthy pregnancy", taken slow deep breathes, and calmed things down.  I would have laughed had I told myself to do this last time and perhaps it wouldn't have worked then.


Also, I avoid sitting in the backseat of cars ;-)


I hope you find some relief soon!

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thanks! all this info is really helpful. i need as much help as i can get. ive been sick non stop now for over 30 hours. im exhausted, weak and my head is pounding. i really hope i dont feel like this for the rest of the 1st trimester. 

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I am about 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and have been sick for a little over a week (it started right at 5 weeks).


I appreciate all of the tips that have been shared. :)


After surgery in January, a recovery nurse told me that sniffing rubbing alcohol will almost always take away nausea. I'm not sure what it is, but it does work. You can buy the swabs at any grocery store. They're really reasonable ... $2 or less for about 50. 


Sniffing a lemon (or preferably, a lime) really helps me, too. I also like juicing an entire lime in about a cup and a half of seltzer water. I cannot handle sweets this pregnancy for some reason, so ginger ale (even the natural, low-sugar ones are TOO sweet), lemon lime soda, etc. are out. I like the seltzer water because it's got fizz and the lime flavor, which really calms my stomach, without the sugar. :)


And, last but not least, when all else fails -- I lay down in a dark, cool, quiet room and focus on breathing in through my mouth and out through my nose. It's not always without interruption (we have a 5-year-old, 6-year-old, and 8-year-old), but even 15 minutes really seems to help. :)

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Hi-- I'm 7 weeks today, and the ms hit me like a ton of bricks several days ago.  I suffered through it when I was pg with my dd 6 years ago, but back then I could wake up, throw-up, and feel functional for the rest of the day.  This pg, I would be very sick in the morning, then heavily queasy throughout the day until getting very sick again at night-- it was so bad I was in tears for most of the day Saturday, afraid to eat or drink hardly anything, and really worrying that I was going to find myself in a major depression on top of everything (oh- and I should add that I tried all the home remedies, with very little success).  The doc on call prescribed Reglan for me, but the side effects sounded potentially nasty, so I decided to follow my pharmacists's advice to first try 25mg B6 and half a unisom an hour before bed and just at waking (about a half hour+ before getting up).  Apparently this combo is prescribed freely in Canada for MS, and widely accepted as being very safe. It has been AMAZING!!!  Not only am I not sick, but I actually feel hungry and thirsty, for which I am so grateful-- and I feel like I can be excited about this pregnancy again, am much more patient with my dd, and just a better outlook on the world.  It's staggering how horrible I was feeling before, and I just feel like I had totally taken for granted, a few weeks ago, what a wonderful thing it is to feel normal and well.  I know a lot of us are hesitant to take any meds while pg, but if you're really miserable, you might want to at least ask about it.  I figured that the dehydration, malnutrition, depression, and stress of being so sick couldn't be very good for the baby, themselves.  Anyway- I really hope that you find something to help you feel better soon, I know how miserable it is.    I'm just so excited about my experience, that I had to share

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